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[Ta Kung Pao 02/10/06]

Kevin Cheng is TVB's new Golden Boy

The second round of TVB's Jade Solid Gold Selections took place on Saturday evening, where the number of awards handed out jumped to fourteen and there were three special awards presented for Most Popular Commercial Song, Most Popular Mandarin Song and Newcomers Improvement Award. These were presented to Andy Lau, Kevin Cheng and Vincy respectively. As the rule is that you cannot win an award if you do not attend, then even TVB's godson Hacken Lee was empty handed this time as his award was given to Kevin Cheng instead for his song "Mo Ho Noi Ho" (Can't Take Any More).

When it was suggested to Kevin that TVB are looking out for him, he said modestly that everyone has the chance. Asked about why Hacken did not win an award, Kevin avoided the question. He says that he is happy to win an award and after thirteen years in showbiz, this year has been the most fruitful for him and he hopes to continue keeping up this success. Asked if he is confident of winning an award at the end of the year, he says he is not trying too hard and will go with the flow.

Talking of the rule about attendance to win awards, Andy Hui feels that every channel has their own rules and if the singers can accept this, then they will continue to attend, if they cannot accept this, then it is not their wrong. Asked if he will be attending all the awards ceremonies at the end of the year, he says that is currently negotiating his filming work at the end of the year and he may not be able to attend every ceremony. Andy was asked if he feels that making money is more important than winning awards and he laughs that he would like to have both, otherwise he will leave the decision to his manager.

Andy Lau says that he just has to accept the attendance rule. He says that he will be filming in Beijing for a movie at the end of the year, so he doubts he will be able to attend the awards ceremonies at the end of the year. Asked if he no longer cares for awards, Andy denies this and says that this is not the case, but if the rules are such, then there is nothing he can do. Andy says he is not surprised at the news of Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung's marriage as this is a big step and they are both adults. As for suggestions that there is a baby on the way, Andy says offers his congratulations if this is true.

The programme's producer Poon Yu Kai was asked if Hacken lost out on an award because of his absence, but he explains that this was decided by the votes and Hacken's song "I wear Number 10" is not among the top 14. Asked why there were 14 awards instead of the normal 12, he says that as there were delays to the date of the ceremony, they decided to balance this by offering two extra awards. This will return to 12 next time and there is no case of 'sharing the awards'.

Meanwhile, Eason Chan had to cut his earlier performance short at a Metro Radio concert in order to attend the TVB show and on the stage, he made some rather cutting comments about TVB's attendance rule, laughing that if he does not attend to get his award, his company will go bankrupt and then asking why TVB don't go out to him to present the award. Asked later if he intentionally rushed over to TVB, he said: "Yes, I have a song in there, but I don't know if I will win an award. I am quite nervous because there was nothing last time and this is quite important to the [record] company."


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