Sunday, October 29, 2006

[The Sun 30/10/06]

Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Hacken Lee and Yumiko Cheng were guests on a charity event on Saturday and despite looking stunning, Myolie seemed a little wooden in her performance and possibly a little disheartened about her chances of winning an award. With the competition between her and Charmaine Sheh for the Best Actress award reaching a peak, has her confidence wained after seeing how firmly Charmaine believes in herself? Talking of the internet polls that currently place her in just fourth place, Myolie says: "They have their right to choose, I have always just faced it with a calm heart and I am not particularly confident. (Do you feel helpless?) Yes." Asked if she would be voting for herself like Charmaine did, she says: "I am not too confident. (You are admitting defeat already?) It doesn't matter, as long as the process is a happy one." As for the criticisms that her series "To Grow with Love" is exaggerated and that her slimming has not gone to plan, she says that everything is down to ratings and as for her slimming plans, she knows what she is doing.

Having been linked in gossip to Andy, she was asked if they would be avoiding each other and he says: "That would mean we have a lot of avoiding to do! I have to avoid Charmaine and Andy too? We are just working." However, it was obvious that there was no collaboration or chemistry between them as they sung their duet and when Andy was asked later whether he felt Myolie was unhappy, he said: "At this time, things are more sensitive. However the game is all about having fun and I have been there and experienced it."

Hacken revealed that he has been followed a lot recently by the press, so apart from work, he has rarely left the house. "I hope that they will not disturb my family, just disturb my friends instead. I have already told Alan and Andy to be ready." Afterwards, the press launched on Andy for more information, but he was very bold and said: "I can't say, these things should be responded to by himself personally. (Hacken says he has given different locations to everyone and see who betrays him?) Oh, what will happen if I get there and it is a completely different wedding?"


[Ta Kung Pao 30/10/06]

TVB Calendar 2007 is released

TVB released photographs of its promotional calendar for 2007 yesterday and the production this year has been a hefty investment as Thai company Image Publishing Co Ltd were tasked entirely with the concept and shooting of the calendar. The crew of twenty people from Thailand included image consultants, wardrobe, make-up, hair styling and photography staff who all flew to Hong Kong especially for the shoot.

The front cover features eight male and eight female artistes. The men are Bowie Lam, Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, Steven Ma, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam. The eight women are Myolie Wu, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Melissa Ng, Sonija Kwok, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung and Bernice Liu. Although the sizes of the photographs are the same, the central positions are taken by Bowie, Roger, Charmaine and Gigi, showing their big brother and sister status.

Overall the image for this year's calendar is a fresh one and in terms of make-up, hair styling and costume, it is very different from past years. Sonija's wild look in a fiery red strappy dress makes it hard to identify her. When Myolie had her shoot, she had still not completely slimmed down, so her fuller bosom is a particularly glamourous shot and is no runner up to that of Gigi.

Each month's photographs follow with the seasons of the months, so for February, which is Chinese New Year, then Liza Wang, Adam cheng and Jessica Hsuan are dressed in New Year outfits. As for Bosco, Kenny Wong, Francois Huynh and Fala Chen's August page, the summer heat is portrayed as the men all show off their healthy tans and Fala wears a bikini.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/10/06]

Tavia Yeung is not Afraid of becoming a Victim

Tavia Yeung joined a group of professional models including Mikki, Ankie and Ana R for a fashion show event at Tseung Kwan O yesterday and she gave a professional performance that was in no way inferior to the professionals. Afterwards, she revealed that she was actually very nervous on the catwalk and she was calling out to herself how scared she was.

Recently there have been people who have been taking photographs of models' sensitive parts whilst they do fashion shows and posting them on the internet. Tavia says that she is not worried about being a victim to this because she was wearing clothes that were very covered up and she always has something underneath to avoid revealing herself.

Tavia's appearance is very similar to model Mikki and they look like sisters, but she does not think they look alike. Mikki says: "I have met Tavia a few times and people have said we look alike. I feel like a giant version of her and she is the mini version. I am an only child and have always wanted a brother or sister, so now it feels like I have a younger sister!"


[Ta Kung Pao 30/10/06]

Roger Kwok Promotes Gospel Film

Roger Kwok, Ben Wong and Fiona Leung started promoting new gospel film "Loving you Without Fear - Terror Forest" and they played games with the audience in an electric atmosphere. Roger plays a person who has had a terrible experience as a child and is left with a confused sexuality and during filming, he had to spend a lot of time finding the role. He says: "This film is mainly to encourage people and is very meaningful." The film premiered on Saturday and Roger took part in the premiere with some of the other cast members and said that the response was quite good from the audience. He was also moved to tears as he watched it and regretted not bringing any tissues with him.

Roger also reveals that he was once peeped at by a man in the toilets when he was young, but later he told his family and was not affected. He says: "However, before filming this, I did look up some cases of childhood complexes on the internet to try and research my character." As the budgets for gospel films are not very high, many of the actors just claim their expenses. Asked if he would film these movies again, Roger says that if the character is right, then he would like to do it. With the TVB anniversary awards under fierce competition, who does Roger think will take the Best Actress award? He says that both Charmaine and Myolie are great actresses, but he thinks Charmaine will win because she has more experience.


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