Thursday, October 26, 2006

[The Sun 27/10/06]

Niki and Kevin Kiss Five Times

Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow are working together for the third time in new series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" and as they shared another screen kiss, they oozed chemistry and were very compatible in a very romantic scene. As they had to film the scene from different angles, they had to kiss a total of five times and maybe because of the crowd of reporters and onlookers, Niki became a little embarrassed afterwards.

Afterwards, Niki spoke about the scene and said she did not do any special preparations and even revealed that she and Kevin had been for Curry Chicken rice beforehand. Asked if Kevin is the male artiste that she has kissed the most, she says: "Yes, I have not worked so much with anyone else, so I have had most kisses with him. (Do you have any kissing scenes with Ken Wong?) No. (Do you only kiss handsome guys?) No, but kissing one guy in a series is enough." The scene tells of the couple exchanging romantic mementos and Kevin giving Niki a ring. Asked if she has received a ring from a man in real life, Niki laughs: "No, the meaning is too great, so I will not accept it lightly. If I take it, I will have to marry him. I have received necklaces though."

Kevin indicates that he did chew gum before the kissing scene. When asked what the differences were between his three kissing encounters with Niki, he says: "Nothing really, it was all the same." As for being named as a favourite for the Best Actor award, he smiles: "Niki and I have voted for each other to show our support!"


[The Sun 27/10/06]

Shirley Yeung does not support Boyfriend Financially

Shirley Yeung took part in Chapman To's new quiz show yesterday and with recent suggestions that she is 'selling herself out to feed her boyfriend', her usually calm demeanour was broken by a very angry response: "The words are too harsh. The apartment belongs to me and my family and Gregory [Lee] and I each look after our own families. It is unfair to say that about us and he has been improving himself continuously and has not given up, so don't victimise him! Also, the reports about our relationship falling apart, dating is our own business and we are fine and very happy."


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