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[The Sun 22/10/06]

Kenny Kwan's Hot Date with Kate Tsui

Rapidly earning herself the title of TV's Queen of Gossip, and with her recent filming for "Cadets on the Beat", she has now been rumoured to have set her sights on Kenny Kwan as they were sighted sharing a romantic meal together. Kate's open and direct personality has caused her to become linked with many male co-stars she has worked with. After having a tomboy haircut for her new series, she seems to be getting on even better with the men. Despite Kenny being two years her junior, she still invited him out for a meal, but to avoid any embarrassment, her good friend Winnie Shum was also dragged along as a spare part.

The three were spotted at a restaurant in Causeway Bay on Wednesday and although Winnie was sitting next to her, Kenny's gaze seemed to be fixed throughout on Kate, as if Winnie was invisible. As Kate and Kenny exchanged more glances, Winnie seemed to get impatient and kept ordering more and more food, before managing to get a few words in on the conversation.

After the meal, Winnie's rumoured boyfriend Fred Cheng finally arrived to pick her up and they paid the bill and left. Fred walked on ahead, leaving Winnie alongside Kate and Kenny, but Kenny was still deep in conversation with Kate throughout before offering her a lift home.

Asked yesterday about his date with Kate, Kenny said: "We all went out together for a meal in a group! (No it wasn't, you only spoke to Kate!) She is very nice! (Any chances of development?) Don't say too much for now! (Was it a date?) I am being intereviewed for a foreign magazine and they will be asking me questions in English. As all three of them are from overseas, I asked them for their help." Kate was unavailable for comment at time of going to press.


[The Sun 22/10/06]

Rain Li's Interrogation of Kenneth Ma

Rain Li and Kenneth Ma have worked together on two series and refer to each other as brother and sister now. It turns out that Rain's rather innocent and direct big brother also has an element of wit and humour to him under the interrogation of little sis as he admits his compatibility with Margie Tsang and talks of their forthcoming series.

R: Rain Li
K: Kenneth Ma

R: You give me the impression of being very straight and innocent.

K: I am not innocent, if I was, how would I meet girls?

R: When I am filming with you, you often don't say anything.

K: I will only chat with you after I get to know you, otherwise what is there to talk about? When we film, we have to say our lines.

R: But you are a good person. On my birthday, you gave me a Hello Kitty watch. You have studied in Canada, have you been influenced by the culture over there?

K: No! I have a lot to chat about with my football friends, but you have a lot to say, so it makes me have nothing to say. You and Sharon Chan are the same, you can make me talk. If I meet any girls who are quiet, then I will have nothing to say.

Age and Gender are Not a Problem

R: Thinking back, since you entered showbiz, you have not had much gossip.

K: I had one piece with Kate Tsui and than there was not much after that. Also Sharon, they photographed us having a meal together.

R: You are definitely not [a couple]. I have eaten with you too, but the biggest gossip should be the one linking you with Miss Tsang (Margie Tsang). What would you like to say about this?

K: I have nothing to comment. We just had a meal together.

R: The report said you drank together in a hotel and got closer and closer together.

K: It was all topics they added in. We have never been awkward about it and the reports had a lot of adjectives added in. We just went for a drink on a couple of occasions. The first was afternoon tea at Lei King Wan. When we had tea together, there were a lot of people around, but they can describe it as a 'secret meeting'. If it was so secret, we would not choose that location, we would find somewhere quieter. The second time, we met in the hotel for a drink.

R: So much to talk about?

K: She is very talkative and we can talk about anything. I know a few girls and I have a good chat with them.

R: Who are they?

K: Halina Tam, Sharon Chan.

R: Are you still friends with her (Margie)?

K: We always have been.

R: You once indicated that you didn't mind having a girlfriend who is older than you?

K: I don't mind, if I like them, then age and gender is not a problem.

Building Feelings over Time

R: Do you have anyone in mind at the moment?

K: Not at the moment, I like things to develop slowly from being friends. If the timing is right then it is even better because we can get to understand each other beforehand. Can you trust love at first sight? Maybe it will disappear after a short time. At first, you will find the girl is very pretty, then after you get to know her, you might want to slap her. If you don't have enough sleep and still have to work, then you will naturally have a bad temper.

R: How many times have you dated before?

K: Strictly speaking, twice.

R: Have you thought about when you will get married?

K: When I make enough money and meet the right person, I will get married. Making money is important because I want to have children after I get married and without money I can't raise the child.

R: You are a very traditional man.

K: I think the best time will be when I am 35 or 36.

R: Well it is nearly time for you then, only two years away?

K: I am afraid I will not be able to play football with my son, so I am looking for a partner now.

Happy to be a Green Leaf for more Opportunities

R: I remember you like doing cameo roles, but a director told you not to do so many background roles to avoid it affecting your career. Have you change your view now?

K: I still find it great fun and I really love acting because in real life, there are many things that I daren't do, but in the drama, I can do anything. For example, when you see a pretty girl on the train, you will not go and molest her, but in acting, you can, so I don't like being the good guy in series. When I was filming for 'Dream of Colours', I went to see the scriptwriter about the script and asked him whether the character was really so perfect without any flaws, because it was not realistic. Good guy characters are very hard to do.

R: Do you feel you have opportunities at TVB?

K: I suppose so, there are many of my seniors who have waited for ten years and still not had any chances.

R: Have you thought about being Number 1 Brother?

K: I've not thought about it. At the moment, I am enjoying the process of filming and what is the true meaning of being Number 1? It is hard to define.

R: Do you have the determination to get to this position?

K: I feel that I am lacking a role. Until this appears, I will keep making series.

R: Have you thought about fighting for a role for yourself?

K: I don't mind if I am not the male lead, I just think about whether the role will be fun. Take 'Fei Tin Hei Si', I feel that the character was great fun as I was fighting for Myolie Wu against Andy Hui. The show is designed to change people's prejudiced outlooks in that you can still live a beautiful life if you are fat and you don't have to be slim.

R: In real life, do you like fat girls?

K: Not too fat, being healthy is the most important. Talking of which, you were very pretty in 'Dream of Colours' looking a little chubby.

R: I feel I am better now.

Epilogue: No Yearning for Awards

Six series were released this year with Kenneth in the cast and for the anniversary awards, he has been nominated in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Most Improved Male Artiste. However, having just returned from filming in the mainland, he was not even aware of his nominations. Rain says that it is this naivity that has led him never to create a scene for himself, but he has a different theory: "You can't expect me to take my trousers off and run two circuits to create a scene! In this industry, it is not up to you to do things when you decide, there are many other elements to account for. I am not pessimistic, I am just more mature. I am not a handsome guy, do you think humouring me will make me happy?"


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