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[The Sun 20/10/06]

Margie Tsang in comeback series opposite rumoured boyfriend Kenneth Ma

Margie Tsang and Kenneth Ma were found to be spending romantic dates with each other on several occasions last year, sparking off rumours of an 'elder sister' relationship. Although they have both denied this, the rumours have been brought back to the forefront with details of Margie's comeback series with TVB.

New series "Curious Detective" will begin filming at the end of next month and will star Margie opposite Kenneth, Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok. Margie will play Kenneth's elder sister in the series and have plenty of scenes with him, but of course no romantic scenes.

Margie left TVB ten years ago and faded out of showbiz soon afterwards. Although there were rumours of a TVB comeback over the past few years, Margie has opted for mainland series instead or refused on the grounds of caring for her son. Margie admits that agreeing to the project this time was purely down to chance: "People tell me that I am still looking good and it is tempting to return. When producer Cheung Kin Man asked me to do this series, it all fell into place. Although I have not filmed series for so long, I am still quite nervous."

As for rumoured boyfriend Kenneth Ma, she smiles: "I did not know before I took on the project. (Do you mind?) Not at all, it is a good thing! I don't know my way around the new TVB City at all, so at least there is someone I know to show me around for free!"

Kenneth is also happy to be working with Margie, but complains that they do not have enough scenes together: "I only found out she was in it after I looked at the cast list, they should give us more scenes together! I know her quite well so the more scenes the better! (Margie bumps into you as soon as she returns?) She is lucky! Originally I was not going do this series, but TVB arranged it and we do seem to have an affinity!"

Asked if he was worried about more rumours, Kenneth says he is not afraid: "I don't feel we need to avoid it at all, even if we sit together it is a normal thing! We will just read it like gossip as long as it is not too damaging. Earlier I was the brunt of everyone's 'Miss Tsang' jokes, but I am usually the joker, so I don't mind the tables being turned."


[The Sun 20/10/06]

Suki Chui suffers from Gossip-phobia

'Gossip magnet' Suki Chui has signed a five year salaried artiste deal with TVB and has immediately been promoted with a part in Kevin Cheng's high profile new series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day". However, with filming just started, the gossip has already arisen and Suki is developing a fear that this will keep coming. With her flirtatious image, Suki has already been alleged to have played up to Kevin and when she was asked about this, she said calmly: "I did not know Kevin at all beforehand and this was the first time I had met him and we had gone for a meal. I felt sorry for him getting involved because we shared no more than three sentences, but we can treat it as promotion for the show."

Suki actually has more scenes with Bosco Wong, who plays her brother. So is it inevitable there will be rumours between them? She says: "I am afraid! I do seem to pick up all the gossip, but I can't help it. If they can link me to Kevin even after a few words, then I really can't avoid it."


[The Sun 20/10/06]

Claire Yiu wins Silver Medal

Sporty bride-to-be Claire Yiu is an expert in basketball, ice-skating and swimming and has won many awards over the years. She entered the world of badminton several months ago and last month, she entered the "Chinese Cup" in Malaysia, where she won the silver medal.

Claire has been training together with good friends Yoyo Mung, Kate Tsui and Lai Lok Yi and hopes to get even better. She says happily: "To come second is a great encouragement and I will enter more competitions in the future or hold a friendly tournament of my own and gain more experience to get better results."

Talking of her Malaysia trip, she was particularly happy because as well as winning the silver medal, this is also the last time she will be travelling as a single woman, so it is quite a special time.


[The Sun 20/10/06]

The Odd Couple - Sharon Chan and Raymond Cho

"Welcome to the House" has welcomed a new tall cast member Sharon Chan, who plays an argumentative couple opposite shorter actor Raymond Cho. However, Raymond is not embarrassed and says that the 'Eastern Stature' gives more security.

Filming with other cast members in the Whampao area, Sharon was very accommodating for her co-star, often leaning over to adjust her height, but Raymond was not worried about this as he laughed: "My Eastern male stature gives a greater sense of security! There are not many people in the company as 'tall' as me, so I am more special." Sharon then replied: "You usually say I am a cutie! Men and women don't have to be a perfect match, an odd couple can be even more interesting."

The scene told of Sharon's character who is naturally unlucky and brings bad luck to any men who come near her. The Ko family try to encourage the disheartened Sharon and arrange for Raymond to walk with her, but this attracts many unfortunate incidents, such as being hit with a water balloon and standing on a banana skin, but he survives it all in the end.

Sharon says that she is not unlucky like her character, but actually brings luck to others: "Of course I don't believe in bad things, but I am quite lucky. For example, when I was dating Matt Yeung, we both received lucky prizes at the anniversary and everyone said how lucky I was."


[The Sun 20/10/06]

Leanne Li's Air Hostess Dream Comes True

Leanne Li has been chosen to be the face of Canada's first Chinese Airline, following in the footsteps of Jackie Chan and the company have agreed to sponsor her air travel to Canada, saving her a lot in airfares. She says: "I am very happy because I can save so much money! With free air travel, I will take time out to go on vacation to different places. The company will be expanding to many destinations in the mainland later, so I will be able to travel there for free too."

Leanne's dream comes true in the advertisements as she dresses as an air hostess: "To become an air hostess is my dream and since I was young, I have always found them to be very beautiful. They can also travel to so many different places, but then I entered showbiz so I gave up on the ideal. To be able to try the feeling of being a stewardess is already very happy for me."


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