Thursday, October 19, 2006

[The Sun 19/10/06]

Bernice Dances into Nike Sponsorship

With her dance background, Bernice Liu has been selected by sporting goods giant Nike to be the face of their "Yoga & Dance" range across the whole of the Asia region, the first Hong Kong celebrity to have such a prestigious sponsorship deal. Bernice was spotted as she performed in many shows and she shot an ad for the company in America.

Nike have made a sizeable investment in the campaign, flying Bernice and the crew out to America and a giant promotional campaign will begin in Hong Kong next month. Her posters have already appeared in the Nike stores, where she wears a yoga outfit and displays various yoga poses, attracting the customers to stop and admire her. There is also a big feature on Bernice on the Nike website, including more photos and an in-depth interview that has also been reported in a Japanese lifestyle magazine.

Talking about being Nike's first Hong Kong spokesperson, Bernice pretended to be secretive at first, but then laughed: "Really, it is out already? I only had three days on the US shoot and it was very rushed. I was suffering from jetlag and the dancing was quite hard work, but it all went very smoothly and we filmed on location in all the places. I have been to LA before, but I saw so much more this time. The only thing was I didn't get any time to go shopping and that was a little disappointing."


[The Sun 19/10/06]

Sheren Loses Patience at Questions about Awards

Sheren Tang, Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan were filming at the Gold Coast for TVB's new series "The Changing Times" earlier and with the anniversary drawing new, there has been a lot of gossip, including the rumours that staff at TVB are turning against Charmaine Sheh. For Sheren who is a nominee for the Best Actress award, she was rather impatient when she was asked about this and said: "This is such a boring subject now. I will just say this now once more, I will not put awards at the front of my mind. I will feel the same if I win or not and I will still work hard." She denies saying that she supports Myolie: "Her series has not yet been released, if you have to talk about it, I would say Louisa So because I have always liked her."

Joe supports Charmaine, saying that she has not been arrogant and overconfident about winning the award. He says: "This news comes around every year and she has been through many battles and understands the rules of the game. She doesn't need to be comforted." As for the Best Actor award, he says: "I am confident in myself, although the chances are slim, they should give it to me because I have worked with them for thirteen or fourteen years now and I am one of the latest to be nominated, but I will not reflect this to the executives."


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