Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[The Sun 18/10/06]

Jack Wu shows off Great Figure at Shek O

Jack Wu joined newcomer Sukie Shek in an advertising shoot for a skincare product in Shek O yesterday. Wearing biker leathers and posing on a Harley motorbike, Jack seemed rather excited. After losing 20 lbs, a slimline Jack said: "Today is a very important day for me, because I had to put on weight and then lose it all again for 'Lush Fields Happy Times' in just four or five months and now I have brought myself down to my fittest ever and I hope that the results of this shoot will be as stylish as Kevin Cheng!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/10/06]

Sonija will not avoid jobs due to rumours

Sonija Kwok and Chilam Cheung were among the cast at the premiere of new film "Wo Hu" earlier. Chilam had rushed back to Hong Kong the night before for the event before flying back to the mainland to continue filming for his series. He says that this will finish filming at the end of the month and then he will take a three month break. Asked if he will be spending time with girlfriend Anita Yuen to await the birth of their baby, he laughs he is just taking a rest.

There have been reports that the baby is due next month, but Chilam would not confirm this, saying that he is not too nervous just yet. As for whether any sponsors have approached him to do an ad as a family together, he says that he has turned them all down because he does not want to give himself a family man image. He laughs maybe becasue he still feels he is a child at heart.He reveals that Anita is not too nervous either and with the reports indicating that he has been to see the Buddhist master Rinpoche, Chilam openly admits that they have been to see him regularly.

Sonija was dressed up elegantly for the event and had sparkly powder on her face. As she has not made a film for a long time, she was quite nervous about this one. With all the rumours that were tossed up during filming of this movie, does she know whether said Mr Chan was present? She says she does not know and will not take any notice. Asked if she knows what investor Mr Chan thinks of her acting, she says she does not know or care. As for whether she would take a part in any of Mr Chan's future projects, she said a little impatiently: "Why do I have to avoid it? I would not avoid it." She says that the rumours were not true and if the show and the script are good, then she will definitely accept it. She will not give it up just because of rumours. She will not shoot Category III movies, but she does not mind taking an ugly role though.


[The Sun 18/10/06]

Suki's Memorable Guangxi Bungee Jump

The Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow, Konnie Lui and Suki Chui were joined earlier by Kenneth Ma on their goodwill tour of Guilin and Guangxi, where they experienced the local culture and filmed in many notable sights, making the most of the local customs.

In the nine day tour, Suki recalls: "I never thought that there are so many fun places in Guangxi and I learned to make 'stretch noodles' and dough dolls. The most memorable thing for me was the bunjee jump in a theme park, it was very exciting." Suki normally does not eat spicy foods has fallen in love with the spice after this trip. As for Aimee, she has found a new understanding of the meaning of contentment after experiencing the simple life of the villages.


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