Sunday, October 15, 2006

[The Sun 16/10/06]

Sonija and Michael Share a Memorable Kiss

Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao were filming a kissing scene for "Cadets on the Beat" earlier and as Sonija has a great aversion to the smell of cigarettes, Michael respected her needs and did not smoke all night. In the show, they play a husband and wife and Sonija has found working with Michael a happy experience: "We are not awkward and Michael is a very good person. He often leads me into the scene and and I am now single, there is no burden on kissing scenes."

When the real shoot was completed, Michael laughed slyly: "I will put aside all feelings and then re-live them again when I get home!", leaving Sonija a little uneasy. Afterwards, he praised Sonija for her acting potential and said: "She is very intelligent and will do well. She has just not found the chance to show her true strengths yet and if she finds the right role, then she will definitely shine and defeat her opponents."


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