Saturday, October 14, 2006

[The Sun 15/10/06]

Charmaine forced to Drink Soup by Fans

Often devoted fans will make soup for their idols and although this is out of good intentions, but sometimes these can turn into a nightmare. Charmaine Sheh recalls how she was once forced to drink soup by a fan.

"A male fan once presented me with a flask of soup and at first, I thanked him for his gift and I planned to take it to drink in the studio, but he forced me to drink it in front of him and would not let me leave until I had drank it all. I declined awkwardly, but he immediately lost his temper and looked at me very threateningly. Although I was very scared at that point, I managed to talk him round eventually after much hard work and avoided having to drink the soup immediately."


[The Sun 15/10/06]

Miss Hong Kong Goodwill Tour of Guangxi

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow, Konnie Lui and Suki Chui have taken a nine day goodwill tour of Guangxi and as well as visiting a primary school in Guilin, the most memorable event for them is to meet the Village Chief of the 'Long Hair Village'. The women in this village do not cut their hair after the age of 18, so when they let their hair down, it is longer than their bodies and quite an amazing sight. Konnie and Suki had a chance to take half a day off and take a plunge in a hot spring, but they made sure to keep themselves covered up throughout.


[The Sun 15/10/06]

Tracy Ip wants to marry a Firefighter

Tracy Ip took part in a "Love the Countryside and Avoid Hill Fires" event yesterday and she admitted openly that she would like to find a firefighter to be her boyfriend. She says she has a great love of firemen and reveals a top tip from her mother about choosing a partner. She says: "Since I was young, I have thought that I would like to have a fireman as a boyfriend and my mother once said to me: 'To marry well, marry a fireman.' This is a personal motto of mine."


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