Saturday, October 14, 2006

[The Sun 14/10/06]

Charmaine Leads Internet Polls for Best TVB Actress

The nominations for TVB's Anniversary Awards have now been released and the internet polls have been going wild as the battle of the fans begins to select their Best Actor and Best Actress Awards. Early results indicate that Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh are in the lead with their roles in "Maiden's Vow".

Early indications on an internet poll suggest that Charmaine is leading the 'Best Actress' stakes, 138 votes ahead of second place Sheren Tang. However, in the poll for "My Favourite Television Character", Sheren leads Charmaine by 106 votes. The other hot favourite Myolie Wu is lagging behind a little with just 11 votes because her series is yet to air.

In the 'Best Actor' category, Raymond Lam is in second place with his nomination for "La Femme Desperado" behind leader Joe . The 'Best Drama' is currently led by "La Femme Desperado" way ahead of the second place "Maiden's Vow". Uber-popular game show "Beautiful Cooking" is leading the way in both the 'Most Creative Show' and 'Best Variety Performance' category. However, Ronald Cheng has been beaten back into second place for 'Best Host' by Sammy Leung.

Charmaine was happy about her lead in the polls: "If the result on the night is like this, that would be good, but it is still early and there is still nearly a month to go. (Are you nervous?) I will just stay calm. However, I do hope that the internet pollers will vote for me in the TVB vote as I am quite confident of winning an award."


[The Sun 14/10/06]

Catherine Tsang beats Buddhist Master at Jenga!

A Buddhist Charity event was held attended by the respected Master Rinpoche from Ningbo, who is a close acquaintance of Hollywood Star Richard Gere, and four revered Lamas earlier and TVB executive Catherine Tsang was also present with artistes Natalie Wong and Joyce Koi. The event was hosted by DJ Kawaii and Wong He. Catherine and the master had a game of Jenga on the stage and she emerged as the victor.

During the auction, Joyce was attracted by a Money God hanging ornament and offered $38,000 for it, but she was outbid by someone else for $40,000. She said: "It doesn't matter, it is already great karma to meet with the Master and I took my Buddhist rites a few years ago, taking on the title of 'Ding Fai'."


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