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[The Sun 06/10/06]

Yoyo Mung, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung and Moses Chan were filming for "Storm in a Pool" earlier in a scene that tells of Raymond originally a couple with Linda, but Yoyo appears on the scene and a three sided releationship emerges. Afterwards, Raymond was mocked for being a two-timer and he immediately protested: "It is just the role! I would like to have a date, but in the seven years since I have been in the industry, I have not dated anyone. (Do you not want to date?) Yes, I do, but after this series, I have to film a the 60-episode series 'Changing Times', so I really don't have time."

With Raymond's love life so dry, Yoyo's in contrast is rather colourful, but Raymond plays along saying he refuses to believe that this is true because he will not let go of his on-screen girlfriend: "It is just a rumour, I have to see it for myself before I believe it."


[The Sun 06/10/06]

Sonija Kwok will spend Mid-Autumn with her Pets

Moses Chan and Sonija Kwok took part in an event distributing mooncakes to elderly people living alone yesterday and Sonija pointed out that she does not have a date: "I am filming every day, so I don't get spotted by anyone!" She says she does not feel pitiful for not having a boyfriend because she has her mother and her cats and dogs to keep her company. Moses was asked if he would be spending the festival with Bernice Liu and he said: "When we are working, there is no difference on a holiday. (Will you have a lightning wedding?) No, I am very traditional and I have to meet the parents first. (You have both met the other's parents. Did your mother praise her?) She has always praised her, every mother would praise her." After saying this, Moses blushed and asked the reporters to let him go.

Showing her lovingness, Sonija and her mother visited a pet shop earlier, where she played with the cats and showed her innocence for a moment in her joy.


[The Sun 06/10/06]

Myolie Wu was invited to be a guest of the Oriental Daily Charitable Fund yesterday to take part in a Mid Autumn Festival event, handing out mooncakes at an old folks home. The home presented Myolie with a souvenir of her visit and their best wishes for winning an award at this year's TVB anniversary, making her very happy indeed.

The very charitable Myolie handed out mooncakes to the elderly people there and joined them to play games and sing karaoke to celebrate the festival. Two of the residents have a standup comedy performance on the stage and Myolie was very amused as she applauded them, saying: "They are very funny, speaking in Mandarin and English as well, they are so lively!" Myolie also joined in an exercise routine with them and smiled: "I have already lost over 20 lbs now, but I am still working hard, so even though I love to eat the white pastry mooncakes, I have to hold back." Later, Myolie pledged to take part in more goodwill community events: "I feel that these events are very meaningful and I am also very happy."


[The Sun 06/10/06]

Raymond Cho and his girlfriend Elaine Chiang have been living together in an open secret, but as they have no plans to have children just yet, they have bought some pet dogs to keep them company and look after their home when they are out.

Raymond lives up to his Chinese name in that he is very thrifty and when it came to buying a new dog, he was very careful to choose a Pekinese costing just $800, but this choice ended up costing him a lot more: "We only found out that he was suffering from canine distemper and after spending another $5000 at the vets, we were still not able to cure him. When we complained to the store, they gave me another dog called 'Porkchop' and although he also needed me to spend $2000 on him at the vets, he has been healthy in the four years he has lived with me."

To keep Porkchop happy, Raymond has bought 'Chicken Drumstick' for more life at home. He smiles: "Elaine and I don't plan to have babies yet, so we felt that it was too quiet at home at times, so now that we have Porkchop and Chicken Drumstick, then it is much livelier. I have bought them a lot of toys and as we live in a villa, they help to protect it by acting as guard dogs because when they see strangers, they will be very noisy and even I get afraid of them sometimes."

Raymond will be having a lot of screentime soon as his series "Welcome to the House" continues and new series "At Home with Love" begins airing soon. Asked if he has any expectations for ratings, he says: "It is hard to say. 'Welcome' has always had steady ratings, so I hope this will help 'At Home'." Playing a 'nasty man' in "At Home', he says: "I will do anything I can to get up the ladder and there is a brief romance with Yoyo Mung."


[The Sun 06/10/06]

Gigi Lai Encounters Adam Cheng in Sales Presentation

Gigi Lai hails from a cinematic family and from a young age, she has been a big fan of 'Chor Lau Heung, but she has never had the opportunity to work opposite the star of the show Adam Cheng himself. She recently fulfilled her dream as she finally worked opposite Adam and she was a little awestruck praising him for being very handsome.

Gigi has always seen Adam as her idol, but they have never formally worked together. Filming a sales presentation clip for "Golden Spear steel Horse" with Adam made her very happy indeed: "I was a big fan of 'Chor Lau Heung' when I was younger because he is so suave. I even dreamed that I saw Adam and he is still so handsome. I am so happy to be able to work with my idol, the feeling is very interesting and it is like a dream come true!" Apart from Adam, Gigi also admires Patrick Tse Yin as she says he is very mature, smooth, tall and handsome. Unfortunately, Gigi says she will not be able to film this series next year because of her busy schedules.

On the day of filming, Adam wore an ancient costume and was suddenly possessed by Chor Lau Heung in his posture and gestures. He returned the compliments for Gigi, saying she was very sweet and beautiful. As for whether he will film this series next year, he says: "We will see. My wife says that having to fight and ride horses will be dangerous, so I don't know if she will let me film it. I still have to make a living though. (Would you like to work with Gigi?) I don't mind, as long as there is a pretty girl, then I will like it."


[The Sun 06/10/06]

Francois Huynh meets his Fans

Stephen and Francois Huynh both took part in the Mr Hong Kong contests to enter showbiz and although they have not been around for long, their popularity has shot through the roof and after Stephen's earlier fan club inauguration, Francois has been pulled into the club as well as they work as a brotherly team.

Mr Hong Kong Francois has not had any jobs issued after winning the contest, but his fans love him and this makes him very happy. At their first gathering, Francois danced excitedly with his fans and also entertained them by doing a Spanish dance with his younger sister. The fans gave him many gifts and they all clubbed together for some food. Both Francois and Stephen were full of smiles on the day as they were exceptionally happy.

Francois indicated that the producers from "Beautiful Men Cooking" had asked him earlier to play one of the male assistants but TVB did not want to downgrade his image and turned down the job. He says: "I am studying at the artiste class at the moment and although I have not had many opportunities, I am still thankful to TVB for putting my best interests first."


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