Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[The Sun 04/10/06]

Ada Choi Leads the Female Cast in TVB Sales Presentation

Ada Choi, Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Bernice Liu, Leanne Li and Joyce Koi donned some beautiful ancient costumes as they filmed a TVB sales presentation clip for "Exquisite Beauty" yesterday. They were joined by nearly forty extras who played their maids in a very grand display. Playing the role of Wang Hsi-Feng, Ada led the ladies in their procession and displayed the power of a leader with each movement.

Afterwards, Ada laughs that in real life she is actually very pure and innocnet and is not full of aggression. With this being the first time that most of the cast members had worked together and she was regarded as a 'senior', she laughs: "No, don't say that. We are all around the same age and you can say I am a predecessor in the Miss Hong Kong contest, but in age terms, I might even be younger than them. However, I am very happy to film this clip because we all got on straight away."

During filming, Bernice was able to cry on cue and this is because she has had plenty of crying scenes in her latest series "Murder City Plot". She says: "Almost every day I have to cry and it makes me like a crybaby. (Would you like to work with Ada?) Of course!" Anne loves filming ancient series because they are more dramatic: "When you wear the ancient costume, then then it is easier to get into character. Although I know Ada very well, we have never worked together, but I think working with her will be very pleasant."

Shirley was very pleased with her ancient look for the shoot and was snapping away with her camera together with the other cast. She says she likes Ada a lot and hopes to work with her: "Ada has a different character in each role she takes and changes a lot. I would like to work with her and learn from her. However, playing the villain is not easy at all and I did this in 'Operation Breakthrough' earlier. Just understanding the character was very difficult and I ended up breaking out in spots because of the stress." She says that she has been to see the Western doctor and although it has improved, the medication makes her skin very dry, so she is considering trying a Chinese herbalist instead.

Shirley has put on a little weight because she has been eating a lot lately, despite working every day. She says: "I eat five meals a day now - breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. I don't know if it is because I am filming an ancient series so it is not as obvious but I have to be careful."


[The Sun 04/10/06]

Janet Chow's Favourite Wins Miss World

Miss Hong Kong runner-up Janet Chow has returned from her trip to take part in the Miss World Pageant in Poland and says that she knew that Miss Czech Republic would take the crown.

She explains that when they went to watch a horse race, among the fifty contestants present, only Miss Czech Republic chose the winning horse and she was chosen to present the prize on the stage. Janet experienced VIP treatment on her trip and visited many churches and castles as well as making many friends from around the world. In December, she will be making a trip to attend Miss Singapore's wedding.


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