Tuesday, October 31, 2006

[The Sun 01/11/06]

Ron and Sammul Battle the Masses in "Cadets" filming

TVB series "Cadets on the Beat" called in fifty extras and numerous cameras to shoot an riot scene that was a new venture for many of the cast, who were very excited. Ron Ng, Michael Tao, Chin Ka Lok, Sammul Chan and Yan Ng filmed the scene that told of a clash between the public and the police. With such a large commotion and three cameras at different angles for the scene, even producer Wong Wai Sing was on hand to watch over the proceedings. Cast and crew wowed at the scale of the scene that was a great experience for all.

In the intense heat of the day during filming, the cast did not tire at all and seemed to get more and more excited as they proceeded as Chin Ka Lok even started flirting with the girls. Ron said: "This is the biggest scene in the whole series and previous riot scenes we have filmed have not been as large scale as this. After filming, I will be going to the Coliseum to rehears for the 'Golden Songs of Our Century' concert.

Yan was the only person of the crew who seemed a little reserved and she complained that filming was hard work: "I have been standing for so long that I have blisters on my feet and after filming, I will need to go for footcare. Although it is hard work, I have still had a good time and Ron is always saying I am fed up and whoever dates me will have a hard time. There will never be any rumours between us, because we have the same surname and would never get married!"


[The Sun 01/11/06]

Niki and Kevin received Wedding Gifts

Niki Chow and rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng joined to do a show earlier in Atlantic City and some fans presented them with photographs stamps, making Niki very happy. The two are making 'dates' with each other and asked whether they would really start dating, Niki smiles: "It would be good if we did! We'd have a crazy underground relationship!" She does admit though that she and Kevin get on extremely well with each other.

The two have also been invited to be spokespersons for a wedding salon and Niki says: "This is the response from the TV show and I don't mind because it is what other people think and not the truth. We are filming our third series now and if they carry on with these rumours, I don't have the energy to keep explaining things."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 01/11/06]

Oxfam have launched their website for their gift concept "Oxfam Unwrapped" and as their ambassador, Myolie Wu joined in with their promotional activity yesterday, together with Dr Lo Wing Lok and elderly aid supporter Ngan Wai Fook. The site allows the public to make donations instead of gifts to buy goats, desks and medical kits for those who need them.

Myolie's series "To Grow with Love" achieved an average of 32 points in its first week, peaking at 34 points. She is very happy with this and admits that the pressure is getting higher and higher. Asked if she has breathed a sigh of relief, she says she has not because this is just the first week and there are three more to come. Talking of ATV's schedule changes for fear of the popularity of her show, Myolie says she did not know about this and with reports that ATV have pulled their own grand production to show a Japanese series, she smiles and says she likes watching Japanese series.

Since her new show was aired, Myolie is often called by her nickname in the show 'fat girl'. Some people have asked her how she managed to lose her weight in such a short time and suspecting she never put on the weight and she says she should have kept it on a little while longer if she had have known. It will be Myolie's birthday on 6th of this month and she urges her fans not to buy her any gifts and to donate the money to charity or something worthwhile instead. As for how she will celebrate, she says she does not know because she has been followed around a bit recently by the press and she has been followed by two or three cars everywhere, making her feel like a prisoner. When it was mentioned that people would not follow her when she revealed who her boyfriend is, she says: "I don't have one! I don't!"


[Wen Wei Po 01/11/06]

Final Preparations for "My Century" Concert

The four shows for the series of "Golden Songs of My Century" concerts will begin from tonight and a blessing ceremony was held yesterday attended by Adam Cheng, Dave Wang, Suzanna Kwan, Fen Nei, Ng Wai Kwok and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming. Liza Wang was originally planned to attend, but was absent due to a leg injury.

Kate Tsui will be appearing in a dance routine opposite Adam in the show and was also present at the ceremony. Adam indicated that Kate will have a ten minute dance routine and he will be kneeling to her in one part. He praises Kate for her beauty and her dancing skills. Asked if there would be any steamy dancing, Adam says that there is a littl, but as the stage is triangular, then even though there are no holes, they still have to be careful.

Asked why he did not ask his daughter Joyce to take part, Adam laughs that she does not have any classics yet, so let her find her success first. He indicates that she is doing well under the tutelage of Master Lau Ka Cheung. As for the rumours that Lydia Shum is leaving her final wishes with Master Lau, he explains that there was no such thing and Lydia's health is progressing well as she rests in hospital.

As for whether Lydia will be discharged in November, Adam says he hopes so and says that she has been lying down for too long, so her arms and legs are quite weak and need to start moving. With reports that Joyce has started blanking the reporters at the hospital, Adam laughs that he has taught her not to frown so much.

Dave indicates that he has just finished a concert in the mainland and has also taken on some ads, so he has made a fair amount of money recently. He laughs that he can eat three bowls of rice on a quiet day. Asked if he has been eating abalone and sharks fin, he says that he eats very simply. Apart from this concert, he will be releasing a new album in November, but he will not release a Cantonese album for the time being. Talking of romance, he says that he has not found anyone just yet and suggests that the reporters should help him find someone.


[Ta Kung Pao 01/11/06]

Yumiko and Bernice to do Pole Dance

Yumiko Cheng and Bernice Liu were rehearsing yesterday for their act in "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary", where they will be performing a table and pole dancing routine. Yumiko did a similar act in last year's show opposite Emme Wong. As for the costumes, Yumiko says that this is provided by the company and they will be showing off their waists as the top will be like a bikini and the skirt will be a multicoloured mini. Asked if this is going to become a contest with Bernice on their figures, she smiles that it will not because they are just competing on beauty.

Yumiko has been busy learning to do gymnastics, using the trampoline, doing somersaults and stretching. She hopes to be more flexible for her dancing to look more attractive. Bernice also says that the costume is arranged by the companym but the most immportant thing is to win over the male singers. She says that many of her jobs recently have been related to dancing and she will be filming a new series soon with Steven Ma about latin dancing, so she smiles that she will be able to keep fit in the process.


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