Sunday, October 01, 2006

[The Sun 01/10/06]

Gigi Lai has a Special Birthday Celebration

It is Gigi Lai's birthday today and yesterday, she was invited to take part in an event with the Miramar Group's Charity Team, visiting some elderly people in Tai Po. As well as having some fun with the old folks, Gigi also helped to make some mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. The happiest moment for Gigi was when two of the ladies presented her with a birthday cake to celebrate in advance with her as she enjoyed a meaningful birthday.

Gigi made a wish when she cut the cake and she said afterwards: "I just hoped for good health and a happy life. As you get older, your needs become simpler because a peaceful life is good fortune. I will do my best for my career and enjoy the process of work and for romance, I will leave this down to destiny. Take everything as it comes, this cannot be forced."


[Wen Wei Po 01/10/06]

Maggie Siu Looking Good in Black

Maggie Siu was dressed in black as she arrived for the premiere of new film "Fatal Contact" and she seems to have lost some weight recently. She admits that after starting her beauty business, she has been working hard to keep fit as this helps to promote her business and investment. In the past, she rarely wears high heel shoes, but now she feels that you can give the illusion of being slimmer by wearing heels, so she believes in this projection of healthy beauty.

With the recent reports that Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng have both found their new respective partners, Maggie was asked whether she has attracted new pursuits with her new image. In response, Maggie just smiled and refused to answer. As for Ekin's rumoured romance with Yoyo Mung, Maggie indicates she has never worked with Yoyo before, but she seems to be quite forgetful because they did work together in "Healing Hands II". Maybe Maggie is blocking this out from her memory?


[Wen Wei Po 01/10/06]

Raymond and Rain Reunited on the Catwalk

DKNY invited a number of stars to model for its Autumn/Winter collection earlier, with the big names including Rain Li, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Mung, Yumiko Cheng, Bernice Liu, Gaile Lai and Amanda S. Former rumoured lovers Raymond and Rain were invited to walk down the catwalk together, but they were happy to do this and showed no reluctance despite the earlier gossip and they were not embarrassed at all as they chatted and laughed throughout the event. They indicated that their rumoured died down long ago and they are just working together, so there is no need for any awkwardness.


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