Monday, October 09, 2006

Some updates from the weekend that haven't already been translated on other sites....

[Ta Kung Pao 07/10/06]

Dressed as Sheung Ngo Aimee Chan has No Idea

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui joined Bond Chan, Martin Lau and Chan Chi Sun for a TVB Pearl Mid Autumn festival event yesterday and the three beauty queens appeared in ancient costume for the first time as they showed off their beauties. Aimee was dressed as Sheung Ngo and Janet and Koni were dressed as rich ladies. The six played games on the stage and tried lantern puzzles as well as talking about mooncakes and drawing festive pictures. The three men also had a moment of bliss as they were fed mooncakes by the beauties.

Aimee says that she used to spend Mid-Autumn in Toronto's Chinatown and although it is not a holiday there, she still used to ask her mother to buy her lanterns. Asked if she likes eating mooncakes, Aimee says she likes them and she has tried the ice pastry variety for the first time in Hong Kong this year and they taste good. Aimee was dressed as Sheung Ngo and was asked whether she knew about her story. She says that as she grew up abroad, she was not too sure, but she just knew it was something to do with mid-Autumn.

There have been reports that Lydia Shum aggrevated her condition after working with novice MC Aimee at the Children's Song Awards and when Aimee heard about this, it made her very nervous, but she said she knew nothing of it and she says that only Lydia knows the truth. Janet helped her out by saying: "It shouldn't be related."

Aimee pointed out that Lydia works with newcomers every year and it should not be this that has caused her condition. Asked if she felt that Lydia was poorly at the event, she says that this was the first time she had met Lydia and she did not know how she was before, so it is difficult to compare. Aimee felt that Lydia looked fine on the night and even gave her tips on how to host the show, such as speaking a little louder so that the audience could hear clearly. Did she feel that Lydia was weary? Aimee says that everyone was tired after working for so long.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/10/06]

Sexy Cooking from Joyce Chen and Akina Hong

Joyce Chen, Akina Hong and Geena Cheung took part in a crab banquet event yesterday and gave a demonstration of their cooking skills as well as their singing skills. In the end Joyce's team won the contest. Wearing a sexy seethrough strappy top yesterday, Joyce says that as her family have a restaurant and many of her friends can cook, then she rarely needs to cook for herself, but if she finds a partner, she will learn to cook for him.

Akina also rarely cooks and depends on her Philipino maid to cook for her. However she does have a special dish of Lotus Root with Vermicelli and when she cooked this on "Beautiful Cooking" earlier, even Eric Tsang praised her for it. Despite hosting many food programmes, Geena is a total novice at cooking and at yesterday's event she was just responsible for the garnish. She says that her best dish is instant noodles and she once made this for a boy that she fancied, but after one mouthful, his comments made her cooking seem worthless and she has lost interest in cooking as a result.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/10/06]

Bride-to-be Claire Yiu having Nightmares

Louisa So, Claire Yiu, Queenie Chu and Nancy Wu were filming yesterday for a TVB Sales Presentation clip for "Beautiful Classroom". Claire will be marrying fiance Thomas Lam next month on the 11th, but she seemed a little spotty at the event yesterday and was asked if she was finding it hard to prepare for the wedding. She said: "I am very nervous and having nightmares all the time, such as dreaming that my make up artist turns up late and no-one going to the banquet. (Has your boyfriend told you to relax a little?)He told me not to go to sleep!" At the moment, Claire has still not sent her invitations and she is worried she will miss someone out, but in general her mood is happy. Asked if she will become a mother right away after her marriage, she smiles: "I will have a baby, but I hope to have some quality time on our own for a few years first because as soon as a child is born, then they are very restrictive." For their wedding, they will register in the hotel before having a banquet in the evening totalling 30 tables.

Louisa was dressed like the female lead in Japanese drama "Queen's Classroom" and together with the other girls, they represented different occupations such as Thai Boxer, Pilot and Animal Trainer. Louisa says tha she has never brushed back her hair entirely and she feels that this is quite a fresh venture for her, so she immediately agreed to it.


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