Thursday, October 26, 2006

[Apple Daily 26/10/06]
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Tracy and Moses Share Kiss in Street

Moses Chan and Tracy Ip were filming at the Peak for new series "Storm in a Pool" yesterday, attracting the attention of many tourists in the area.

Tracy has a cameo role in the series and she says she was naturally quite nervous with so many onlookers. She says: "There are many people in the tourist area, so I am nervous. Luckily there were not too many NG's and for my first time, I think I did alright." Tracy says that she had tried to step into the role of her character and fall in love with Moses for the shoot, but the director still felt she was quite stiff.

When the kiss scene finally came around, apart from one outtake where Tracy couldn't help laughing, the other two takes were very sweet and romantic and she smiles that as they were using camera angles for effect, she was just concentrating on looking as if she had won the lottery! Moses laughs that his character is quite comedic in the show, so he is conveying this with his appearance.

[Apple Daily 26/10/06]
(Thanks to lili for providing original article!)

Ron and Raymond Supporting Each Other in the Coliseum

Raymond Lam and Ron Ng have been selected to take part in the "Golden Songs of Our Century" concert to be held next week at the Hong Kong Coliseum, where they will be singing some classic songs including those from late singing superstars including Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui. The two brothers will be challenged to showcase their talents as they have to sing live and dance at the same time. Although they are both popular on the small screen, Ron and Raymond share a mixture of happiness and fear. As well as being afraid of making mistakes, they are also worried about losing track, forgetting the dance moves and singing the wrong lyrics. Raymond says: "Fortunately I have a good brother with me, so if anything happens, we can share the burden."

They were both very pleased when they were invited to do the show, but then the anxiety set in soon afterwards. Raymond says: "Filming day and night, night and day means we have not had enough time to rehearse. We have only had one session together because our schedules do not match and we have to rehearse separately. I have recorded the song and whenever I get the chance, I will practise. I am quite nervous about my first performance in the Coliseum and I am renowned for my poor memory for lyrics, so that is my biggest fear."

In most people's minds, when you think of Raymond and Ron, you will think of one as a singer and the other as the dancer, so they should be able to cover the other's shortcomings. However, Raymond says: "It's not that easy! It is better not to rely on the other, but I am glad to have a brother with me, so we can share the burden." Ron is also busy filming at the moment and he has also developed flu recently. Asked if he is worried this may affect his performance next week, he says: "My biggest worry is not having enough time to rehearse. I am worse than Raymond because he has had more rehearsal time than me."


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