Sunday, September 17, 2006

[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 18/09/06]

TVB series "Maiden's Vow" held a promotional event yesterday in a Mongkok hotel room, where cast members, including Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Ben Wong and Sherming Yiu, all dressed in their pyjamas and the men were accompanied by two bunny girls, but the 'wife gang' led by Charmaine were on thier trail to catch those who were unfaithful. In the end, the men were punished by holding up the potty or holding their ears.

Charmaine was dressed very conservatively yesterday and when the press expressed their disappointment, she smiled: "No, I am already showing off my shoulder, isn't that enough? This sleepwear is my own and I customised it last night." Charmaine says she has never been on a hunt for the unfaithful, but she found this quite fun. Asked how she would deal with her boyfriend if he had an affair, Charmaine said: "I will get a group of girlfriends together. (Have you ever suspected a boyfriend?) Everyone has been through that, but we did not split up because of this as I am not so petty. If I really did encounter something like this,then I will split up with them rather than have an argument." Asked if she would dress more sexily for her lover, she smiled: "Then we wouldn't be wearing anything! Haha!"

Joe has been with his wife for many years now and they share a stable relationship with few troubles and even when the press write gossip about him, she has never asked him about this. He does not need to explain anything to his wife either because they have a lot of trust in each other.

Joe laughs that he once played investigator for a friend and followed his wife, when he found out that she was really having an affair. He says: "My friend divorced with his wife in the end and at the time, I felt I was just helping a frind. (If a similar thing happened to you, what would you do?) I don't know what I would do and it might be different if something did happen, however I feel that catching affairs is a good thing because you find out the truth and can work things out."

Sherming was dressed in a sexy outfit for the event, but she says that she has done all the necessary preparation and is not afraid of revealing herself. HSe also says that at home, she wears this kind of strappy dress without a bra, but she will not have it lacy as she lives with her maid. As for whether she has ever suspected a boyfriend, she says she has, but she has never caught him because she was not brave enough. However, she says if was true, she would have split up with him.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/09/06]

Ekin Cheng has been linked romantically with Yoyo Mung recently and at an earlier events, Yoyo had keep quiet about their relationship. As for Ekin, who yesterday made his first public appearance since the news broke, he was still very protective of this blossoming romance, but he kept a smile as he was bombarded by the press and even though he did not admit anything, he used the word "developing" to describe his relationship with Yoyo.

Taking part in a promotional event for liver health, where doctors shared self-help and treatment for liver disorders, Ekin led a group of 'little angels' onto the stage and shouted out the slogan to encourage people to be more aware of Hepititis B.

Ekin pays a lot of attention to his health and often goes for blood tests as well as encouraging his parents to go for health checks every year and buying them health insurance. Asked if he has been healthy through playing a lot of badminton lately, he clocked onto what was coming next and quickly replied: "Yes, the doctor plays too, that's where I met him!" Asked if he was hiding his relationship around the badminton games, Ekin responded: "I have seen the reports and I can just give you the word 'developing', yes, we are developing our badminton." Asked if this also applies to his relationship, he says: "I don't know. Maybe we will play in a doubles competition later. (Do you have feelings for Yoyo?) I don't want to say anything, I have answered you now. Everything is developing, that can mean a lot of things."

Asked if he thinks Yoyo is a good woman, Ekin did not reply directly, just saying: "Pretty good, we just do sport together because we lack exercise in Hong Kong. (Do you get on with Yoyo?) Of course, we play together. (When will you be entering a competition?) We need to practice a little more first to get more in time with each other, that is why I say we are developing." Ekin says that he needs a doubles partner because he is getting on in years and is running out of breath, so playing on his own makes it easy to sustain an injury.

As for rumours that the couple were introduced to each other by Lai Lok Yi, Ekin smiles that this is nothing to do with him. Asked about whether his friendship is special with Yoyo to the point where he drives her car, he did not respond to this or the suggestions that his ex-girlfriend Gigi Leung gives them her blessing. Ekin once said that if he started dating, he would reveal this and asked about this, he says: "The same word - developing."


[Ta Kung Pao 18/09/06]

Bernice Liu appeared at a jewellery promotion earlier in Central, where she modelled a set of jewellery worth $1.8 million. During this event, she was asked whether she liked her jewels and she said: "I really like pearls and when I was in Australia, I bought a set of black pearl jewellery for a five figure sum. At that time, this was my most expensive set of jewellery that I had ever bought for myself. (Have your previous boyfriends ever bought anything for you?) No, my first diamond was bought by my dad. (In that case what gifts have your boyfriends given you?) Some portraits, making dinner for me, one even made an embroidery for me because I feel that the thought and sincerity is the most important thing."

If thought is all that is necessary, then is it easy for a man to win her heart? Bernice smiles: "I do want him to have a home that can accommodate my two dogs. Haha just joking, I will save up for my own home. My criteria is very simple really, the most important thing is to be able to communicate and chat together. (So does Moses Chan fit your criteria?) What, what are you saying? Haha!"


[Ta Kung Pao 18/09/06]

The Wai Yin Society held a charity fundraising event yesterday attended by Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan, second runner up Koni Lui and Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui, who joined the parade of vintage cars in a world record attempt over the Tsing Ma bridge. Aimee indicated that this event will involve 150 vintage BMW's and this is the first time she has seen such a prestigious event. The three girls joined the journey with the cars and indicated that they do like this make of car. Suki indicated that the seats were very comfortable and Aimee expressed a liking for the convertible models because they allow you to enjoy the fresh air.

The three girls were asked what their dream cars were and Aimee and Koni both said they didn't have one, but they do have licences. Suki likes the Mini Cooper, but she does not have a driving licence as she has just done the written test. Aimee joined the development council on a trip to Hungary recently and she got to know Miss Hungary 2002, who was her host and showed her around the sights as well as some furniture design showrooms and some designer boutiques, but unfortunately she did not have time to do any shopping. Asked if she met any handsome men on her trip, she says that Hungarian men are handsome and very gracious. Would she accept a foreigner as a boyfriend? She says there is no problem as long as they are in love, then even distance is not an issue.


[Wen Wei Po 18/09/06]

There have been many internet sites that illegally broadcast TVB series and after unrelenting legal proceedings, TVB has successfully won a case against a mainland China website 'Century Dragon', who have been fined RMB 200,000.

TVB were alerted in 2003 to the site, that was airing without prior licence or consent TVB classic series "The Bund" as well as the 2003 Jade Solid Gold Awards, Po Leung Kuk Charity Gala and the Miss Hong Kong final. As this infringed on the copyright owned by TVB, the company employed Chinese lawyers to bring the case against the site owners.

Despite the case being awarded in favour of TVB at the Guangdong Province courts, the defendants will be launching an appeal. In July, this was heard and was rejected by the courts again, ordering the website not to continue showing the series, to pay TVB RMB 200,000 in damages and to apologise to TVB on their website. Court costs will also need to be paid totalling RMB 7,197.

TVB feels that they brought this case against the site as a test case for this illegal industry and it proves that it is possible for them to file for copyright infringement in this way.


[The Sun 18/09/06]

Andy Lau, Michael Miu, Kent Cheng, Carlo Ng and his wife Violet Chow joined to take part in a charity tenpin bowling competition yesterday, where Andy and Kent's partnership won them the cup. Michael and Carlo came in third place. Andy modestly praised Carlo for a good game and in three games, Kent scored 600, Carlo achived 539 and Andy scored 518.

Violet was there to support her husband and Carlo lost himself for a moment as he announced: "She is pregnant so she can't play, next time I will look after our daughter and she can play. (Is the baby a girl then?) Ah... it does roll off the tongue. We don't mind if the baby is a girl or a boy, as long as he or she is healthy."


[The Sun 18/09/06]

Sonija Kwok and Sammul Chan were filming a hug scene for "Cadets on the Beat" earlier and as soon as Sammul stepped onto the set, he was blushing all the way to his ears and seemed very embarrassed, even making Sonija laugh. In the show, Sammul's character has a secret crush on Sonija and he reveals that he is often dumped by girls in real life and once he even found out that his girlfriend of one year already had a husband! Sonija says that she had too much of an impact with her last relationship, so even if she is dating again, she will not reveal it to the public.


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