Tuesday, September 26, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 27/09/06]

Natalie Tong and Amigo Chui: Partners in Love and Work

TVB's special Oral Healthcare show held its blessing ceremony and filming yesterday and was hosted by real life couple Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong. Other stars taking part included Ander Jen, Erica Yuen and Suki Chui.

During the ceremony, the other artistes kept joking that Natalie and Amigo should hurry up and get married and suggested that the producer Cheung Ka Ling should be their witness. The couple became rather embarrassed and even kept their distance when it came to taking photographs. Natalie later commented that this was their first collaboration and asked whether it was their first appearance together after they had revealed their romance, she asked the reporters in return: "Did we ever reveal it? It is our first appearance together ever. (When will you be getting married?) We have not thought about this yet. We are still very young and I would like to marry later. I will think about this when I am 30."

Natalie says that there are advantages of working with your boyfriend, because you can look out for each other and fill each others shortcomings. This puts her at ease so she is not so nervous.


[Wen Wei Po 27/09/06]

Rain Li and Leila Tong get Seal of Approval for Cakes

Yesterday Rain Li, Leila Tong and newly crowned 'Beautiful Young Cook' JJ attended the opening of a cake shop in Macau, famous for its cookie pastry egg custard tarts. When they arrived, they immediately played a part in making a batch of custard tarts, looking the part and the owner and chef Mr Au Yeung praised their work saying that they passed the test. The girls were presented with certificates and they all said that they would be making them for their friends and family after they returned to Hong Kong.

Rain is a big fan of this shop, so as soon as the tarts came out of the oven, she quickly put a whole one into her mouth as she enjoyed the delicious cake and even eating all the crumbs. Rain says that Portuguese tarts and Hong Kong style tarts each have their specialities as Portuguese tarts have a layer of syrup on them. Cookie egg custards are very Hong Kong style. Leila says that she has been to Macau for sightseeing when she was twelve or thirteen, but she does not have time to look around on this occasion because she has to rush back to work in Hong Kong. She says she loves to eat egg custard tarts and pork chop bun and having learned to make them this time, she will try and make them for her mum when she gets home.


[The Sun 27/09/06]

Fun and Games in 'Beautiful Men Cooking'

Edmond Leung, Ronald Cheng and Alex Fong took part in the filming for the "Beautiful Cooking - Men's Edition" yesterday and Edmond got his just desserts after all the criticisms he has dished out to the girls in the past as he was scalded on numerous occasions by the hot oil and even set things on fire whilst he was cooking worms.

Carol Cheng, Nancy Sit, Ella Koon and Louisa So were the guest judges for the show and they all agreed that Edmond's performance was diabolical. Stunned and helpless when faced with a snapping turtle, he was immediately met with some scathing comments from the panel, who said: "You are so scared, we have not seen this expression in ten years, you ignorant young man!". When Edmond was cooking sand worms, his performance was reminiscent of Kary Ng's wok fire as the insects caught fire as he put them in the wok and causing screams all around. In his panic, Edmong picked the wok up and put it onto the chopping board, where there were more worms and they all got stuck to the bottom of the wok. He then had to peel them off the bottom of the wok before cooking them again, however his dish was described as 'bird poo' by the judges and guest Chin Ka Lok laughed: "That is never enough for a family of four!"

Afterwards, Edmond said: "This is the first time I have cooked and it ended up like this." He also adds that being scalded by oil was the most painful experience ever: "I did not know that you could not put anything with water on into the oil and I have the utmost respect for all the men and women who can control the kitchen.

During filming, the jokes about Ronald and his rumoured girlfriend Charlene Choi were abound and the winner on the evening, he was asked whether he has cooked for Charlene: "I have made breakfast for myself, but not for Charlene. (Did you buy her a number plate?) I swear I did not buy it, I am not stupid enough to do something like that for everyone to know."

With his reasonable culinary skills, Julian 'Chilam' Cheung took part in the show and even the demanding judge Carol gave him 9 points in the first round. She said: "His cooking was so good it brought my dimples out!" However, when Julian made the 'pig brains' dish later, Carol had to spit it out, saying that the texture was terrible.

Afterwards, Julian said: "I did quite well, but this is the first time I have ever cooked brains. (Do you cook for Anita [Yuen]?) Yes, my best dish is Water Chestnut and Cuttlefish steamed with Pork, but I daren't make it for her at the moment." He also adds that he will tell Anita to watch the show: "She has never complimented me on my cooking." He also says that he will be donating his $20,000 prize money to charity.


[Wen Wei Po 27/09/06]

As part of TVB's 39th Anniversary celebrations, it will be presenting a quiz show offering the highest prize money in Hong Kong television history, hosted by Michael Hui, where the contestant must choose from 26 boxes for a chance of winning a massive $3 million prize. At the press conference for the show yesterday, Michael was joined by 26 beauties as a ceremonial 'handover' of the prize money was made by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan to Michael before the occasion was marked with a champagne celebration.

Michael will begin filming for the show next week, but as he will be filming a new movie next year, he has only agreed to host 26 episodes. Michael says candidly that out of the 26 girls arranged to accompany him, he does not know a single one, but he does recognise some of them from the Miss Hong Kong pageant. As for his fee, Michael laughs that he is receiving one bottle of wine of his choice for each episode, but he will be very careful over which one he selects in order to get the best price.


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