Friday, September 29, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 30/09/06]

Andy pays for Dinner but Myolie Cannot take Advantage

TVB's new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" finished filming earlier and two nights ago, the cast members, including Andy Hui, Myolie Wu, Jack Wu, Gigi Wong, Eddie Kwan and Chun Wong joined together for a celebratory meal. Andy paid for the meal at a hotpot restaurant, but as Myolie has begun her slimming regime, she could only eat the vegetables and mushrooms. The series will begin airing on 23rd October as one of this year's anniversary series. Asked if the chances of winning an award was high, Myolie laughs that to be nominated would make her happy and as long as people like the series, then winning an award would be like the icing on the cake. Talking of Charmaine Sheh's news that she has been taking the executives out for dinner, Myolie was asked whether she would do the same. She laughed that this meal was like having a meal with the executives because the producer was also there. Myolie will soon begin filming for TVB and CCTV joint production "Changing Times" and to allow her time to shed the rest of her weight, filming will not begin until the middle of October.

Andy indicates that his invitation to the meal was because they had agreed this a long time ago. He is very happy that this has been selected as the anniversary series and he feels that he and Myolie are both very lucky. As for awards, he says that he is just taking part and has never thought about them, he just wants to have good reviews from the audience. Andy feels that Myolie and Jack have a chance of winning awards though. He says that during filming, he found that Myolie was very simple and there are very few female leads who are like her and are willing to sacrifice for her series. Does he hope to win the 'Best Actor' award? Andy says he does not know, but he would like to follow in the footsteps of Chun Wong, Wong Ching and Kenneth Tsang and take some awards for true character acting. He and Myolie will be singing the theme song to the series, entitled "Beautifully Ugly" and Andy's own song "Mr Pig" will be revised into "Miss Pig" for Myolie to sing. He praises Myolie saying she is a good singer.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/09/06]

Sherming Yiu Celebrates her Birthday with a Drink

Sherming Yiu celebrated her birthday last week and she held a birthday party attended by nearly a hundred friends, including showbiz friends Charmaine Sheh, Angela Tong, Eileen Yeow, Cheung Ho Lung (Cecilia Cheung's younger brother), Annie Man and Michael Tse. She laughed that she held a big party a couple of years ago but among the hundred people who attended, there were a number who she did not know. However, this year all her friends attended and in her excitement, Sherming quickly became quite drunk. Her glory was stolen somewhat though by Michael and Annie who got drunk before she did.

Sherming received many gifts and to avoid forgetting who had bought what, she asked a friend to note down the details so she could thank everyone later. As she was so drunk, she forgot to take all her gifts with her and had to be taken home by a male friend. Her friends then gathered together the presents in two big binbags. She laughed that she loved all her presents because it is the thought that counts. Ho Lung and another friend bought her the same crystal necklace as a gift.

Sherming said afterwards that the party was a very happy occasion, but good friends Eric Tsang, Remus Choi and Gigi Fu could not attend because they had all flown to Japan to watch the Madonna concert and she smiles that she was defeated by Madonna's popularity. As for her birthday wish, she says that she would like to make more money and have good health. Why is she not wishing for a boyfriend? Sherming just laughed, prompting a suggestion that she is already dating, which she responded to by smiling: "It's just the same."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/09/06]

Bernice and Kevin Give a Magic Show

Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung and Kevin Cheng were guests at an opening event and they each performed a magic trick. Kevin's trick was the most impressive as he performed a levitation trick with the professional magician Harry. Ron produced a giant straw from a paper bag and Bernice pulled some flowers out of a hat, but she slipped up and revealed the trick.

Kevin says that when he arrived, Harry asked about his weight because normally this trick is only done with girls. When he said he weighed 140 lbs, he found he was too heavy. He explains: "Unfortunately Linda had a skirt on today, so I had to do it anyway." Asked if he knows any magic, he says that he tried it when he was young, but gave up after a while.

Linda did some magic when she was taking part in beauty contests and she laughs that a boyfriend once did a magic trick to make her laugh. She says: "At the time, he suddenly produced a bunch of flowers from behind my ear and I was very touched." Ron indicates that he only learned his trick from Harry after he arrived. He says he is interested in learning some magic, but he is more interested in working out how other people's tricks work.

Everyone else also learned their tricks from Harry on the day, but Bernice's trick didn't quite work out and she says: "As my palms were sweating, my hand stuck to the flowers, but perfection is less interesting." Bernice also reveals that she fallen ill after filming a scene where she had to get wet because she was in the water for two hours. After work, she felt very cold and is still not totally better as she still has to take corticosteroids.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/09/06]

Yoyo Mung Declines Request to be Claire Yiu's Bridesmaid

Yoyo Mung was the guest model for a promotional event yesterday for a French label, where she demonstrated some designer luggage on the catwalk. Yoyo says that this show was very relaxed and she does like to take a big case with her on holiday, but if the case is too beautiful, then she would be very upset if it got scratched.

Yoyo says that she has put on some weight recently and asked whether this was because she is happy, she immediately asked in return why this subject was brought up so quickly. She explains that it is not related because she has always eaten a lot and when people saw her, they would exclaim: "So you are the one who eats two lunchboxes!" Asked if she likes to eat noodles, she immediately smiled with embarrassment and said: "I will eat anything." So does her other half like to join her? Yoyo laughs that her other half is her mother and she does like to take her out for dinner. She says that good friend Lai Lok Yi often asks her to let him go because he dies not want to get fat in his youth.

Yoyo has been busy practising some magic tricks that she will soon be performing in a TVB event. When the reporters suggested she should just show off her badminton skills, she laughs that after this performance, she will not have to do it agan next year. Talking of her good friend Claire Yiu's forthcoming marriage and Claire's intention to ask her to be a bridesmaid, Yoyo says she did not know about this or Thomas Lam's suggestion that he will ask Ekin Cheng to be a brother. However, she says that she will probably turn Claire down because she cannot drink and is not at all graceful.

Asked about the reports that Gigi Leung has found a French boyfriend, Yoyo says she did not know about this and she rarely reads the showbiz news.


[Wen Wei Po, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 30/09/06]

Stephen Jokes with Ekin about his Old and New Loves

Ekin Cheng was the latest guest on Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" yesterday and with the recent rumours of Ekin's new romance with Yoyo Mung, Stephen was quick to get in with the jokes as he presented Ekin with a yoyo, a badminton racquet, a birthday cake and a robot as his gift.

Stephen asked Ekin whether he liked his presents and Ekin just chose the robot and did not want the yoyo. Stephen was quick to question this as he said directly: "Do you not like 'yoyo'?" Ekin replied awkwardly: "Yoyo is ok!". The joke with the cake is explained as when Ekin revealed his earlier romance with Gigi Leung, many of his friends bought him a birthday cake as a prop to 'celebrate' Ekin's birthday and find out more information. Stephen asked Ekin jokingly whether his birthday of 1999 was a special one, leaving him rather embarrassed. Stephen went on to suggest that Ekin should do a show with Yoyo, Gigi, Maggie Siu and Maria Luisa Leitao (Lai Chi Shan) because they should all still be friends, even if they cannot be lovers.

Talking of reports that Gigi has been sighted in Japan passionately kissing a handsome Frenchman, Ekin says that he has not seen the report and will not comment. As for the magazine reports that Yoyo has been spending the night at Ekin's home and photographing her with wet hair as she left, Ekin did not respond to this, saying that the story is very exciting and you should find out more from the magazine, although some people may not want to know. Asked about the secret wedding between his good friend Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung, Ekin says: "I didn't know, but I am very happy for them."

Stephen was asked whether they would be finding a replacement for Lydia Shum to complete filming for the remaining ten episodes for her 'Friends Reunited' series. He says that no-one can replace Lydia's position. As for suggestions that Lydia's condition worsened after hosting the earlier Po Leung Kuk Charity event, Stephen says that if this was true, then he feels very uncomfortable by it. He says: "I did not know about her condition at the time, if I did then I would have persuaded her not to do the show."


[Ta Kung Pao 30/09/06]

Lee San San Faces the Future Bravely

Lee San San has been suffering from eczema and the medication has made her put on some weight. Also, with recent reports of her split with boyfriend Chin Ka Lok, she has not made many appearances and Chin has not responded about their relationship. Taking part in a breast cancer awareness event with Nancy Sit and Tse Ling Ling earlier, San San appeared looking a lot slimmer and when the MC explained that having children will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, she laughed that she will 'give it a try'.

Asked if she has lost weight, San San said that she would not respond and everyone can think what they like. Asked if she was slimming, she also refused to comment because she does not want to keep talking about these things. She is aware of all the earlier magazine reports, but she has nothing to say. She does not want to keep looking at the past and feels that she should look to the future. She says: "I don't want to talk about things that have already happened, so I can just say that I have no comment." She also refused to answer questions about her alleged break up with Ka Lok as she feels that this is the best way to deal with it. She indicates that she and Ka Lok are pursuing different paths and she will concentrate on her work and not talk about her relationships. With Ka Lok admitting to leaving his relationship 'open ended' earlier, San San says she heard about this from a friend.

With her earlier illness, is she able to handle her work? San San says that time has passed and she is not suffering from a terminal illness, so she will do her best. Has her ezcema receded? She says taht she does not want to talk about it too much because this will give people an impression of weakness. Asked about earlier reports of her being spotted with another man, she explains that he was innocent and she is apologetic to him for the reports. Would she have a secret marriage like Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung? She says she has never thought about this. Will she think about having kids? She says that she loves children, so she could have them at any time.


[The Sun 30/09/06]

Joyce Cheng is Relieved as Lydia's Condition Improves

Lydia Shum has been admitted to intensive care for a while now and there were reports earlier that Lydia's condition had worsened and she had fallen unconscious at one point. However, Lydia has since awoken and her condition is stabilising now, so when her daughter Joyce Cheng visited her yesterday, she seemed much happier.

Joyce, her two aunties and father Adam Cheng all went to visit Lydia at the hospital and when the aunties emerged, they both said that Lydia was 'very good'. Adam indicated that she was chatting away to Joyce in the room and was optimistic that she would be able to take Joyce out to dinner and the movies soon.

Joyce arrived at the hospital at around 11am and stayed for two and a half hours. Her aunts left at around 4pm and were asked when Lydia would be transferred into the normal wards. The elder auntie replied: "I don't know, they haven't said yet. (Has Lydia said what she would like to eat?) Lydia wants to eat everything, but she is just eating rice porridge at the moment because it is easy to digest. (Will she be out for the mid-autumn festival?) It is better for her to rest here, at least there are not so many phone calls." Auntie says that Lydia has not been receiving any calls in her room and this puts Joyce's mind at rest.

Joyce returned at around 5pm and when the reporters mentioned that her aunties had spoken, she said: "That is good then. My grandma knows about my mother now, but we have not given her too much detail." She says that she has some pressure on her, but she overcomes this by chatting to her pillow. Asked how she is feeling, she says: "Very good, but you all being here is not good. (When is your mother transferring out?) I hope it is soon, but I don't know and she didn't say."

Adam arrived at the hospital at around 6pm and asked whether Lydia had to have part of her liver removed, he said: "No, it is just a clearance of her bile ducts and it is the gall bladder that it attached to the liver. However she will have to watch her diet." Adam say that Lydia is in good spirits and is looking healthy: "She is eating porridge now." He does not know when she will be transferred, but says that Lydia has been chatting away merrily with Joyce. Asked what he has brought her on his visit, Adam says: "I don't know how to make soup, so I bring my well wishes. Many people have asked me to pass on their wishes and it puts my mind at rest because she is much better than the last time I saw her."


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