Thursday, September 14, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 15/09/06]

TVB celebrities Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng were in Malaysia on Wednesday to take part in a products expo and at the press conference, Charmaine wore her own blue dress worth $6000. Asked if she has a decent fee for this job, she smiles: "I am very happy with the fee, it is very good and is six figures." Bernice sang two songs at the event and after work the night before, she risked a storm warning to fly to Malaysia. As she was so tired, she fell asleep as soon as she was on the plane.

Charmaine has been rumoured to have gone for a meal with TVB executives Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok in order to throw favour on her chances to win an award at the anniversary. In response to this, she explains that she just happened to meet Stephen and Virginia on that day and they praised her performance in "Maiden's Vow", so she jokingly asked them for a reward and asked them to join her for a meal. So did they discuss the anniversary that evening? She says: "We absolutely did not speak about the anniversary and it is only September, so it is a bit early? We would have to go again in October if that was the case." As for the suggestions she was paving the way to an award, she retorts: "You don't get awards for meals!"

Charmaine says that she is currently resting and in October, she will be filming TVB's new 60 episode series opposite Raymond and Ron. She has been very happy with her performance in "Maiden's Vow" because to play four different characters in different times was very challenging and difficult.

Ron's English ability is very poor and he has embarrassed himself on many occasions. At the press event, when they each introduced themselves, only Bernice spoke in English, whilst Raymond and Ron both spoke Cantonese. Afterwards, Ron explained that he was not worried about making a fool of himself, but it had been agreed that they would introduce themselves in their mother tongue. At the event, Raymond met his co-star and rumoured girlfriend from "Yummy Yummy - Food for Life" Michelle Chia and introduced her to Ron and Bernice as 'his girlfriend'. However, he later denied that they had a relationship, saying that they just got on very well.

Ron says he will not put too much thought on awards, saying that he is currently filming for "Cadets on the Beat" with Joey Yung and they are getting on well. He says that Joey is a very direct girl, who is very professional, so they often study their characters together.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/09/06]

Cast members from TVB's new series "Land of Weath" including Tavia Yeung, Kenny Wong, Claire Yiu and Lai Lok Yi took part in an interview yesterday with Nancy Sit, where she congratulated Claire for the news of her forthcoming wedding on 11th November to boyfriend of eight years Thomas Lam.

However, when she was quizzed by the press about this later, Claire was a little hesitant to answer and the others all replied on her behalf, saying that the wedding is just a rumour, but it will happen sooner or later. Tavia adds: "She has to check my schedule because I am her bridesmaid and I won't be able to make it this year." Asked if Claire would like to have babies, Lok Yi replied, saying: "Having babies is down to nature." As for whether she will be getting married in Hong Kong or abroad, she says: "Wherever it is, there will be a group of friends there. (Will you have a banquet?) I will consider it."

Also, Claire started playing badminton some months ago and she will be entering the "Chinese Cup" in Malaysia at the end of the month, where she will stay for five days. Claire says: "In order to step up on traning, I will play on three or four days of the week. (With your short experience, are you worried about having a negative effect on your partner?) I am, but I will try my best and the most important thing is the participation and it's not all about the winning. If I lose, I will just offer my support to the others."

Other than this, Tavia and Lok Yi have been busy filming for new series "Storm in A Pool" and as this series has many location shoots at a dried seafood shop in the Western District, Moses Chan, Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan are often buying some abalone and sharks fin to share with everyone. The other artistes will provide some other dishes and every day is like a party, so they don't need to eat at the TVB canteen.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/09/06]

The press conference for the Sha Ting Charity Duck Race was held yesterday, attended by Krusty, Kelvin Kwan, Bianca Wu and Miss Hong Kong representatives Suki Chui and Koni Lui, who all encouraged the public to donate generously. Although Suki did not win the contest, she has won the race to sign with TVB, where she has just agreed a management contract for the next five years. There have also been reports that she worked her flirtatious nature against producer Wilson Chin Kwok Wai earlier, going to his home to watch DVD's in order to secure her spot in the Po Leung Kuk charity show opposite Andy Hui.

Suki says that she has already seen the reports and explains that she and Wilson have only met two or three times and do not know each other very well. However, she admits that some of the reports are true in that he favours her talents. Has she been to his home to watch videos? She says she has not been invited so she would not go. As for being accused of flirting her way with the producer, she says there is nothing she can say about this. Is her boyfriend jealous? She says that they communicate well and her boyfriend understands that these things happen in this industry. Is it thanks to Wilson being the middleman allowing her to sign the contract? She says she does not know, but she is thankful to TVB for giving her the opportunity and she would like to try both drama and hosting work.

Will Suki make the other Miss Hong Kong girls jealous? She says: "Everyone is very happy for me." She also indicates that she will give herself a year to see how the market responds. Does her boyfriend agree to her working in showbiz? She says that he would like for her to have her own career and she des not want to talk about him too much because she wants everyone to concentrate on her work. With so many handsome men in showbiz, is she worried that she will be led astray? She says that she has never fallen for good looking men and she feels it is much better when you have shared experiences. So is she confident in her relationship? She says that it is best left to destiny. As for whether she would like to marry her boyfriend, she laughs again that she does not want to say too much. As for being touched on the chest by Andy at the charity show, she explains that if he did not catch her like that, then she would have fallen. She did not feel anything because she was concentrating too hard on her dancing.

Koni is happy for Suki and if she finds fame in the future, then she hopes she will save an autograph for her.


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