Wednesday, September 27, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 28/09/06]

Michael Tse finally takes the lead

Michael Tse, Anne Heung and Linda Chung took part in the costume fitting for TVB's new series "Gambler Yi Takes a Wife". This series hails from Golden Producer Lee Tim Sing and will be the new year series to be aired at the end of the year. Michael will be the first male lead, playing the title role of Gambler Yi. With TVB seeming to treat him quite well, he says modestly: "Don't say that, I only just found out."

Asked if he was happy about this, Michael says: "No one would be unhappy about it! This is my first leading role in my eight years of television work. I have wanted to film with Brother Tim since I entered the industry, so I am very happy that the company has asked me to do this role. (Are you feeling the pressure of taking the new year series?) Every time I film a series, I feel pressure whether I am the lead or not, because you need the pressure in order to push yourself to give your best."

As for Linda who will be playing Michael's wife, she says she is not a gambler and she recalls being quite upset at spending Canadian $20 visiting a casino on her travels. Anne indicates that in the show, her gambling problem leaves her having to collect excrement to make a living. In real life though, she is not a gambler and would rather spend the money on shopping instead.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/09/06]

Charmaine Sheh is confident ratings will rise again

Charmaine Sheh's series "Maiden's Vow" started with good ratings, averaging at 34 points, but last week, the viewer numbers fell, leaving everyone a little worried because as show's progress, the ratings normally go up and it is rare to see them fall in this way. However, Charmaine responded in an interview at Metro Radio yesterday saying that she was not too worried about the drop in ratings: "Last week all the ratings fell across the whole spectrum and not only 'Maiden's Vow' fell. I believe this is because of the start of the racing season, hopefully it will climb up again soon."

Charmaine will begin filming for the TVB and CCTV 60-episode joint epic production "Changing Times", for which a grand press conference will be held today (Thursday). She will be filming for eight months on this series that will have location filming in Canada, Beijing and Ningbo. Other cast members include Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Michael Miu and Raymond Lam. In the show, she will play a pair of arguing lovers with Raymond. Asked if she will have some lines in Mandarin, she says she does not know and the script team are still in discussion. She says: "I am worried that people may not accept me speaking in Mandarin, but if I really have to do this, then I will be asking an expert to coach me."


[Ta Kung Pao 28/09/06]

Toby Leung passes her driving test again

Toby Leung filmed an advertisement earlier for the Hong Kong Driving School, after which she had planned to pick up her driving licence from Canada to apply for a Hong Kong licence. However she could not find her licence when she went back, so she had to take another test in Hong Kong.

Toby says: "I had no choice but to take it again, I am so clumsy." After handing in her application, she was worried that the instructor would be very bossy, but after one lesson, she found that the instructor was not only very smiley, but also taught her a lot of things that she needed to be aware of when driving. On the day of her test, Toby was quite nervous because if she made a mistake, she would fail and her friends would laugh at her. In the end though, she managed to pass first time.

After passing her test, Toby immediately went out looking for cars. She already has the car she wants in mind, which is a black or white mini, with a registration plate 'TOBY'. She says her first passengers will be her parents because she normally depends on them to drive her around, so she would like to take the driving seat for once.


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