Wednesday, September 20, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 21/09/06]

Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan and Lai Lok Yi were filming earlier at the Miramar Hotel for a scene in "Storm in a Pool" that tells of Bosco and Tavia's wedding banquet with around 20 tables of guests and Moses playing the saxophone. Playing a newlywed, Bosco was asked when he would be getting married for real, to which he replied he has not found a partner yet. With his rumours with Myolie Wu still not ceasing, he was asked if he was waiting for her to slim down before they get married. Changing the subject, Bosco says: "I think it would be better if I made more money or for me to buy a dream house. I would like a home that is over 1000 square foot."

With the recent news surrounding a mysterious Miss Yeung breaking up the marriage of Tsang Chi Hung, Tavia was asked about this and she indicated that she does not know Mr Tsang. When it was mentioned that neither she nor her sister Griselda received any votes in a speculative internet poll, she laughs she was a little disappointed about this, sighing that she must not be attractive enough for people to vote for her. She smiles: "Other people probably think that I will never be a third party and enter into someone else's marriage. My image is very positive and with my sister not having any votes either, then I think our Yeung name will be going extinct soon!" Tavia hopes to be pursued by some rich heirs, but she is not interested in those with wives already. She says: "I hope that they will have a happy marriage and for me, I would wish that no-one interferes with my future marriage."

Since the news broke about Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung's 'badminton romance', Lok Yi has been noted as their matchmaker. He says that he has not asked them for confirmation yet but if it is true, then he will be happy for them. Asked if he has received a matchmakers fee, he immediately denied that he introduced them, saying that they had met previously on the set of a film. Moses was playing on a guitar in between takes and he says that he can play many songs. Asked if Bernice Liu has heard him play, he smiles: "Many people have heard me play before, I don't know if she has heard me though." Moses denies he uses his guitar skills to attract the ladies, laughing that this is just his secret weapon on the stage.


[Ta Kung Pao 21/09/06]

Yoyo Mung, Angela Tong and Bernice Liu took part in the Kookai Autumn/Winter event earlier and Yoyo indicated that her fashion sense is very unisexual, so she likes to wear black, grey and white. Talking of rumoured boyfriend Ekin Cheng, she laughs that he is similar to her and also likes simple colours. As for Ekin's frank admission to the press earlier that their relationship was 'developing', Yoyo just says that she has been busy working lately, so she has not paid much attention to the papers. Yoyo reveals that she will be going to play badminton later and asked if she will be asking Ekin to be her coach,she smiles that she knows many other coaches herself and asked the reporters to stop mentioning Ekin to her, because they don't want the focus to be on their relationship. As for Ekin's birthday next month, Yoyo says she will be working. With reports that Yoyo appeared at Ekin's home with wet hair, she did not respond to this.

Angela says that although she does not know Yoyo or Ekin very well, but in terms of appearance and personality, she finds them quite compatible. She feels that a pair of lovers share their best moments when they first meet and get to know each other, so she hopes they will cherish this. Bernice reveals that at first she was not able to attend this event, because she had to film a raining scene into the early morning. She also says that her new series often has last minute script change situations and with her poor grasp of Chinese is making things difficult, but fortunately, she has a group of great colleagues who help her to add phonetics straight away and let the filming progress.


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