Monday, September 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 19/09/06]

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Koni Lui joined Mr Hong Kong winners Francois Huynh and Otto Chan and four members of the Hong Kong Squash Team to take part in the inauguration ceremony for TVB Pearl's "Hong Kong Squash Open" competition. The girls then had a match against the men and they seemed to know what they were doing, but it was later revealed that they did not know how to play at all!

Aimee's favourite sports are ice hockey and figure skating, where she as able to do many of leaps and spins in the past, but she cannot do them any more. She says: "In the past, I would spend three hours a week practising. Doing more sports is good for your body as well as building your stamina." As for Koni, she will be heading out to Japan and Beijing to take part in the Miss International Pageant next month, so she is busy learning how to do her own make up and hair as well as selecting suitable souvenirs to take with her for the other contestants. Asked if she is confident, Koni says: "I am tall enough, but my figure is not as good as the caucasians."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/09/06]

Searching for Miss Yeung...

Ng Ka Bo, he second daughter-in-law of Standing Committee member of the China National People's Congress, the Hon Mr Tsang Hin Chi posted a notice in yesterday's papers indicating that her husband Tsang Chu Hung has been having an affair with showbiz artiste Miss Yeung and this has ended their 18-year marriage. After this news broke, the Hong Kong media has begun a frenzy of activity as they try to work out exactly which 'Miss Yeung' is being referred to. All the female Yeung's in the industry have been the focus of attention, but of those who have been contacted, there all say they do not know Mr Tsang Jr.

Former Miss Asia winner Strawberry Yeung Yuk Mui has faded into semi retirement now has heard about this, so when she answered her phone, the first words she said was: "The woman in question is not me, you have guessed wrong. (Do you know Tsang Chi Hung?) No, but I do know Vivian Lai's husband Tsang Chi Ming. I have a boyfriend who I have been with for seven years and we are planning to get married soon. I am also a Christian, so I would never wreck another person's family."

As for Tavia Yeung, who is currently filming a shampoo ad in Shenzhen, her manager responded that she does not know Mr Tsang and when asked if she felt she had been dragged in for no reason, her manager replied: "Not really! (Tell Tavia to find herself a boyfriend soon to clear her name!) She has not got a boyfriend." Tavia's elder sister Griselda asked the reporters who Mr Tsang was and what he did, because she has never heard of him and she is sure that her sister does not know this person, so she found it quite surprising that the press had called them. Griselda does not have a boyfriend either and asked if she would be attracted to married men, she says absolutely not but if they are already divorced, then it is okay.

Kristy Yang also made a statement through her manager, saying: "How could it be her? You have got it wrong! There are many people who have the surname Yeung, I don't think Kristy knows him (Mr Tsang)."


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