Sunday, September 17, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/06]

Louisa So and Steven Ma took part in the Towngas Mooncake event yesterday, where they joined the others in making mooncakes. During this, Louisa seemed very at ease and when asked if she was a professional, she says: "I have never made mooncakes before and I haven't eaten the traditional mooncakes for many years because I like to eat the white pastry now as there is less fat."

As for the Mid-Autumn festival that is fast approaching, how will Louisa be spending this? She syas that every years, she has to run around because she has to go back to her family first before going out with her boyfriend to watch the moon. After learning how to make mooncakes, will she be making some for her boyfriend? Louisa laughs: "I can try! I can also add a note inside the cake that has encouraging words to give to friends and the elderly."

Steven's performance was not bad and he says: "Normally, I do go into the kitchen to make soup and in the past, I have made chicken fillets for a girl. At first she didn't really like chicken fillet, but after eating mine, she was so impressed that she even complimented me in front of my friends. If men know how to cook too, then they can make girls call out in surprise!"


[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/06]

Roger Kwok was a guest on a radio show yesterday and he revealed that he and his wife Cindy Au have not yet fully registered their marriage yet, but they have submitted their application now and if there are no objections in the next 21 days, then they can be lawfully married. He smiles: "It should be completed in the next three months and we have not chosen a date for the registration yet. We will just take it one step at a time and once it is done, I will let you all know." Asked if he will wear a suit for his registration ceremony, Roger says: "I don't know yet, maybe I will wear T-shirt and jeans, because we will be dealing with the documents at the lawyers and then go to dinner with my family." As for having a baby, Roger says: "Cindy and I both like children, so we will leave it to nature."

Recently, a website has published the addresses of seventy artistes, including Roger. Asked if he is worried about being disturbed in his home, he says: "Nothing like that has happened yet and my neighbours are very nice. (Are you not worried about criminals?) No, there is no money in my home, just a dog. If you break the law, you will be caught." With the TVB awards not far away, Roger feels his chances of an award will be small as he has not had any series aired this year. He says: "In October and November, I will be filming in the mainland, but I may be presenting an award then." Asked if hot favourite "Lush Fields Happy Times" will win, Roger says: "Their chances are okay."


[The Sun 17/09/06]

Unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestant Suki Chui has had a trail of gossip behind her since she took part and after the latest rumours that she has hooked up with TVB producer Wilson Chin, then she has left her middle-aged boyfriend Wong Chung Sang (model Janet Ma's former husband). However, the couple were spotted together yesterday at around 4pm, holding hands as they shopped in Admiralty, where they picked up the bargains in the sales and proving their relationship is fully alive and well by their closeness.

Suki and her boyfriend started with the fashion shops at Admiralty Place, where there was a sale in one shop and she picked out four or five outfits. Her boyfriend offered his comments and in the end, she chose a dress, which was paid for by her boyfriend.

After leaving the boutique, Wong was very gracious as he carried his girlfriend's selections and then they crossed over to Pacific Place for more shopping. During this, Suki entered another boutique, but left after a quick circle - maybe there were no bargains on offer there for her.


[The Sun 17/09/06]

Myolie Wu took part in a cosmetics fair yesterday, where she showed a marked difference from the days of "Fei Tin". She says that her weight has now dropped from 152 lbs to just over 130 lbs now: "I have to film a slim role soon, so I will work hard over the next few days. I don't know if my cup size has gone down though, I will leave this to the slimming company. I can wear my old trousers now, but they look quite tight. (Has your rumoured boyfriend compimented you?) I have many, which one are you referring to? (Bosco Wong?) I haven't seen him, not even in work." As for reports that Charmaine has been dining with executives to increase her chances of winning an award, Myolie says that having a meal is a very ordinary event and people should not read too much into it.


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