Friday, September 15, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 16/09/06]

Fiona Yuen and Balia Chan took part in a chocolate themed charity ball yesterday, where they both made some chocolate gift baskets to be auctioned for charity.

Afterwards, currently single Fiona was asked whether she had made chocolate to give to her boyfriend in the past and she replied directly: "No, I just cooked. (With your ex-boyfriend Wu Man San?) You mention him again! Don't talk about him please." After much hounding, Fiona finally admitted that she did cook with him and felt that when a couple cook together it is quite romantic. Asked if she has anyone pursuing her at the moment, she says: "At the moment there is no-one chasing me and nor do I have a boyfriend. However, I will keep working hard to learn cooking for my future boyfriend."

When Balia talked about chocolate, she revealed that her boyfriend sometimes uses chocolate to make cakes for her and she will use dark chocolate for her masks because it is very nourishing. As for whether she thinks chocolate has aphrodisiac properties, she smiles: "Yes! Not only aphrodisiac, but it makes me very happy when I reward myself after work with some chocolates and if I share with my friends, it makes them happy too, so it also works for friendship!"


[Ta Kung Pao 16/09/06]

Michael Hui was the subject of the interview in the latest episode of "Be My Guest" yesterday and as his son will be getting married today, he becomes a father-in-law, so host Stephen Chan presented him with a special Chinese wedding flower made with real gold, making Michael very happy and immediately wearing it. Also, Stephen presented him with a fishing rod because Michael likes to go fishing and the two played with their new fishing 'toy' for the press to take photographs. Michael laughed: "You don't get many executives who have the leisure time to dine and chat. The executives that I know only know how to work."

With TVB inviting Michael to host their anniversary quiz show, he says this is currently under negotiation and laughs: "When my daughter got married, I was depressed, now my son is getting married, I am doubly depressed, so maybe TVB thinks I will be too bored on my own, so they asked me to do this show. I have heard that the show will give out the highest ever amount of prize money. To be a well suited Money God and work with 26 pretty girls in every episode and receive a bottle of wine every night, then this is right up my street and very appealing. (So you have agreed to host it?) I think I will have a decision after the meal. (Is the fee good?) The most important thing is some fine red wine, the money is irrelevant."

With the forthcoming wedding, Michael admits he is a little nervous and says: "Although my children studied abroad in the past, but they returned after their studies. This time, they will be moving away for good, so I will feel lonely and a little frightened. You split up in relationships, but I didn't think this applied to father-children relationships too. (Go on holiday to make yourself feel better?) That doesn't resolve the problem."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/09/06]

Michael Miu was invited to be the promotional ambassador for the Hong Kong Liver Foundation, where he joined some liver transplant patients at the press conference to encourage people to donate their livers to save other people's lives when they die.

Asked if he has an organ donor card, Michael says he will carry one, but signing it is not enough because Chinese people have superstitions about having a complete body, so often the family members will not sign over the organs even if this was the wish of the person who has died. As a result, he also encourages families to respect the wishes of their loved ones and help others who are in need. Has he discussed this with his family? Michael says: "Yes, as my children study at an International School, they understand the importance of organ donation and my wife also agrees and supports this."

Talking of artistes working day and night, this can lead to many liver disorders, with sufferers including Adam Cheng and Felix Wong. However, for Michael who also came from the television industry, he is lucky not to have suffered. He says: "I have checked had this checked and my liver is very healthy and fine, but I have had all the vaccinations, just to be sure."


[The Sun 16/09/06]

Kate Tsui speaks very quickly. After some instruction from her colleagues in the industry, she has changed this now in order to adapt to this co-operative life.

After two years in showbiz, there has been a lot of gossip and she feels that this is all down to her direct personality, so she has learned to tone this down now.

Now she has entered the hardworking phase of her career, but fortunately she has many seniors to point her along the way . To learn something that may have taken ten years experience to master in one day is something to cherish.

Kate has proven to be one of the more 'groundbreaking' Miss Hong Kong winners of recent years. From the day that she appeared, she has been linked with Leon Lai after filming an advertisement with him, but she still graciously visits him at his concert at the coliseum. In her second year, during a radio interview, she openly spoke about her views on sex and was nearly suspended by TVB, but was saved by the support of a producer, who continued to give her sizeable roles.

The words of many veterans of the industry are that with time, Kate will do great things and forge a career for herself. For 26 year old Kate, she says that she is no longer young and if she does not do her best, then there is not much time left. So when she is criticised by others, then she will quickly change and improve herself. "After that incident (near suspension), I did not do anything else and have just waited for the company's instructions. As they will deal with this, I just waited for them to contact me."

The most comforting thing for Kate after everything that has happened is that the attitudes shown to her by her colleagues has not changed: "When they see me in make up, they do not change and I feel this is very rare because it is like being at home and they give me a lot of care. Some older colleagues are very good and they are not afraid to tell me where my problems are. To be honest, only my father and mother have been so direct with me before and this proves how much they love me. When you criticise others, there will be an element of hard feelings and I feel this too, but they do this for my own good and I am grateful for this. In the past, the things I have met, I will just use my own way of dealing with it, so now there are people who are prepared to help me up, then I feel this is a great fortune for me."

Changing one's errors and checking for standards along the way, Kate uses new friends as her tests: "When I met a new person, I will observe them secretly and if I can give them a new feeling that is different from before, then it proves that I have improved and I will continue to move along this way."

After taking on board all the comments from before and behind the camera, Kate has finally realised the reason for being so misunderstood: "I think that when I speak, it is too fast and too direct, then when I think there is nothing, the other person is already very angry. Some people are not used to listening to speech that is as fast as a machine gun and a Miss Hong Kong who laughs out loudly, so they will be deterred. My personality is very warm and I am a very defined character."

Fortunately, the producers understand Kate's individuality and after the sex incident, she has realised the importance of questioning: "I studied in America at university for several years and I am used to dealing with situations myself because I felt a little awkward about asking other people. As a result, I believed that I could do anything myself, but this was not the case and I just felt that I should not trouble other people. In time, people left me alone or misunderstood and thought I knew everything."

"Now I find that all you need to do is ask one or two questions, then you can resolve the whole problem. After advice from my seniors, I have learned to ask other poeple and also to slow myself down a little, like in my speech. I took some acting lessons from Jim Chim and the things that he taught me can be applied to normal life because in a social community, I should walk at the same pace as other people and in acting, then if I am your partner, then we have to share a space and an environment. If I keep on and can't stop talking, then you have to do the same to respond and it will become very crowded and pressurised. So I have learned to take things more slowly in order to allow the chemistry to build and understand each other that will lead to less misunderstanding."

Kate has said she needs to regulate the speed of her speech and she did manage this and when she spoke of advice she had received from the elders that she should not be late and to revise her scripts, she says: "I won't say who they were referring to." If she had not been through her previous experiences, then she may have already said the person's name. Whilst there is nothing good or bad about mentioning them, this has proved that by slowing down her pace a little, she has learned the importance of harmony.


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