Tuesday, September 12, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 13/09/06]

TVB New Series "Maiden's Vow" starring Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma gained ratings averaging at 34 points last week, so yesterday, they joined cast members Sherming Yiu, Ken Wong and Lee Ka Sing at a wishing ceremony in Ping Chau before cracking open the champagne aboard a yacht. Joe appeared wearing an Ultraman costume that showed a little of his 'lunchbox', stealing the limelight from Charmaine!

This was Charmaine's first visit to Ping Chau and she likes the island for its comfort and peacefulness and she hopes that the ratings will continue to rise. Talking of Joe's pants, she says: "I have not paid any attention! This is not the first time I have seen him dressed like this because of the earlier filming, but I did not really pay attention to that area. (What do you think of Joe's Ultraman look?) The outfit suits him overall because he still looks cute wearing pink and being so tall. (How is his figure?) It's okay! It is unusual he looks so cute despite being so tall." Charmaine will not choose such a tall person to be a boyfriend though because during filming, she had to tilt her head up to talk to him and had to wear extra heeled shoes that were very hard work. If her boyfriend was so tall, it would be very difficult to share secrets with each other because she would have to jump up to talk to him!

With Joe being complimented by Charmaine for looking cute, he indicated happily that he has loved Ultraman since he was very young, so to be able to dress like him made him very happy, but he laughs that the costume is only suited to be seen far apart, because if you get too close, you see a bit too much! Asked if this was because his figure is so good, Joe says: "It is not good, so you have to look from a distance, if it was good, then you can look a little closer!" Joe adds that when they were filming for "Maiden", he had a scene where he had to hand out flyers dressed in this costume in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens and a group of children who did not realise he was filming came over and started playing with him. As for whether he was embarrassed about revealing his privates a little, he says that there is nothing special because he has prepared and is wearing two pairs of underpants, so he is not thinking too much about it!


[Ta Kung Pao 12/09/06]

Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Fala Chan and Carrie Lam were filming for "Storm in a Pool" on location yesterday in a scene where they were celebrating Linda finding a new job and Moses presenting her with a bunch of flowers. Due to the appearance of Yoyo, Carrie and Fala, then Moses throws the flowers away for fear of them finding out his feelings.

In real life, Linda says that she likes to receive flowers, but she would prefer for men not to give them because they are so expensive. She believes that just receiving flowers once is the best.Asked when it is the best time to give flowers, she laughs that when the man expresses his love, this is the best time. When she was seventeen, a man whom she had known for a long time bought her flowers to show his feelings and she was very happy as she felt puppy love, but in the end she did not accept his approach. She explained that feelings have to be built up over time and she did not want to be untrue, but he still has a chance. Asked if she has received flowers from any men from the industry, she smiles she has not and believes that no-one is brave enough.

As for Moses, he is a romantic person and has bought flowers for girls before. he says that he is a very tradiitonal man and giving flowers is a very basic gesture. Some people think that giving flowers is a waste, but Moses does not agree, so even after entering showbiz, he has continued to buy flowers for girls. He says: "Flowers are agreat birthday gift, especially for girls because it means more than just a normal gift!" When the reporters mentioned that flowers will die very soon, so it is not very practical, Moses says that giving flowers makes people very happy and it does not matter about practicality. His character in the show likes Linda and asked if he has any kissing scenes, he laughs that they don't, because he is not very successful and for once, he has no girlfriends in the series.


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