Friday, September 08, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 09/09/06]

Today is Nancy Wu's birthday and ahead of this, she held an early celebration with over twenty fans at a Karaoke bar. Nancy loves singing and many of her fans are great singers to so they took it in turns to join her in many songs and was even challenged a little by the fans' selection of difficult songs and new releases. She was very happy when the fans presented her with a cake and gifts.

Nancy says: "I am very happy to receive so many hand made gifts this year, such as birthday cards, jewellery and crafts. One male fan made ten cute little figures of the fans and me. They know I like to eat sweets, so everyone prepared a pack of sweets for me. They are really thoughtful and every year when I meet them, we will chat about their recent developments like old friends gathering and it is very warm and touching."

Nancy has a day off today and she will be going for dinner with some friends. As for her birthday wish, she says: "My family and myself to have good health; for my weight gain programme to be successful; my series 'At Home with Love' to get good ratings and reviews in October; to be happy every day and everything to go well."


[Ta Kung Pao 09/09/06]

With his recent rise in popularity, Kenny Wong has had magazines revealing that the home where he lives with his current girlfriend belongs to an ex-girlfriend and when he was asked about this by the magazine reporters, he was reported to have become very annoyed and said: "Do I need to tell you what colour my underpants are too?" He appeared as a guest judge at a pensioners event yesterday and he explained his outburst, saying that he felt this was his own private affair and he was unhappy at the reporter chasing him for this information. Asked if his girlfriend knows about the situation of her home, he says: "My girlfriend knows and this is a very simple situation really because this property is handy for me to get to work, so I have borrowed it to live in."

Asked if he needs to explain this to his girlfriend, he says: "There is nothing to explain, this is just the truth, she lent me the apartment. My girlfriend has not said anything about it and I am still good friends with my ex. (Do you pay rent?) This is my business with her." He also says that he wants to buy his own place and although he has filmed a lot of ads lately, he still does not have enough money, so he needs to keep working hard.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/09/06]

Former Miss Hong Kong winners Anne Heung and Virginia Yung took part in an "Evergreen Modelling" event, where they joined over a hundred pensioners to share tips on how to build confidence, attractiveness and beauty.

Anne's good friend Yoyo Mung has been linked with Ekin Cheng recently and when she was asked about this, Anne was very secretive as she told the press to ask Yoyo. As for Yoyo becoming the target of the paparazzi of late, she has warned Yoyo to drive carefully. Talking of Yoyo smiling sweetly whenever the romance is mentioned, Anne says that Yoyo is always very happy. At the event, Anne shared her experiences of doing shows and taking part in Miss Hong Kong with the elderly participants and although she has been in the industry for many years now, she is still nervous when she goes on stage. Talking of how she gets on with the older generation, she says that she does not spend much time with them because her own grandparents are abroad, however, she does not worry about not being able to communicate because many pensioners are very trendy and old many life experiences, so she has a lot to learn from them.

Virginia and Anne have a close affinity because they were schoolfriends for both high school and university and it was Virginia who crowned Anne. She feels that she is able to get on with the elderly and feels the most important thing is patience, so she does not have any problems getting on with her mother-in-law. Asked what she thinks of this year's Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan, she says she has not seen Aimee in person, but feels she is quite pretty. As for the rumours about her breast enhancement,she feels that if it is acceptable for the person, then that is okay.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/09/06]

After conquering Mount Everest, he will be heading out to climb the glaciers of Greenland in March next year. He attended the sponsorship promotion for this event by Kiehl's yesterday alongside guest Vincy, who demonstrated making environmentally friendly paper as they wish Ah He the best for his trip.

Ah He indicates that this trip to Greenland will just have him with a guide and they have to complete the journey in a twelve day window, traversing Greenland from East to West. As the temperatures there stay below freezing, he envisages that the trip will be very difficult. However, in March, the days will be the longest within the year and he also has the chance to see the Northern Lights, so this was the reason that they chose this time for the trek. He is really looking forward to the event and knows that this will be more difficult than previous trips because he will not have any supplies in the twelve days and he has to prepare everything before he sets out. Even rescue services are very scarce there, so is he worried about his safety? Ah He says frankly that this trip will just be the two of them and a team of dogs, so there will be an element of danger, but the insurance company will not cover them, so they are responsible for their own safety.

Despite the danger, Ah He feels that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to traverse Greenland and it cannot be missed. However, he says that the success of the trip will be down to sponsorship because it will cost them $80,000 each. Having accepted a role in TVB's forthcoming 80 episode series, he has already notified the company that he will require two weeks off filming, even though the trip will not be confirmed until January. Ah He says that he would like to complete his conquering of the 'three extremes', so his next target will be Antarctica and the South Pole.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/09/08]

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" has in the past played host to many showbiz stars, but in a change to the norm this week, his guest has been Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Exective Mr Donald Tsang. As the two enjoyed specially selected dishes, they shared their thoughts and experiences.

In order to rise to the occasion, Mr Chan met Mr Tsang at the hotel lobby of the restaurant and presented him with a gift of the complete set of "On the Road" VCD's of which Mr Chan had a part in the production. As they are both Catholics, he also presented Mr Tsang with a crystal crucifix as a souvenir. During the meal, they shared some exquisite French cuisine as they shared some deep conversation. They discussed the Chief Executive's relaxation methods of whistling and keeping Koi Carp as well as his close relationships with Cardinal Chan Yat Kwan and Mrs Anson Fong. Mr Tsang revealed that his own personal wish is for his youngest son to have a family of his own soon.


[The Sun 09/09/06]

Linda Chung and Raymond Lam filmed a second kissing scene for new series "Storm in a Pool" earlier and since entering the industry, Linda has kissed Steven Ma, Benny Chan, Frankie Lam, Ron Ng and Ekin Cheng already, but she is still a little embarrassed as she says: "This is a very passionate kiss and usually this is only done with someone who you are very close to. I hope that my acting is improving, so that I become less embarrassed." As for Raymond, he had prepared plenty of gum to remove any nasty smells from his mouth.


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