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[Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06]

With the papers revealing that Yoyo Mung has been dating Ekin Cheng for about two weeks and photographing them going to play badminton together, Yoyo was quizzed about this at a promotional event yesterday as the press gathered around in droves. However, she changed her usual co-operative stance as she replied to all the reporters' questions with: "I have nothing to respond to." She says she will continue to play badminton. Her sudden wall of silence is consistent with Ekin's normal approach, so this further fuels the suspicion that she and Ekin really are dating, but they are working to protect an early romance.

Taking part in a naming event for Lau Ka Ho's new series, now formally named "Storm in a Pool" Yoyo joined other cast members including Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Michelle Yim, Lee Sze Ki and Chow Chung. As Michelle, Lee and Chow are all celebrating their birthdays in September, a special birthday cake was provided for them and the other cast members gave them all a birthday kiss. Yoyo was protected throughout the event by her manager and she seemed prepared for the questions from the press about her two-week romance as she smiled: "I have nothing to say. (Are you protecting your romance?) I just know that we were photographed playing badminton, I like sport and I will continue to play. (With Ekin?) Nothing to say. (The reports suggest you spent the night with him?) Nothing to say. (Is there a chance to develop?) Nothing to say." The reporters continued asking but she would say nothing more, so they gave up in the end.

As for Lai Lok Yi who was suggested as being the matchmaker for the couple, he admits openly that he did introduce Ekin to Yoyo, but not in the way that everyone things. As for being a matchmaker, he asks in return: "Really? I didn't know that! You should ask them about their business. (Will you go and find out if they are really dating?) Dating is between the two of them and no-one else's business. I would be happy for them because they have found someone that they like and love. (Do you feel you have been freed?) It is nothing to do with me. (Do you think they are a good match?) Yes, but feelings are between them and bystanders should not intrude." He also adds that he does not know how many times Yoyo has been to play badminton with Ekin and this is just normal sport and if he does not need to film, then Lok Yi will go and play too and then the press can photograph all three of them.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06]

TVB new series "Storm in a Pool" filmed the grand opening scene yesterday and for Raymond Lam, who is just playing a guest role in the series, he was arranged to stand in the middle of the group, showing how important he was to the company and he thanked the producer directly for this.

With suggestions that the producer has been looking after him in particular, because he has a lot of kissing scenes with Linda Chung in the show as well as a romance with Yoyo Mung, Raymond admits this, saying: "Yes, although I play a lawyer, there are very few court scenes and mostly romantic scenes."

Asked if he has found that Yoyo has been extra spritely with her rumoured romance? He says: "She has a natural high anyway. (There have been reports that she has been to play badminton with Ekin Cheng?) That is a very common thing, this is a healthy sport. (They spent the night together afterwards though?) If they are good friends, this is no problem. (So you often take girls back home?) Why do you talk about me all of a sudden?"

For Linda, who plays Yoyo's good friend in the series, she believes that the Yoyo-Ekin affair is just normal social activity and there is nothing to it. If she was not so busy, she would go along to play too. Asked if she felt that Yoyo was particularly happy, she says: "She has always been very happy and she often buys lots of things to eat and gives some to me too. Maybe she has eaten more to make her happier."

When Moses Chan heard that Yoyo and Ekin may be dating, he immediately said: "They're not? (Do you feel that Yoyo has been very happy lately?) I have not seen her much recently, but she has always been like that and I know many of the Christians in the show have joined to go wakeboarding and to play sports, so there should be nothing there. (Do you feel they match each other?) It is just gossip! (Would you be happy for them?) If Yoyo is not saying anything, then how can I speak? I have already said a lot and I don't want to respond to everything."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06]

TVB held its 'September Birthday Stars' event yesterday with artistes attending including Nancy Wu, Sherming Yiu and Suet Nei. For Nancy, her birthday is on Saturday (9th) and as she does not need to work on this day, she will be joining some friends to go to her uncle's restaurant to celebrate, but ex-boyfriend Deep Ng will not be there.

Nancy laughs that she doesn't mind being single on her birthday this year as she is happy to have her friends around her. Asked if her birthday wish is to find a new boyfriend, she shakes her head and says: "I don't need it, work is more important. (Do you not want to be loved?) There are plenty of people around me who love me and I don't really need a boyfriend for this." Her birthday wish is for good health, smooth work success and more series to film.

Sherming's birthday is on 23rd September, but she does not know whether she will be working on that day. Asked if she will be booking some time off to celebrate, she smiles: "No, if I need to book time, I will go and do stage shows!" Sherming says that a week ago, she had to speed in her car at night to get to a show in Dongguan. She says: "I only finished work at about 8pm and then I had to rush to a 10pm show and I was so rushed that I didn't even have time to go to the toilet. (Speeding in the dark is very dangerous, you are so desperate for money?) Yes, I am very money-hungry."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06]

Last week's "Beautiful Cooking Heaven and Hell Challenge Final" achieved average ratings of 39 points, peaking at 44 points. A celebratory event was held yesterday attended by hosts Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong and Edmond Leung, together with the five female hostesses, champion Louisa So and guest Stephy Tang.

To celebrate the event, Ronald and Edmond lit the fire for the wok, whilst Alex and the girls gave a diving display. Afterwards, they opened the champagne, but when Alex tried to spray the girls, he hit Stephy in the face instead. He then went on to say how insincere his partners were, leaving him to do the diving on his own. Ronald was wearing a face mask at the event and he explained that he was suffering from nasal allergy and so he was unable to dive. "Beautiful Cooking" will be filming a further four episodes, including one "Beautiful Men Cooking" episode, where the three hosts will take their places behind the cooking counters. Ronald says that his cooking skills are acceptable. As for Louisa's win being questioned, he explains that this was down to Nat Chan saying the wrong thing. Edmond claims to be the messenger from Hell in the kitchen because he has no idea about cooking.

Louisa has been criticised on the internet by people who say that the result was fixed because Nat Chan had said he prefered Chinese Food, but still voted for Louisa. She didn't mind too much about the comments because she knows that some fans have said they would like to try her cooking too. She says that the best person to ask would be the producer. The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai says that the result was discussed by the judges in private and maybe they said some strange things that led to this misunderstanding. He says that the results had been agreed earlier on in the show and the rose presentation ceremony was just to add to the atmosphere. Louisa says that she was happy to have taken part and she now has three or four advertising jobs and even some offers from people to publish some books and for her to host cookery programmes. She says: "I feel like the shoots after the rain." She also says that these two months have been like a dream for her.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/09/06]

For Kenix Kwok who has always had long hair, she appeared in a short wig at a beauty event yesterday and she indicated that she does like to use hairpieces to change her image from time to time. Kenix says that husband Frankie Lam does not like her with short hair, so does she have to ask his permission if she has to shave her head for a series. Kenix says she has never thought about having to ask him and if she has the right script and offer, then she would definitely do it, in the same way that Karen Mok once sacrificed her hair for her art.

Kenix will be heading out to Shanghai tomorrow to film for her mainland series "Red Powder" opposite Julian Cheung. She will be playing a renowned prostitute from the forties and fifties and wearing a lot of chipaos. At the moment she is working on putting on weight because she weighs less than 100 lbs and she looks too skinny in her dresses. She has to put on about 5 lbs and she has been eating chocolate and ice cream to do this. Will her husband not hug her if she is too skinny? She laughs he has not done this, but he does want her to be a little fatter as long as she is healthy.


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