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[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/06]

Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Kenny Wong and Lai Lok Yi joined other cast members from new series "Land of Wealth" at a promotional event in Tin Shui Wai yesterday, where they freed some carp to wish for good ratings. The other leading male Steven Ma was absent because of illness. As well as the carp event, the cast also took part in some watersports leaving them all hot and sweaty. Tavia joked: "I have not done exercise for a long time and this is the most I have sweated for the past few years!". Sonija has also been lacking in exercise and her legs were quite weary after her session on the water bikes.

Moses wore a pair of white linen trousers, so when these got wet, he half revealed his underpants, but he laughs that he likes wearing linen clothing so he chose this pair of trousers especially. As for waterbiking, Moses says he has tried this before when he visited Guilin as a child. Asked what expectations he has for "Land", he hopes to maintain ratings above 30 points and if it reaches 35 points, then he will hold a beach party for everyone to appear in swimsuits, men in trunks and women in bikinis. If it reaches 40 points, then everyone will have to get wet too. Asked if he would like to see Sonija and Tavia in swimwear, he says honestly: "Yes, I have never seen that before!"

When it was mentioned about Moses's pledge to the audience, Tavia agreed at once saying: "Okay! As long as I have a swimsuit on, then it is alright. (But it will be a bikini?) If it is healthy, then I don't worry about people seeing me. (Are you worried about being compared to Sonija?) We will not compare, we will just match our designs and make sure it looks good. Moses will have to wear triangular trunk in an extra small size!"

Talking about the recent rumours that a showbiz couple filmed the female changing on a mobile phone, which was later stolen and held for ransom, Tavia says that she does not film personal things with her phone and just photograph day to day scenes. She uses her phone to contact people and she uses pseudonyms when she stores her showbiz colleagues' numbers, to avoid any problems if she loses her phone.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/06]

Anne Heung took part in a promotion for a haircare centre, where she had her hair quality tested and shared some haircaar experiences. She reveals that in the past she did suffer from some hairloss and she noticed this when her ponytails would get thinner and thinner, so she goes for proper treatment regularly now. As for many city dwellers being troubled by baldness, would she accept a bald boyfriend? She says that this is beyond her conrtol because even if he is not bald to start with, then he could still lose his hair in later life.

Talking of a male artiste storing raunchy films of his girlfriend on his mobile phone and being blackmailed, Anne says that this is very immoral of the man who has no respect for women. She says: "He is showing no respect for his girlfriend and this should be a basic requirement. Being filmed in secret cannot be helped, but he should not be secretly filming his other half, regardless of whether the girl is an artiste or not. If these pictures are leaked out, it will harm the girl a lot. (Would you rather have a bald boyfriend than one who films you getting changed?) Yes, secret filming is totally unacceptable behaviour, because you don't know if he is filming other women or if he is obsessive."

Anne says that she rarely shoots sexy photographs and her most daring was just face to face. She will not keep any such photos on her phone because they are fine to be kept in her memories. Alhough she stores all her photographs in her computer, she is not worried about them being leaked because they are just normal lifestyle pictures and the paparazzi will not be too interested in them. She is just worried that they may affect her friends who are not from the industry.


[Ta Kung Pao / Ta Kung Netflash 07/09/06]

Nnadia Chan has been busy with her tour of Nevada on America's West Coast, where her summer concerts have been causing a frenzy, much outside of her expectations. During a press interview, she said excitedly: "I am very happy and so shocked at the great reception."

There was not very much publicity ahead of Nnadia's tour, with just a few posters being displayed, so she never imagined that this would attract fans from all around the area to make the journey to see her. Some fans even made a four hour journeyy to watch her show and brought the whole family along.

Despite the low profile of the summer concert, there was even a frenzy as tickets were snapped up and this raised the interest of the touts, who pushed tickets with a face value of US$30 to US$60 to as high as US$130 each, but the demand was still higher than supply. Many fans who could not get tickets had to resort to paying far over the odds to the touts.

All of Nnadia's previous concerts have been along the East Coast, so this is the first time she has crossed to the West. She says she was a little worried when she first arrived because of the lack of publicity. However, her fears were unfounded as the first show was a full house and this opened Nnadia's eyes to the expanse of the overseas market as so many overseas Chinese and Americans love her songs and her acting.

At the end of the show, some young student-like fans did not bring an autograph book and ended up ripping posters from the walls for her to sign as she left the stage.

(News source: qq.com)


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/06]

Having had a string of negative press, Sonija Kwok has had yet another story breaking as a magazine alleges that she was spotted buying condoms from a convenience store. In response, she says angrily: "I am so mad! Do they have a brain? When you buy things you pay at the counter! I just bought something and they have to write about it, that is too much!" Sonija says that she just wants to be an ordinary person and she does not believe that just buying something can cause these stories to be written. Asked if she would avoid this, she replies still with annoyance: "You cannot avoid this, if they have to write about you than you cannot avoid it. I have almost given up trying." As for her rumoured tycoon boyfriend Mr Chan being reported to be on the trail of model Kathy Chow, Sonija says indifferently: "So pointless, I will not respond."

Ask why she doesn't find herself a boyfriend and dispel the rumours, she says that she has tried, but she has not found anyone suitable. She says: "I have even been to special friendship events, but I could not find anyone. Maybe no-one wants me." Talking of the recent blackmail incident, Sonija sighs: "It is so bad being an artiste. If this was any ordinary person, then the thief would just sell the phone and there would be no blackmail. Artistes are very easy to victimise and have to be careful. I just have pictures of cats and dogs on my phone and I will not photograph anything else." Also, in response to the pledge made by Moses about the ratings for "Land of Wealth", Sonija agreed without a thought, on the condition that Moses wears his trunks as well.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/06]

Joyce Cheng joined Master Lau Ka Cheung in a Po Leung Kuk event yesterday, where she joined some children to sing on stage. However, she may have been too nervous or forgotten to switch on the microphone as she was not heard during singing. Asked if she was too nervous, she said she was fine. As for the reports that she plans to enter showbiz full time shortly, she says that you cannot say this just yet because her mother Lydia Shum has just had an operation and she will be staying in Hong Kong to look after her. She does admit that she is taking singing lessons from Master Lau at the moment.

Joyce says that her mother has returned home to recover now and in order to look after Lydia, she has suspended her studies until Christmas. She believes that this break will not affect her education as she is just taking a break. Asked if she is worried about her mother, she says: "With her weight and her age, then of course I am worried. She has just had an operation on her bile duct and now she is resting at home. She sleeps late and rises early usually and her eating is irregular. She is not making adjustments to her lifestyle despite being diabetic and having high blood pressure, so I really have to take charge of her now. She is getting better now, having blood tests every day."

There were earlier reports suggesting that Joyce was suffering from facial skin conditions requiring laser treatments that irked Lydia and led her to lose her temper. Joyce says she has not been unhappy about this and just finds it funny. She says that she hates people touching her face in general and she is too lazy to wear make-up, so she did have three spots on her face earlier, but this was exaggerated by the magazine. She points to her left cheek and laughs: "I have three spots today, but this is a sign of youth and it doesn't make me angry at all!"

There have been many websites of late pointing fun at Joyce, but she says she does not look at them because she says that it will just make people unhappy and that is pointless. She has seen past it all now because she knows that out of every hundred people, you cannot make all hundred like you. When mentioned that there would be even more gossip when she enters the industry for real, she says she will deal with it as it comes. Asked if she has sought advice from her father on how to deal with the press, Joyce says that her father has taught her to just be herself provided she has not done anything wrong. Joyce admits that she has been going to slimming sessions every day because she is not happy about the excess baby fat on her arms and her wide figure as she current weighs 140 lbs. She had been keeping a personal blog on the internet, but when she found that her personal photographs and news were being taken and distributed, she stopped putting them up and even writing her blog, prefering to keep a more traditional diary instead.


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