Tuesday, September 05, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 06/09/06]

The Central Branch of Chinese Arts and Crafts opened yesterday and held a "Summer Attraction" event to showcase some jewellery, with Bernice Liu and Eunis Chan leading the models adorned with diamond jewellery.

Bernice says that she prefers jewellery with a simple design and the first time she received jewellery as a gift was when she graduated from high school and her father bought her diamond jewellery. With recent reports that her parents dislike Moses Chan because he is not rich enough, Bernice scolds the press for having no morals for even pulling her parents into their stories even though they are not in the public eye. She also points out that her parents have never given an interview of this sort. As an artiste, she does not mind stories being written about herself, but they should not extend this to her family because this affects them greatly. As for the other elements of the reports, she will not respond to them.

Eunis showed off jewellery worth $2 million and she says that she likes all precious gems, but she will not be moved when she is working. If she has the ability to buy them in the future, then she will buy a set and pass them down from generation to generation.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/09/06]

Kevin Cheng was dressed in black as he attended a promotional event for an American Lifestyle Furnishings brand, where he was presented an award for "Black Seduction" as well as a rather stylish timepiece. Kevin says he is quite happy with the fee and he always has high expectations for his home lifestyle, so he would like to have his own home that he has designed himself.

With reports that Kevin has made a lot of money with his recent rise in jobs, he hopes that he will be able to buy himself an apartment next year. He plans to buy an investment property that is less than $10 million and at the moment, he has left it to his mother to find a place as he plans to live with her. As for whether he will still live with his mother after he gets married, Kevin says he has not thought so far in advance just yet.

After getting good ratings for their series "Under the Canopy of Love", Kevin and co-star Niki Chow have been invited by TVB, who are eager to build on this success, to star in a sequel that will include some filming in Hokkaido. Kevin says that he does go travelling a lot, but he is worried that this trip to Hokkaido will make him go on a shopping spree, so he has to restrain himself. The plan is to film there around December. As this is a love story, then the backdrop of Hokkaido will be quite attractive.

As for the suggestions that TVB plan to turn him and Niki into the perfect screen lovers, Kevin welcomes this as there are perfect lovers for every generation and he would love to be remembered along with the greats such as Adam Cheng and Liza Wang, Chow Yun Fat and Carol Cheng. He hopes that he and Niki can become the next pair of popular on screen lovers.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/09/06]

Yoyo Chan, Lanmui Lee, Winnie Shum, Devily Leung and Chan Dan Dan were invited to model at a cosmetics event yesterday and Yoyo indicated that since she started using cosmetics when she became a model, she has tried products that cost thousands of dollars and she has always wished to shoot a cosmetics ad because they are always so beautiful and she will receive sponsorship, so it would be a double gain.

Yoyo admits that she has spent the most money on cosmetics and skincare product and her beauty tip is to do a facial at night and place the paper into the fridge before using it again in the morning as this makes it very refreshing and can also reduce puffiness.

Winnie tried a new foundation esterday and she says that she did not know how to put on eyebrow make up before so she always looked very tomboyish. She has her mother's rather thick eyebrows and she did not wear much make up then.

Lanmui has just joined TVB from ATV and this was her first event after joining TVB. She says that she has more jobs after moving over and the fee is much higher too. As for skincare products, she laughs that the most important thing is to do more masks because she has a lot of bumps on her face.


[Ta Kung Pao 05/09/06]

Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan joined models Vanessa Yeung and Ana R in a press conference for the "Hong Kong Style Expo - Budepest" and they will soon be flying out to Budapest to promote Hong Kong products.

Aimee is very excited at the prospect of visiting Budapest, because she has never been to Eastern Europe. Asked how she will prepare, Aimee says that the temperature there is only between 10 and 20 degrees, so she will be taking a shawl and some vitamin pills. As Budapest is a very romantic place, will she choose this as a possible honeymoon location? She laughs that she will decide after she has seen the place but she admits that she prefers France. Since winning the contest, Aimee has had many jobs connected with her title's mission and asked if she was finding it hard work, she says that she likes being busy and if she has free time she would feel uncomfortable. She would much prefer to have work every day because this means she is not wasting time.

Vanessa and Ana both indicated that when they were 16, they shot an ad in Budapest and it was very pretty there. Asked if there were any handsome men there, Ana laughed that she is not interested in Western men because they are too big and tall and she has a preference for Oriental men. She says that after this event, she will be heading over to Japan to watch Madonna in concert with her boyfriend Mr Chow. As for Vanessa taking second place in the "Beautiful Cooking" finals aired this week, she says that she had to prepare hard for the contest beforehand as she cooked for her boyfriend and her family to try a couple of days before. Asked if her boyfriend made this an opportunity for her to meet his parents, she smiles that they were just getting to know each other and it was just a couple of extra places as her parents are very open minded.


[Ta Kung Pao 05/09/06]

Dressed in formal outfits and looking like real customs officers, Bobby Au Yeung and Yoyo Mung took part in an event promoting the use of genuine business software, where they both spread the message of the importance of supporting genuine products and turning against piracy.

With earlier reports that Yoyo had been spotted in a romantic bowling match with her new boyfriend, but when she was asked about this, she turned to leave. When Bobby saw this, he joked: "There is something there for sure!", leaving Yoyo rather put out. Chased to respond, Yoyo shook her head and denied the rumours saying: "That was just a friend, sometimes I can't get a group of friends together. Don't ask me any more! Otherwise no-one will want to go out with me any more. If I really do have a boyfriend, I will let you know."


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