Thursday, September 28, 2006

[The Sun 29/09/06]

Lai Lok Yi plays Matchmaker for his Chinchilla

After being credited for being the matchmaker in the Yoyo-Ekin romance, Lai Lok Yi is now playing matchmaker for his pet chinchilla as he visited a pet shop earlier in search of a mate for it and build his own little family. Proving to be a man with a loving heart, Lok Yi has a pair of chinchillas and a pair of cats that he has adopted. In addition, he has three 'little tiger sharks' that add to his home, where he lives alone.

At the moment, Lok Yi is looking for mates for his two chinchillas at a specialist pet shop, where one animal in particular seemed to be 'flirting' with him and catching his attention. Although Lok Yi liked this one, he still wanted to leave the choice to his pet: "Let me bring the other one in next time and see whether they get on before I decide to match them up."

Lok Yi's cats were found on the street by Lok Yi's singing teacher many years ago. At first there were four of them. One was given away to Myolie Wu and when the others suffered from skin problems, it was thanks to Lok Yi's gentle care that they made a full recovery, but unfortunately one fell into the street and died, leaving Lok Yi very upset. From now knowing how to look after cats to giving them pedicures, Lok Yi has amassed many injuries from his pets over the years. He says: "The boy is always very moody and when he bites, he bites my toes. After working him out for a long time, I know how to look after him now."


[The Sun 29/09/06]

Mandy Cho visits Paris

Mandy Cho has completed her course in Gemology in New York, where she achieved a very good result. Before she returned to Hong Kong, she visited Europe on a ten-day tour of Paris and Barcelona, during which she spent a six-figure sum on a pair of 2 carat diamond earrings to reward herself for getting an A grade for her course.

Mandy says that when she was in high school, she took classes in French, so she has always hoped to visit Paris to see the sights. Now that she has fulfilled this wish, she has forgotten much of the French she learned, but her communication was fine on her travels. However, her vision of French men being suave and handsome was somewhat changed by her experiences: "The men I saw in Paris were a little different from what I expected and I actually thought there were better looking men in Spain."

Although Mandy has undergone a foreign education, she says candidly that she will not choose to marry a foreigner. She says: "I do prefer Chinese men and for me, my ideal partner does not have to be handsome. You cannot just judge from looks, inner sophistication is just as important."


[The Sun 29/09/06]

Fala Chen feels the pain of Thai Boxing

Fala Chen filmed a Thai boxing fight scene for a series earlier and she experienced for the first time the feeling of pain from the sport that was hard to bear: "It felt like I was being hit and every time I punched, it hurt a lot, even though I was the one punching. The most painful is my lower arm muscle and my fingers. I think I will be bruised later, so whatever I do in the future, I will not come back to boxing."

In the series, Fala plays a third party who breaks up someone's happy family, but in real life she says she will never do this: "For two people to build a happy family is a saintly thing and no-one has the right to destroy this. As I do not want anyone to break up my family in the future, I would never dream of doing this to anyone else."


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