Tuesday, September 19, 2006

[The Sun 20/09/06]

Gigi Lai and Kevin Cheng were filming for new series "An Easy Life" for the opening and ending scenes, where the ending tells of Kevin bringing out fake flowers and rainbows to win over Gigi's heart. Afterwards, Kevin revealed that he does not know how to charm women in real life: "The best I can do is make cakes. If my girlfriend didn't mind, then I would cook her dinner to show my feelings." However, he does not admit to being a nerd because he has his smarter side. For Gigi who is totally smitten at the end of the show, she says: "I have never met such a romantic man before, but I would like a caring boyfriend like this."


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[The Sun 20/09/06]

Having gained success again this year with "La Femme Desperado", Sheren Tang has been cast alongside Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu in the forthcoming 60 episode epic drama "Changing Times" as well as dubbed a hot favourite for this year's 'Best Actress' award. Sheren says frankly that she has had to turn down many opportunities in China to make more money, but when asked if this was to win an award, she smiles: "I won't think about awards. I will just do my best for the drama."


[Wen Wei Po 20/09/06]

Leila Tong took part in the end of filming celebration for her new film "Yat Lau Yat Gwai" (One Apartment One Ghost), where she joined her co-stars and stood out as a senior. Leila sighed that time is flying by for her because she is only 24 years old, but she has already been in the industry for 17 years. She admits to being a senior artiste, but she says that her years as a child star didn't really count. She also points out that she entered the industry at around the same time as Renee Tai. Although Leila can be counted as a 'veteran', her features are still very young and she explains that her family all have very young looking appearances.


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