Monday, September 18, 2006

[The Sun 19/09/06]

Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and linda Chung were filming earlier for new series "Storm in a Pool" in a fire scene, which also involved a number of police cars, ambulances and fire engines in a very realistic scene. For Linda, this brought back some memories from the past: "This scene makes me think of a incident from when I was in Canada, a car suddenly exploded and burst into flames outside. At the time, I thought my parents were inside the car so I just cried and prayed. When I looked more closely I realised it was not my family inside the car, I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was still terrible." Aside from this, Raymond says that he has never met with a real fire, so he says he is very lucky.


[The Sun 19/09/06]

Leila Tong appeared in Central earlier with a head of long hair and she reveals that she plays a ghost in her new series, so she had to take half a day out to have hair extensions done in order to match her character. She says: "Although it took abou five hours, it looks quite nice. I have not had long hair for a long time now. It is quite fresh playing a ghost as it is my first time. (Are you not afraid of bad karma?) Yes, but it doesn't matter because as an artiste, you have to try everything. I have filmed scary films before and it was fine. My character doesn't need to make scary faces, so that's okay. (Would you pull ghostly faces?) I have never tried it, but I would like to try. Like 'Ah Ho' of last year, her character was quite cute and nice."


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