Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 17/08/06]

Entering a beauty pageant is a shortcut to the showbiz industry and this year's unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestants returned to TVB City for screen tests and auditions. For those who met the mark, they will have an easy route to stardom. Florence Li and Melanie Chow could not make it and missed the opportunity, but the other eleven girls were all there promptly at make up to wait to be called. Coincidentally, the winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were being interviewed by E-buzz in the next studio and when they met the other girls, they exchanged amicable hugs and greetings.

Miss Hong Kong organising manager Rosa Chan indicated that this year's auditions are a little different from last year as the girls do not need to audition in a scene, but they do have to introduce themselves and walk on the catwalk. When Suki Chui was asked whether her boyfriend had offered her any advice for this audition, she smiled: "He was very supportive and I would like to try and be a host. (Have you reviewed the reasons for your failure with your boyfriend?) He has discussed with me where I did well and where I did not so well. (So what areas did you not do so well on?) That would be degrading myself. I just felt that my overall form was not at my best on the night. Usually I am fine, but on that day I felt a coolness of my chest and I was very nervous all day."

As for Joyce Wong, who had been reported as crying and complaining about losing out to the 'boob job winner', she clarified the situation yesterday saying: "When I was talking with Eric afterwards, it was quite emotional and I was thinking about all the hard work we had been through, that was what made me cry. The magazine made the rest of it up, I have never said that and on the night, I had chosen them to be the winners myself because they gave a great performance." For 'dark pearl' Zurine Cheng, she indicated that her ambition was to become a singer, but she still wanted to try her chances with an audition.

When the girls were in make-up, they met Charmaine Sheh and reminded her of when she entered the contest in 1997 as she sighed that the time has really flown by fast.


[Wen Wei Po 17/08/06]

Some promotional clips filmed by TVB claimed 8 awards at the North American Promax/BDA Awards and a special celebration event was held yesterday, attended by General Manager Stephen Chan. Fala Chen, who had appeared in the Miss Chinese International promotional clip that took one of the awards was seven minutes late though and at one point, Mr Chan said: "We're not waiting, just start first."

When Fala finally arrived, Stephen jokingly asked her: "Why are you late?". Fala hurriedly replied: "Sorry, I only just received notice to take part in this event." Mr Chan responded: "Really? Where is the colleague responsible for this? (Fala: 'I only finished work at 4am this morning.') Oh dear! That is terrible, but you are still so awake, your acting is so good!"

Mr Chan later indicated that as TVB artistes are very busy, then it is difficult to find time from them to film promotional clips, so in September, there will be an event entitled "TVB-eople" with the aim of finding some new faces to star in promotional films. When asked what will be airing after "15/16" ends its current run, he replied: "There will be a quiz hosted by Jerry Lamb and Nancy (DJ) that is similar in format to the "Super Trio Show" that is tentatively titled 'King of Games'. The first day of filming will be this Sunday and there are forty to fifty episodes planned. All the games are thought up by ourselves and are a lot of fun."


[The Sun 17/08/06]

Kate Tsui and Kenny Kwan were filming for "Cadets on the Beat" yesterday and Kate plays a Brazilian Dance instructor, who teaches Kenny to dance to improve his rhythm for marching. In the scene, Kate seemed rather skilled as she did her kicks and twists, but when everyone else was in their bare feet, she was wearing trainers. She says: "Last time I got blisters from not wearing shoes and they have still not recovered. I also injured a muscle in my arm too and I have been to see the doctor but it is still not taking the strain."

For Kenny, this is his first series and he seems a little confused during filming: "This time I am truly a novice and this is even harder work than rehearsing dance routines for my singing."


[The Sun 17/08/06]

Ratings puller "Beautiful Cooking" has a reputation for pretty girls and fragrant food, but the turnout for the location filming of the show on the beaches of Phuket were rather disappointing with just Akina Hong daring to bare!

Taking the show for a finale special beside the sea, the crew were granted special permission from the local authorities to use water scooters in the area. Originally, the guest list had included flirting model Amanda Strang, but she did not appear in the end and the beauties invited were Gia Lam, Akina Hong, Angie Cheung, Samantha Chow and Iris Wong, with a majority of them being labelled as 'middle aged'.

The most disappointing thing was that despite her great figure, Angie kept herself under wraps and would not remove her life jacket to reveal her swimsuit, throughout the show. She later explained that after moving into business, she did not want to upset her image and she had already told TVB that she would not be appearing in her swimsuit. Of the guests, Akina proved to be the most attractive and holding up this episode of the show with her seductive look of her life jacket giving the image that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Reported to have a tattoo of his rumoured girlfriend Charlene Choi's name on his arm, Ronald Cheng did not reveal anything as he wore a long sleeved wetsuit and wetpants for the show. He smiled: "I have taken on a whitening ad, so I can't let myself tan!" As for the reports that one of the female hostesses on the show Suen Wai Suet being particularly attentive to Edmond Leung, they seemed to avoid each other carefully during the water games.

When the cast and crew arrived on the island, bad weather cancelled their shoot at the local night market, so they all took the chance to go and try the local seafood, Edmond was particularly happy as he got rather merry drinking a lot of beer and Ronald was also a little flushed. They both said that due to the close following of press, they daren't go to the bars.


[The Sun 17/08/06]

There have been reports that Sonija Kwok has fallen out with Joey Yung whilst filming for "Cadets on the Beat", so she has feigned illness on two occasions. When Sonija was called to verify this, she explained: "My dog Lucky that I have had for eleven years died and I was not able to control my emotions, so I took some time off. That meant that my scene with Joey had to be cancelled at the last minute." Sonija says that she and Joey have known each other from when she took part in Miss Hong Kong and their roles are very equal, so there is no conflict.


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