Thursday, August 17, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 18/08/06]

After TVB's quiz show "15/16", new show "King of Games" will be launched in its place and a press event was held for the new show yesterday, where the five hosts Sam Li, Jerry Lamb, Nancy, Lanmui Lee and Rocky Cheng attended posing as tutors in how to master the art of gaming.

Jerry indicated in the interview: "People nowadays don't know how to play games and they are not very sporting when they play, so we have to teach everyone. This show will be testing people's mental and physical skills and will also train them in virtue, intelligence, teamworking and beauty. People ask why these shows are only open to artistes to take part, but I feel thaat sometimes it will be less fun when members of the public take part." Talking of the prizes on the show, he says that it will be a great shock. Nancy laughs: "It will be at least a million!" However, it will only be artistes who have the chance to win this and not the audience.

Asked who the guests will be on the first show, Jerry syas: "The first episode will feature many big brothers and sisters to start the atmosphere. (Will Eric Tsang be there?) Of course, we want to use him as a test subject. (What other guests will there be?) Mr Chan (Stephen Chan), Ms Lok (Virginia Lok), Sis Chan (Catherine Tsang) and so on..."


[Wen wei Po 18/08/06]

Joe Ma has recently returned from visiting relatives in France and on the second day back, he immediately headed out to Guangzhou to take part in a promotion for a new leisure fashion label in China, which Joe is the spokesperson for. This is the second ad that Joe has mde for them and he says: "I am very happy that the sponsors have the confidence in me and each contract is for a few years. On the day of the shoot, the sponsors immediately said to my manager that they wanted to sign me for three years - so over the top! In the last six months, I have had a lot of opportunities to work in the mainland and as well as filming series, I have also done stage appearances. This time, the shoot was at a luxury villa and we did not contact the fans because security was quite strict and would not let the fans into the lobby. We still attracted nearly a hundred fans from within the complex and the sponsors were very kind, allowing me to have photos taken with them."

Joe adds: "The villa was over 10,000 square foot and at first when I heard it was a show apartment, I immediately asked if there was any air conditioning because the shoots are always for six months in advance, so in summer I would be wearing winter clothes and vice versa. If I had to do this in the thirty degree heat without aircon, then my make up and me would be melting."


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