Monday, August 14, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 15/08/06]

Ron Ng joined Thai reality TV contestant Tui at an event at the Thai TV station yesterday. As Ron's series "Triumph in the Skies" is currently airing in Thailand, Tui sees Ron as his idol and as Ron demonstrated some dance moves from Japanese Series "Densha Otoko", Tui took the opportunity to learn from him.

Despite once being a dancer, Ron has been criticised about not being able to dance,but at yesterday's event, he performed bravely, as the press announced that his dancing skill has returned, but Ron smiled confidently: "It never went away!" Ron has a nicely tanned complexion and he laughs that when he was young, he and his elder sister were mistaken as Indians. Asked if he was unhappy about this, he said: "I was not unhappy, I have some Indian friends and they are handsome men and pretty girls. (Do you hope to find an Indian girlfriend?) I would like that!"

Ron indicates that he has learned some basic Thai from the event and when it was mentioned that the Thai pronunciation sounds like Chinese expletives, he says: "I will have to hear more before I speak it, that will make it more accurate." Ron also reveals that as he has to repay the gods, he goes to Thailand once a year. Asked what he is praying for, he says he prays for his career and his health. Asked if he would also like his gossip to go away, he says: "This is all part of the job."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/08/06]

On Sunday evening Lydia Shum and daughter Joyce Cheng enjoyed a performance of Adam Cheng and Connie Chan's musical "Only You". When Joyce arrived, she signed the board before touching the picture of her father's face, complimenting him on how handsome he looks. After the show, Lydia and Joyce went onto the stage to wish Raymond To a happy birthday and when Adam saw his daughter, they immediately shared a hug.

When the reporters told Adam that Joyce had commented on his looks, he was very happy, laughing that his daughter was only telling the truth. He also smiled: "Of course the father is fine, she is also fine, who said she is not keeping well. She looks great now and the most important thing is to keep healthy." Talking of his daughter, Adam was particularly excited and he revealed that Joyce will have a new development in her career that she will be announcing herself soon. When the reporters asked if she would be entering the entertainment industry, Adam only revealed that it was something to do with showbiz and dancing and singing. He feels that the most important thing is for Joyce to be happy and she will not give up her education. Adam also reveals that Joyce has been keeping fit by practising yoga.

As for the pressure that Joyce is suffering even before entering the industry, Adam feels that she should undergo more experiences and hardships so that she can bear anything in the future and be strong. Although in the past Joyce has had a battering of criticism, Adam feels that this doesn't matter and to treat it as a good thing. He has shared his own experiences of criticism and praise with his daughter and explained that this is something that has to be accepted in this industry. Adam says that in his formative years, he also suffered a lot of criticism, but now he looks back and sees that his is how he ended up the way that he is.

Connie commented on how great Joyce looked, saying that she is not at all fat now. She also supports Joyce's plans to release an album, because she is talented and has a sweet voice. Lydia revealed in another event yesterday that Joyce was so proud of her father on the stage that she cried tears of pride.


[The Sun 14/08/06]

Myolie Wu and Andy Hui filmed a wedding scene for "Lush Fields Happy Times" and in the scene, Kenneth Ma suddenly appears to reject to the marraige, but in the end, Myolie and Andy are finally happily married. Andy is so happy that he picks Myolie up, but he is so tired that he says the wrong lines and even Myolie cannot help laughing and asks Andy whether he needs to take a break and have an energy drink. Andy laughs that he will see this as a rehearsal for his future marriage. As to whether he likes skinny girls or fat girls, he says: "Fat is fortune and you don't feel the bones next to you when you are sleeping. If you go for the pretty girl, then you may only be happy for a while. Choosing a wife is all about communication."


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