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[Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po & The Sun 07/08/06]

The Miss Hong Kong contestants had two engagements yesterday, firstly attending a health event in Ma On Shan before heading down to Shek O Beach for the opening of the Hong Kong Beach Festival. Maybe the tight schedules of recent days has taken its toll as Number 6 Rachel Chan was absent yesterday due to illness. Number 9 Chloe Nguyen also left after the first event after feeling unwell.

After Number 13 Aimee Chan stole the show at the sailing event the day before, there have been reports from a member of the public alleging that Aimee had undergone plastic surgery and breast implantation after losing out at the Miss Toronto Chinatown Pageant in 2004. In response to this, Aimee says that she did not feel unjustified after that contest and she has been taking part in many pageants to learn and gain experience from them. As for the cosmetic surger, she strongly denies this, saying: "No, I am not against cosmetic surger, but I feel that natural beauty is the best and I like this more. I will definitely not have surgery. (Why has someone said this about you?) Taking part in Miss Chinatown was two years ago, maybe my body has undergone changes during this time." Asked if her changes include a second growth spurt, she did not reply directly, but simply said: "I don't know who has made these reports."

When Number 4 Joyce Wong and Number 8 Suki Chui heard about the reports, they both indicated that they don't believe this to be true. Asked if they could accept surgery, they both shook their heads and said that a woman's beauty is in nature and her confidence.

Stephy Tang was the guest at the Beach Festival, together with Wong He and Erica Yuen, who joined in a friendly game of beach volleyball with the Asian Womens' teams. Asked if she was afraid of playing badly, Stephy said confidently: "I used to be a member of the Hong Kong Youth Volleyball team and although it has been a while since I played, my skill is stil okay. I am just worried about my stamina now." Stephy lived up to her claims as she gave a great effort in the competition.


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 07/08/06]

Kevin Cheng and Kenny Kwan together with newcomer Will and child star Jacky Wong have signed as spokespersons for two new design ranges and a special signing event was held yesterday.

Kevin indicates that he has always been interested in the world of design and the organisers have agreed that if he was to buy a property, they will provide him with all the design and engineering work and furniture for it. Asked if he has plans to buy a new home, Kevin says that he has promise his mother that he will buy her an apartment, but this has never been fulfilled, so he hopes that he can finally make his promise come true next year. He plays to buy a 1000 square-foot apartment for her that should cost about six to seven million dollars. As he has to meet this target, he has to work hard to make more money. Asked if he has made a promise to marry a wife too, Kevin laughs that this he daren't promise because you can't put a timescale on it.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/08/06]

TVB's Pay Vision channels are in deep competition with Cable and there were reports that in the scuffle to interview Cecilia Cheung recently, a female reporter for Cable was allegedly knocked over by a male TVB reporter, leaving her with head injuries. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan was filming for his chat show "Be My Guest" yesterday and was asked whether he had looked into the incident. He says he has not but this reporter had previously worked on his show and he was very civilised and would never knock anyone over like that. He says that the company's reporters work to the same regulations as any other reporter and it is just a job, so they definitely would not assault anyone. Asked if he felt that Cecilia was biased towards Cable, Stephen replied: "No, Cecilia was also happy to be interviewed by TVB."

Talking of Sir Run Run Shaw's progress with his health, Stephen says that he is out and about. Asked if he will be taking part in the Miss Hong Kong final, Stephen says: "He has not said he will not be there. Uncle Six has several big shows a year, such as Miss Hong Kong, Miss Chinese International, the Anniversary show and the Sir Run Run Shaw Prize." Stephen also indicated that after their two month suspension, Sammy Leung and Siu Mei will soon be returning to their roles hosting quiz show 15/16 that will air on 14th August.


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[The Sun 07/08/06]

With the success of TVB's "Beautiful Cooking" in the last couple of months, there are plans ot build on this by filming a 'Sexy Version' of the show that will feature stars such as model Amanda S, Akina Hong and Eileen Tung cooking in bikinis on a Thailand beach.

There will be two special episodes filmed and the crew will be flying out to Phuket to film on the 15th. As well as the three usual hosts Ronald Cheng, Edmond Leung and Alex Fong, the guest judges will be Eric Tsang and Cheung Tat Ming. To add to the attraction of the show, the girls will be cooking in their bikinis, so it looks like the judges will have had their fair share of eye candy even before trying the food. Producer Chin Kwok Wai says: "We will be fishing from the sea for fish and sea urchins and they will have to cook whatever they find. They will also have to go and buy their ingredients from the local markets as an extra challenge."

Akina laughs that the judges will be biased towards Amanda: "I like watching them flirt, but I am sure she won't mind. We don't have to really concentrate too much on the beauty because we are all pretty girls. (Are you worried about complaints if it is all too sexy?) It is just entertainment. The show should be very funny." As for Ronald, he says that the hosts will also be in their swimwear: "The girls are sacrificing so much, so we don't mind wearing our swimming trunks either."


[The Sun 07/08/06]

Sherming Yiu wore a low cut top as she promoted some shower products in Mongkok yesterday as her rumoured E-cup breasts won over the MK (Mongkok) men, who crowded around in hoards, almost knocking over the promo boards and causing some chaos. The organisers had also arranged for Paul Gill (Kiu Bo Bo) to appear in a vest and boxers to talk about his 'showering experiences' with Sherming before Sherming gave a 'demonstration' by showering him with water. Paul laughed: "I am very hairy and wet!" As the crowds pushed and shoved, there was an altercation between some fans and a reporter, leaving Sherming a little embarrassed.


[The Sun 07/08/06]

Myolie Wu was filming a scene yesterday for "Lush Fields Happy Times" where she was slapped in the face by Selena Li because Kenneth Ma had called off his marriage to her because he had fallen for Myolie. Before the shoot, Myolie laughed that she was quite sleepy so she would like to be slapped awake. As for the rumours that the show could be chosen as an anniversary show leaving her as hot favourite for this year's Best Actress award, Myolie says: "If it is true, that would be great, but I won't think about it too much. After winning an award in 2002, I haven't won anything for a while. (It is suggested that the awards will be held separately this year?) It will make it more exciting and include both cast and crew. More awards means people are happier."


[The Sun 06/08/06]

In order to promote the Miss Hong Kong final that will be taking place on the 12th August, the sixteen contestants wore skimpy swimsuits yesterday as they paraded on a cruise ship. With the official stats reporting her as a 33.5 inch breast, Number 13 Aimee Chan seemed to steal the show with her figure and even Number 4 Joyce wong's reputed 35 inches pales in comparison. Aimee says she does not think that she 'stands out': "All the girls are very pretty and the swimsuits are custom made. I find it fits very well and is not too revealing. (Have your friends complimented you on your figure?) No, we do not compare." Although she would not reveal her cup size, it was estimated to be around a D-cup. As for Joyce, she said: "Her figure has always been better than mine because her waist is slimmer. (Your ribs are as prominent as your breasts.) Maybe my tummy slimming was too much."

Number 3 Florence Li, Number 7 Melanie Chow and Number 11 Zurine Cheng battled for the top class 'elephant legs' and Melanie has put on about six pounds since the beginning of the contest: "I have been doing a lot of exercise earlier and this toned my muscles, so this has upped my weight." Number 8 Suki Chui was chosen again as a representative to present the souvenirs to the organisers and asked if she felt she was lucky, she said: "The other girls feel I am quite lucky and I am confident my luck will be with me until the final. (You lost out with your figure?) My face is enough to make it back."


[The Sun 06/08/06]

In 2004, Sandy Lam was spotted reunited with her first boyfriend Chan Fai Hung holding hands in a high class restaurant. Two months ago, the news broke that they had split up once again and although Chan had fought hard to keep the relationship, Sandy's mind was made up and she moved out of their Happy Valley apartment with her daughter.

Sandy's godfather, Woo Fung was at an event yesterday with Priscilla Ku and he says frankly that it is a shame. Asked if he would be a peacemaker, he said: "I have tried my best to bring them back together, but some things can't be forced." There are rumours that Chan Fai Hung has been two-timing, but Sandy's good friend Wan Ho Yuen Mei denies this: "No he wasn't. (Has Sandy had any new pursuants?) She doesn't have time. (There are rumours that Chan is not getting along with Sandy's daughter.) There is no such thing." Sandy's former boyfriend Clarence Hui says he has not been in touch with her for a while and if there is a need, he will contact her. Sandy's record company boss Paco Wong, says that Sandy will be back in Hong Kong soon: "She will not let her personal affairs affect her work." Chan appeared at the last of the Softhard concerts yesterday seemingly relaxed but he refused to talk about the split.


[The Sun 06/08/06]

Ron Ng took part in a promotional event in Mongkok for new film "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", where he played games with the audience as well as enjoyed a special screening. As it was Ron's Chinese birthday the previous day, fans brought him a special crown hat to wear. He says that he did not celebrate: "I had to work, so I just received lucky packets from my parents. When I don't have to work, I will go and have dinner with them. I even received a red egg from a fan yesterday." Self acclaimed Johnny Depp fan Ron loves watching "Edward Scissorhands", but during the interviews, dopey Ron mistakenly referred to Johnny Depp as 'Johnny Deep' on many occasions.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/08/06]

Kenny Kwan held his second autograph event yesterday, where 300 lucky fans were able to meet him. Before this, he took part in an opening of a Japanese Electricals Store together with Kevin Cheng and child star Jacky Wong. As Kenny is the spokesperson for this company, not only does he have his own stand there, they also presented him with two phones.

Kevin is back in the music industry after eleven years and his new compilation album went on sale yesterday. He says that he will not be nervous about this and just face what comes because he has matured a lot now. Asked if he will be buying his own record for luck, he says: "I have done this before when I first released albums, but then I stopped and the releases stopped too. I really should do it this time, but I am already very hard faced and have told my family and friends to buy it themselves to support me."

Kenny reveals that he had earlier presented his manager Mani Fok with a computer worth about $10,000 but was scolded about this afterwards. He forces a smile and says: "She told me off saying: 'What are you doing spending this money? I don't want these things, I just want you to be good.' She doesn't like me spending money." Kenny was earlier photographed wakeboarding and going for a shower in his wetsuit. When asked why he did not wear his trunks when he went for a shower, he explained: "I originally did want to, but I received a call from the company that there were press there, so I daren't take my wetpants off."


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