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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 24/08/06]

TVB series "CIB Files" held a promotional event at a private restaurant in Kowloon City yesterday, attended by cast members including Bowie Lam, Wong He, Christine Ng, Queenie Chu, Chan Hung Lit and Kenny Wong.

The cast split into two groups for a cooking competition and both teams were deemed as winners, with Christine and Queenie being crowned as top chefs. Ah He laughed at Christine asking her if she was reminded of her winning moment in the Miss Asia Pageant. When Queenie put her hat on, Ah He laughed: "Are you pretending you won a beauty contest too?". To which Queenie replied: "What do you mean? I did win!" When he heard this, he asked Kenny where she was placed and Kenny told him that she was second place.

Although Ah He and Queenie (Chu Wai Man) appeared together in the series, he kept getting her name wrong, calling her Chu Man Shan and even Chu Wia Shan. Afterwards, a rather embarrassed He said: "Allow me one mistake, when I get to know her it won't be like this. Although we were in the same series, we did not have any scenes together. (You have not noticed her news?) No, I am very outdated." Ah He will be breaking his habitual low output from November onwards, when he will be filming until next September in one hundred episodes of series for TVB, including one 20 episode series and one 80 episode series. "I hope to buy an apartment when I am finished. (You made a lot of money in the mainland earlier?) That is for my pension, so I can't use that."

Bowie usually loves to go to the market to buy fresh food to cook, because he has a great aversion to MSG and with the rise in environmental awareness, he has become more wary of the food he eats, his lifestyle and his health. All the rubbish in his house is sorted, he uses environmentally friendly shopping bags, handtowels and glass bottles to reduce on waste from tissues and plastic. He says: "I have allergies that give me nasal irritation and I am used to the lifestyle in the New Territories, so each time I go to Causeway Bay, my nose will start running within half an hour. I hope that everyone will be environmentally friendly at home, otherwise things will be a lot worse for our next generations."

After Queenie was the talk of the town with Joey Leung in the 'shaking car incident', this was brought up into conversation again after the recent news about Joey again. Asked if she was aware of Joey's new reports, Queenie just smiled and avoided the question. When the reporters said that her name is in the report, she just smiled: "All in all, I am thankful to the company for giving me another chance and I hope that there will be more opportunities for me in the future. I have no comment on anything that is not related to me or my work." Asked if she does not want to hear about this man again, she changed the subject, telling everyone to go and have something to eat. As for whether she did not want Joey and her name to be linked again, she said: "I will just do my best to be myself and learn my skill."

Queenie took part in the cookery contest, but it was Yu Chi Ming who did most of the cooking. Afterwards, she is explained that she does know how to cook and her best dishes are soup and steamed fish and she sometimes make soup to share with her colleagues. Asked if she has cooked for her boyfriends, she smiles: "I cook for myself more. (So you have cooked for him then?) I do have friends as well. (Did they compliment you?) It was okay, they are too polite to say it was terrible." Talking of Ah He forgetting her name, she says she does not mind because when they are filming, they would call each other by their character names and as she is a newcomer, then she hopes he will know her after this occasion.

Christine praised Queenie for being very intelligent and comments on how she has met a terrible person. Asked why she said this, Christine explains that
this has let her realise that there are people in this world who are true and those who are fake. She hopes that when you meet with good, then you will be grateful and when you meet with the bad, then you have to face it, otherwise you will be unable to take the slightest knock, especially in showbiz. Asked if she had met any villains, she says that when she had taken fourth place and Miss Photogenic in her pageant, a reporter immediately ran up and swore at her, saying she had lost him $3000. Although she did not cry about this, she was worried if she had heard correctly. Christine feels it is too easy for newcomers to enter the industry now and she hopes that when their entry is so easy, they should put more effort into perfecting their acting skills.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/08/06]

The three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were invited by watch sponsor to receive their prizes. Shirley Yeung had been invited as presentation guest, handing out the prizes for "Miss Photogenic" and "Miss International Goodwill" as well as receiving a gift herself too.

Aimee's watch was very valuable, worth $380,000. Asked what she would do with it, she says happily: "I will keep it to wear myself and not put it in a safety deposit box because I want people to see it." As she won two awards, she was presented with two watches and she will make her selection based on what she is wearing, but she does prefer more feminine designs. She smiles: "I would like to be more ladylike and it needs to be very dependable because I don't want to be late!"

For Shirley, who was Miss Hong Kong winner in 2001, it has been five years already and being invited to be the presentation guest, she says that the fee was very satisfactory. Asked if she has met this year's winners, she smiles: "I have been filming so I don't see them, but I have met the winner. (Have you noticed her figure?) No,I have not paid attention to this. Maybe men will be more interested in this. (Is your boyfriend like that?) I don't think so."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/08/06]

Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma were filming for a wedding scene in Mongkok yesterday and she had asked the reporters to this shoot because when she was filming in Tsimshatsui on the previous day, her $5000 mobile phone had gone missing. She says: "At the time, I left my handbag in the TVB minibus and when we had to change buses, I asked my assistant to move my bag for me. When I had a break, I went back and found that my phone was missing, but my wallet was still there. I have only had this phone for several months, so I am very unhappy, but to avoid delays to filming, I could only report the loss to the police that evening."

Myolie says that her O2 XDA phone was a PDA and phone combined and it had a decoration on it worth $2000. She says that she is not upset too much about the value of the phone, but there are some photographs of her cat before it died and some personal data on it. Asked if she has any suspects in mind, she hints at an inside job, saying: "I don't want to suspect or accuse anyone because we all have to work together. I don't want to incriminate anyone, I just want my phone back." With the recent spate of incidents invading the privacy of celebrities, it proves that the private photographs, details and even SMS messages are becoming the target of theiving reporters. Asked if she was afraid of all her data being revealed, Myolie said with resignation: "There is nothing I can do now, it has been stolen, but if they do, then this is a criminal offence. This is in the hands of the police now, so I will let them investigate."

TVB External Affairs Deputy Director Tsang Sing Ming indicated that TVB has handed this incident to the police now and will help them with their investigations by passing on information about who was working on that day. If Myolie had reported this to the director, then there would have been a record of this on the security log for the day.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/08/06]

Eric Tsang, Nancy Sit, Jordan Chan, Joyce Chen, Ander Jen, Cheung Tat Ming, Rain Lau, Johnny Tang and Wong Yau Nam all took part in a three episode recording for new game show "King of Games" earlier and perhaps the show was too boring, but the guests seemed a little disinterested.

When red team captain Nancy appeared, the hosts indicated that she has a lot of fans in the audience and Nancy said: "Yes, I have a lot of relatives here today. Hello to all my aunties." Joyce was worried about revealing herself on her entrance, so she covered her chest and her cuffs with her arms. When he saw this, Eric asked her: "Why are you pressing your chest? That is not very sincere. You should give us a bow instead." Afterwards in a 'hopscotch' game, two team members had to hop on a mat to get to their destination and when Jordan saw how badly Ander was playing, he pushed him out of the way and took over, but they still lost in the end. Afterwards, Joyce laughed: "Ander was taking over the whole mat and knocked my chin twice. (Eric was joking about your figure all night?) It is not the first time he has joked about my figure and this is not my first appearance on a game show, so as long as we have a good time, then we will go all the way."

At the end of each show, the guests vote for the 'King of Games' in each show and apart from losing out to Eric in the first show, she was voted the winner in the second and third shows and Nancy won the chance to try the 'human grabber machine' to claim her prizes. Selecting Jordan and Johnny to help her out, Nancy took away prizes and prizemoney worth several tens of thousands of dollars.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/08/06]

Maggie Siu took part in a beauty event yesterday and this time, her capacity is not as spokesperson, but as a shareholder in the company. She explains that she has used this product before and felt that it is very beneficial to her skin, so she hopes to introduce it to everyone. She laughs that she has only a small share in this investment because she does not know how to do business and cannot take on too much.

This is Maggie's first business venture and in the past, she has been approached to invest in a cafe, but she was afraid that this would make her fat, so she declined. Later, the company will be holding a beauty school and she will be learning some techniques from this. Maggie is still spokesperson for Mariane Chan's company, so does this conflict with her venture? She says: "It is not linked, but I have to thank Mariane for teaching me so much. My contract has ended with them now."

With the reports that Maggie has fallen out with Mariane, because she used Ekin's news to promote her product, Maggie says that there was no such thing and not to confuse matters. Asked if she was unhappy at the tactic to use Ekin's news, Maggie says that she was not andthey are good friends. She says that whenever she finds a good product, she will introduce this to Mariane. She has also asked Mariane for advice on this venture, because she hopes to be as smart as her. With her business, will Maggie have less time to date? She says that she can make money and make herself pretty, so she is already very happy.


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