Sunday, August 20, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 21/08/06]

The "Sowers Action Walk to Guangzhou 2007" had a children's event yesterday attended by ambassadors Roger Kwok, Rain Li and Leila Tong. Leila's juniors JJ and Mio also attended. This coming year's event will be held on the third day of the Chinese New Year and Roger indicated that if his schedules allow, he will take part in the walk. He says that he goes jogging a lot, so he thinks that he will cope with the walk. In the past, he once took part in a charity walk in Malaysia, where he walked for about 7 hours in the hills. He believes that this walk will let him take in some sights along the way. Roger has sponsored some children through charities, including some Ethiopian children ten years ago. He believes that they are all grown up now and from time to time, he still receives letters from them.

Leila has also sponsored a child, but she just gives the money and her manager arranges everything else. She smiles that she has never seen the child. Leila seemed to display a slightly fuller figure yesterday and she laughs that she may have put some weight on because she feels that she has a lot more flesh lately. Rain was dress smartly yesterday and she used a diamond pen as a necklace. She says she likes to buy accessories but these are quite inexpensive. She would like to write a book or have a show introducing the art of accessorising. She also has a blog at the moment to share her experiences.


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