Sunday, August 20, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 20/08/06]

Charmaine Sheh was dressed as a Chinese bride yesterday as she took part in a promotional event for a bedding showroom in Mongkok's Pioneer Centre. Also at the event were lion dancers, which attracted a large crowd in a great atmosphere. When Charmaine arrived on a sedan chair, the nephew of the company's chairman Mr Choi played the part of the groom in welcoming her, before posing for photos with her for the press on the bed.

Charmaine was happy to have experienced the chinese wedding carriage and believes that in real life, it will be very difficult to have a wedding ceremony on this scale. She says that her ideal wedding ceremony is a little simpler, but she will still satisfy her vanity by having the Chinese and Western ceremony with all the dresses, especially the Chinese dress with the golden pig charm as this is a special feeling that she would like to try.

Asked when she plans to get married, Charmaine says openly that she had thought about getting married at 27 , but now she is already 31 and she has still not confirmed her love, so she will not put a date on her own wedding. However, she would like to have children when she is married because she loves kids and smiles that she would like eleven to make a footbal team. She feels she will have to sacrifice her career when this time comes to look after her children. She is in no hurry though at the moment as she is concentrating on continuing her career.

Charmaine is in no rush to get married, but her grandmother is pusing her to get married, with Charmaine telling her that she has to make more money first. When asked if she had found her ideal man yet, she indicated that she is still looking, because a husband is for life and she would like to find a good one. Asked if current boyfriend Benny Chan is not good enough, Charmaine insists that she is single. So what is her criteria? She indicates that she is looking for someone with a kind and filial heart and the most important thing is that he must love children. So does Benny like children? Charmaine change the subject and evaded the question. Asked what her previous boyfriends have lacked? She says that she lacked time to spend understanding them because her work comes first and she does not have time to think about dating.

With the earlier reports that she was out partying late with Joe Ma, Charmaine explains that they were out celebrating a friend's birthday that night and she only met Joe when she arrived and did not know that he would be there. When it was joked by the press that after Benny, she finally has a new rumoured boyfriend after Benny Chan, Charmaine indicates that she does not want to be linked to a married man.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 20/08/06]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners, Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui together with Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui took part in a cooking competition as judges yesterday and attracted many people to gathered and took photographs, proving that the pull of the girls is not weak. Miss Hong Kong manager Rosa Chan revealed that this year, Aimee cannot represent Hong Kong at the Miss World Pageant on the 30th September because she is already 25 and too old to qualify. This will now fall onto Janet to take her place. Aimee was not disappointed by this because she can still take part in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Janet was very happy about this because there are over a hundred contestants in Miss World and she hopes to be able to experience more.

Suki's boyfriend Wong Chung Sang has had revelations made about him by his former wife and model Janet Ma, saying that he had asked her for all her jewellery back after their divorce. In resonse to this, Suki said: "This was twenty years ago and things have changed now. (Has your boyfriend give you any jewellery?) Yes, I am very happy with him. (But your boyfriend seems rather petty to ask for his jewellery back from his ex-wife?) It cannot be counted by this, he is generous in real life and that is all that matters. The most important thing is the thought behind the gift and the memories that it holds."


[Ta Kung Pao 20/08/06]

"Welcome to the House" held a promotion yesterday at a yoga centre, attended by Christine Ng, Lawrence Cheng, Maria Chan, Shermon Tang, Raymond Cho and Annie Chung. The confirmed that the sponsors have signed up to another 120 episodes now, that will take the series up to next March.

Producer Law Wing Yin revealed that the cast have been invited to Chungshan to film on location for a week and be joined with new cast members Sharon Chan and Ram Tseung to add some fresh faces to the cast. In response to this news, Christine was very excited and said: "I am very happy to continue with this stable working regime." As for Lawrence, he says: "Originally I had planned to go on vacation after the first 120 episodes had been completed, but this has been postponed now. It doesn't affect me too much because an extension is good and I can carry on scolding people at work! Haha!"

Apart from this, Christine clashed outfits with Maria at the event and to this, she laughed: "Of course I look better! (Are you getting a [yoga] licence?) I have thought about following my ambition, but I have not had time to do this yet because to get a licence you have to go and stay abroad for a while and this series is being extended." The cast members split into three groups for a yoga competition at the event and of course the on-screen yoga expert Christine led her team to success.


[Wen Wei Po 20/07/06]

Priscilla Koo, Woo Fung anD Lee Sze Ki took part in the food expo event yesterday, playing games with some elderly people and having a good time. Priscilla revealed that he will be filming a series about cooking for TVB soon: "I will be filming in Hong Kong in September and then in October, I will be in England for this four episode show. Three will be about Hong Kong and one is about England. (Are you not worried about the terror threats in England?) No, I am not worried because you are in danger of having things thrown at you from just walking in the street and the situation should have calmed down a lot by October. The only thing at the moment is that there are a lot of things you cannot take onto the plane and I have heard that you can buy cream after you get on board." Priscilla has bought herself a villa in Thailand and she will be flying over there in September to complete the documents.


[The Sun 20/08/06]

With the emergence of the new Miss Hong Kong winners, last year's winner Tracy Ip finally picked up her $1.6 million crown from the jewellers and was earlier spotted taking it to her bank for safekeeping in her safety deposit box. She kept a low profile as she did this as she wore a cap and some casual clothing and kept alert and on edge throughout the journey. With such a valuable item, she was noticeably nervous and it was only after the item was safely in the bank that she breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

Afterwards, she admitted on the phone that she was quite nervous: "I wore a cap and did not wear make up. The crown has been at the jewellers for a long time and my friends suggested I should collect it to avoid any problems. I daren't go top far with it, so I put it straight into my safety deposit box." As the item means a lot to her, she has not plans to sell it. Her other prizes included an apartment in China and she says: "I have received it and given it to my mother. When I have time, I will go and stay there."


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