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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 14/08/06]

The winners of this year's Miss Hong Kong contest attended a press conference at a hotel yesterday and they were driven to the venue in two expensive cars. Aimee Chan arrived in a car worth $6 million and many tourists and members of the public gathered around to photograph the girls, leaving Koni Lui a little bewildered.

After her earlier rumours about her cosmetic surgery, there were further calls to the papers made yesterday saying that Aimee lives in Mongkok and is very unrefined. Asked about this, she replied calmly: "Firstly, I do not live in Mongkok, I have never lived there and I rarely go there. (Are you unrefined?) What do you think? I was ready for the gossip after entering the contest, but this news is quite interesting." She also says that her father has taught her to keep a happy outlook and just face the news calmly, not paying too much attention to the things other people say. Asked if she felt that hot favourite Suki Chui lost out, she says: "This was the judges' choice. (Have you been in contact with her?) I got home very late, so I have not contacted her, but the other contestants congratulated me backstage and I will be going for dinner with them later. (Do you feel that she lost out because of all her dating gossip?) The contest should not be related to any news. (Would you reveal your relationships?) If I did have one, I would admit it."

Aimee indicated that she was still very excited but fortunately she did not suffer from insomnia. When she got home on Saturday, her mother had made her some soup dumplings and they all ate cheesecake to celebrate. She says that her parents have returned to Hong Kong from Toronto to support her and they have not seen each other for two months, so she was especially happy. Asked if she was worried about getting fat with so much sweet food, she smiles: "I like to eat soup dumplings and I feel happy after eating them. (Have you wanted to enter Miss Hong Kong since you were young?) Yes, I often used my mother's necklaces as a crown and wore a robe as though I had won. Thank you to TVB for making my dream come true."

First Runner Up Janet Chow was a surprise winner on the night and asked if her boyfriend of six months had given her a congratulatory gift, she smiled sweetly and said: "He did not know if I would win anything, but as it is my birthday soon, he gave me a ring in the shape of a crown as a birthday gift." Janet's boyfriend lives in Toronto, so she was asked if it would be difficult to maintain a long distance relationship. She says: "We did discuss this before and it is all down to how we maintain it. If he is good, then we will keep it. We are both still young, so we are not at the stage of discussing marriage just yet."


[Ta Kung Pao 14/08/06]

Kevin Cheng will be celebrating his birthday on the 15th of this month and yesterday, he had an early celebration with over a hundred fans, attended by special guest child star Jacky Wong, with whom Kevin had earlier filmed an ad with. Kevin received many gifts from his fans and then cut the cake. When asked how old he is, Kevin says that since he turned thirty, he has started counting backwards, so he is probably younger than Alan Tam's eternal 25, so he would rather not say.

On his birthday this year, Kevin will be filming in the studio. He says: "Every year, I will met with my fans and this year I decided to celebrate my birthday with them." Asked what gift he would like to receive, he indicated that he would like his record will do well and from what he has heard, it is doing quite well.

As for his birthday wish, he hopes for good health. Asked if he would like to find a partner, he smiles that this cannot be rushed. He explains that he has had an illness before and if he is ill, then even if he had an opportunity to make money, this would be useless. In the past, he has stayed in hospital before and was not able to eat anything or do any work. So is he looking after himself more now? Kevin syas that he will try his best to look after his health, but sometimes he has no choice but to work through the night.

Although there is a few days until his birthday, Kevin has already received a necklace from his friends. Has Niki given him anything? He smiles that she hasn't, but if she buys him something, then he will get her something too because she also has a birthday this month. Will he invite her out for dinner? Kevin laughs that he doesn't even have time to go out with his family, never mind his friends.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/08/06]

Cast members from new series "CIB" including Bowie Lam, Christine Ng, Wong He, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong, Chan Hung Lit and Catherine Chow attended a promotional event at a mall yesterday, where they played games with the audience. As Bowie led a little boy from the audience up to the stage, he got more and more afraid through the game and ended up bursting into tears. In the end, the boy's father took his place.

Bowie was a judge for Miss Photogenic at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant on Saturday and with criticisms that the material for the swimsuits being too thin and the bottoms being too tight, revealing too much of the ladies' bodies, Bowie says that the judging panel was too far from the stage to notice this and he could only see from the TV screens. The contestants themselves had to be careful and he suggested that maybe next year they should wear diving suits. Of the five winners, all five were in his predictions, so he felt that the result was justified.

Catherine went for a steamboat meal earlier with Charmaine Sheh ealrier and then they went to meet Joe Ma at a bar afterwards and she was surprised to be snapped by the press at both sessions. She reveals that her first engagement was chatting and drinking with Charmaine and Wai Ka Hung and the second was a birthday party, where the host had also invited Joe. As for suggestions that Charmaine and Joe were hugging each other to chat, she explained on behalf of her good friend, saying: "It was very noisy there, so you had to get close to be able to hear. I was the same talking to some men, but no-one bothered about me." She says that she and Charmaine are good sisters, but they do not talk about romances.

Christine Ng has two series airing in prime time from this week and she is very happy about this, laughing that her husband just has to switch on the TV to see her, so she does not mind. She adds that with her current status, she can film more series in the next five years. She also hopes to gain a yoga teaching licence. Will her husband mind that she is too busy to look after the home? She says: "He does not mind, we have been together for over seven years now, so there is no need to worry. I am able to co-ordinate worklife and lovelife."


[Ta Kung Pao 14/08/06]

Veteran actress Tina Leung was the latest guest to be interviewed by Stephen Chan in his chat show "Be My Guest", where she was presented with a framed photograph of her in her Cantonese Opera costume and a pashmina. The reason why he presented her with the photograph was because on an occasion where she had been a guest at his home, she had spotted the picture and said how beautiful it was.As a result, he had it enlarged and framed for her. Tina was very pleased with it, saying that she would put it up in her dining room.

Tina was asked whether this year's Miss Hong Kong winners matched her own choices, but she refused to reveal anything, saying that the five judges would not disclose their discussions. However, she did say that the standards of this year's contestants was very high, but they were let down by their language abilities and the questions that they were asked. As for whether she thought that the MC's questions were inappropriate, she said: "The questions were absolutely fine. (Was it down to Eric's lack of thought on his comments?)No, he was very good and funny. (When Eric complimented you on stage, you immediately disbelieved him?) I saw the reports and know that he was sincere. It doesn't matter if people praise you or not, you just have to be aware of yourself. (Will you be angry with Eric?) No, absolutely not. Eric does everything well, but he is probably used to things his own way. He wants to make it better, but he does not choose his words well and jokes around. You can do this in a comedy sketch, but TVB need to raise the standards of their MC's as this will gain them respect." Tina seems to be holding Eric accountable for his jokes on the stage on Saturday.

Asked what she thought of the MC's on the night, Tina continued: "Eric and Nat both did very well and Eric has already improved a lot. I do like Eric, I like his appearance and his friendly eyes. However, for some reason he makes me quite annoyed. I don't know if he has had some trauma, but he has become used to certain rather unpleasant words. He needs to be witty and not smutty in his act."

Stephen revealed that Eric was actually very nervous and during rehearsals with Tina before the show, they were talking about how to raise standards. Stephen smiles that if it was not them doing the hosting, then it would be possible to raise the standards. Afterwards, Eric told him he was very nervous about working opposite Tina.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/08/06]

"Worldwide Ambassador of Hope" Jacqueline Law went on a trip to Zhangjiajie to visit one of the poorest provinces in China, where she spent some time with the volunteer team, holding an English Summer Camp at a local school, experiencing for herself the hardships of the families and the children there.

Jacqueline played games with the children at the camp and joined in discussions with the students and the foreign volunteers. Although the temperatures were in the thirties and the schoolrooms were hot and stuffy, this did not curb the enthusiasm of the students learning English. Jacqueline brought with her biscuits, stationery and clothes to hand out to the children, who have to travel six hours a day to attend the school from their mountain villages, but she did not mind the long journey to hand out basic supplies to the families and teach them carefully how to use them. She also helped a student's siblings to collect water from a stream to make dinner and gaining much gratitude from the family.

Jacqueline indicates: "This trip has allowed me to meet many people who need our help. Take for example the second family I visited. Their mother died early through illness and the family of four depend on the income from their father, who mines for coal, with the monthly income not even reaching $100. The children still work very hard though and cherish their opportunity to learn, because they hope that they can escape poverty in the future. I hope that everyone can give a little love and consideration to give them hope and change their lives."


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