Friday, August 04, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 05/08/06]

Sheren Tang and Michael Tse were filming at TVB City studios for the ending scene in "Housewife Army" yesterday in a scene where Michael, who loves dancing, joins Catherine Chow, Simon Lo and Sin Ho Ying in a dance act in a competition and as Michael's wife in the show, Sheren goes along to show her support. Wearing a multicolour wig, Michael was very comical and when he danced on stage, he jumped down to present Sheren with a heart shaped balloon.

Sheren says that they wanted to get her to dance too originally, but as she had injured her hip in earlier filming, this was cancelled. Asked how she had injured herself, Sheren laughs: "The scene told of me fighting the storms in a Number 8 Typhoon, looking for my children and I hurt myself in the process. This series has been like a disaster movie for me because I play a mother who has a psychological worrying disorder. I have to carry my children's schoolbags as well as chase after buses, school buses and even get in the water and put out fires, so it is even harder work than a kung fu action film. The only good thing is that most of the locations have air conditioning!" When Sheren was spotted wearing a magnetic health necklace, she was asked whether this was to help with her injury, she said: "It is to help ease the tiredness and was a gift from my family. As it suits the character, I am wearing it."

Sheren has been working with some child actors in the show for several months now and asked if she has been moved into wanting to become a mother, she laughs: "I am scared of it actually, because after being a mother for two months, I have found it to be very hard work and if it was for life, it would be even worse because you have to have so much love, energy and intelligence." Sheren will begin filming again in September, where she plays a rich celebrity. She laughs this will be a great challenge for her because she doesn't usually come into contact with the rich wife circles.

For Michael, who used to be a dancer, was this scene easy to do? He says: "No, because I haven't danced for a long time now and I have to dance and sing at the same time. Not knowing the words very well has kept me awake at night worrying about it. (Do you miss your dancing days?) Yes, when I saw Sin Ho Ying before, I thought he was Siu Chun." Michael lost his mobile phone the day before and asked if he was worried about his personal photos being leaked, he smiles: "If there were, they would have been deleted. Luckily it was a new phone and there was not much information in it, so I am not too worried."


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 05/08/06]

After their lightning wedding earlier, Roger Kwok and Cindy Au have been rumoured to be expecting a baby soon and although they have both dened this, there have been magazine reports that Cindy is two months pregnant so she is looking rather round and plump. Interviewed on Cha Siu Yan's radio show yesterday, Roger clarified once again that Cindy is not pregnant yet.

Roger laughs that unless Cindy is hiding it from him, then he is not aware of a baby. As for his rather reserved and unclear comments, Roger says that if he has to be direct, then there is nothing yet. Is he worried about something happening to the baby if he admits it (Chinese superstition)? Roger says that this is not the case and he feels that their relationship, their marriage and starting their family will happen in time and is nothing they need to hide, so it will come true sooner or later. Asked if this will come true in December, Roger says that they are planning to have children, so this is a possibility. As for whether they got married because Cindy is expecting, Roger explains that they decided to get married last month because they had some time off and they are planning to start a family soon.

The reports also suggest that Roger is very chauvinistic. Roger says he doesn't know about that, but he will keep any promises that he makes. Normally any decisions at home are made by Cindy and he is responsible for bringing home the wage. So Cindy is eligible to receive a large diamond then? Roger smiles: "Yes!"


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