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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 02/08/06]

Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Justin Lo, Bernice Liu, Alex Fong (Lik San), Stephy Tang, Stephanie Cheng and Fiona Sit were all guests at a charity event yesterday, where the umbrellas designed by the eight stars went on sale. Each of the guests were presented with a token of thanks from host Cha Siu Yan, which was a gold plate with a letter on it, representing different meanings. Justin received 'M' for 'make money' and 'make music. Stephy received the letter 'A' for Grade A, but she mistook this for meaning 'A cup' and called out: "I am not that small!" Bosco received the letter 'G' for 'Good', but his good friend Ron joked that this was 'Good Girl'.

With new rumours linking Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, there are suggestions that the two are living together with photographs of Bosco in a taxi near Myolie's home. Bosco was asked about these rumours by the press and he seemed a little awkward, insisting that he and Myolie are just friends and are not living together.

During the event, Bosco had to make sweet dumplings and his partner Ron Ng not only did not help him, but even laughed that his dumplings were Myolie. In response to the taxi sightings, Bosco gave the confused response: "It's up to the taxi which way it goes." With the reports suggesting he had left from Myolie's home, Bosco explained that he was returning from Kowloon. So are they living together? He says: "Of course not, it is always like this. You see me at the door and you say we are co-habiting. You photograph my car and say that I am courting her."

So why was he passing near Myolie's home? Bosco stuttered: "I was going to work and the taxi happened to pass by. (Even when you live in Shatin?) The taxi must have taken a detour." So did he drop by at Myolie's home? He says he did not and says that he lives with his parents and his beloved dog in Shatin. The reports suggest that he and Myolie seemed very close and passionate at home, but Bosco insists: "The only sounds coming from my home are the barking of my dog and the calls of my mother to come and drink soup." The reports also suggested that the noise disturbed the neighbours, but Bosco says: "I live in Shatin, none of my neighbours have complained. (Will you visit Myolie?) If she was not well in hospital, I would go and visit her." When pushed for an answer, he admits that he has been with his manager, but not on his own.

The report went on to suggest that he likes to live off women. Losing his patience, Bosco said: "People can see for themselves, I have done a lot of things this year and made lots of ads, earning enough money to keep myself, my parents and my car. I am now saving up for a new apartment and to get married. The money I have earned this year from ads is enough to keep me going for several years." Asked if he will get married, he says that he has not found the ideal partner yet and if he was to get married now, he would feel like he is forsaking the company for giving him so many opportunities. For now, he will keep working hard. Is he not admitting his relationship because of pressure from TVB? Bosco says that the company is always very open and have not given him any pressure. As for suggestions that he finds Myolie too fat, Bosco denies this saying: "I didn't say that, the producer did! (Do you prefer fat Myolie or thin Myolie?) That's not up to me, it is up to the sponsors. (Do you like fat girls?) Thin or fat is both fine as long as they are healthy." Bosco insists that his relationship with Myolie is purely platonic.


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 02/08/06]

Kevin Cheng is back on the music scene and his new album "Kevin Cheng's New Songs and Compilation" will be released on Saturday 5th August. Kevin is very grateful for the chance to release his album. The design department of his record company has created a homely man look for him, wearing a white top and boxer shorts and giving everyone a nice surprise.

At first, Kevin was a little embarrassed with this look and asked the photographer to let him warm up with a long sleeved top. After this, he took the plunge and got into his vest and boxers, cooking at a kitchen counter. Kevin proved that he is not just a pretty face as he showed off his kitchen skills, only slipping up when he was chopping the sweet peppers and onions, when he managed to get the pepper seeds all over the place. As a house-husband, he was also arranged to do some ironing, but he was asked to burn the clothes this time! Kevin later admitted that he has never ironed his own clothes before.

The shoot went smoothly and was good fun and after this, the photographer asked him to sit on the table. After Kevin obediently complied, the photographer then suddenly called out: "Open your legs!" A rather stunned Kevin did not know how to react and joked timidly to the photographer: "You are the first person to ask me to do that!" causing plenty of laughs from the crew.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/08/06]

Roger Kwok and Ada Choi were invited as guests onto "Beautiful Cooking" earlier and Ada's cookery skills were praised by all, earning her a high score of 59. Being compared to the standard of a top chef, Ada was very happy. When Justin Lo tasted Ada's fish, he praised her, saying: "I will be biased towards Ada because I have liked her since watching 'At the Threshold of an Era' and I would like to marry her." Afterwards, Ada indicated that she has always been interested in cookng and her speciality is making steak. When she has time, she will invite her friends to dine at her home and try her food. When asked if she has cooked for her boyfriends, she says: "I have cooked for male friends before and they all say that it is good." As for men having a soft spot for women who can cook,Ada says proudly: "Not just adding more points, but giving full marks!"

With recent reports that TVB has signed young Taiwanese male idol Mike He, Roger was asked if he felt this would affect the opportunities of male artistes in Hong Kong and he said: "Hong Kong artistes will always have an edge, because this is a Cantonese-speaking place afer all. It's like when we go to work in the Mainland, we will lose out if our Mandarin isn't up to scratch." As for the health problems affecting Sir Run Run Shaw and possible changes in management, Roger says: "I have experienced a lot after so many years at TVB and I have learned to make the most of every opportunity that TVB presents."

Meanwhile, on the same show, the other two female guests Kary Ng and Rain Li were not quite so successful as Ada, as the clumsy Kary picked up a kitchen knife for seemingly the first time in her twenty years to chop the pork and then went on to set the wok on fire as she poured oil in. As the flames jumped up, a rather terrified Kary jumped back in shock as the emergency officers on hand were ready to jump in and extinguish the flames. It turned out that Kary, who rarely ventures into the kitchen, had turned on the gas as soon as she got on stage before preparing her ingredients. By the time she was ready to start cooking, the wok was so hot that as soon as the oil touched it, it caught fire straight away. After the incident, host Ronald lightened the atmosphere, but commenting that the dish would be 'nicely charred'. Later when Kary used the microwave, there were murmurs of 'Will it explode?', leaving her rather embarrassed.

When Kary finally finished her stuffed fish dish, the fish head, tail and skin were nowhere to be seen and the pork stuffing was still cold and uncooked on the inside. When the judges and hosts were asked to try the food, Edmond Leung made some fake ambulance noises and as Justin and Leo Ku had both promised her they would not spit it out, they kept their word, but Leo said as he ate it: "Dad, Mum, I love you both!". Roger was quick to spit it out as soon as he put it in his mouth and he later explained that he was too accustomed to his wife's great cooking, so he will only give sympathy scores to the pretty girls. Finally, Kary obtained minus 32 points, beating Fiona Sit's record of minus 19 points! Kary later admitted that she only knows how to make instant noodles and macaroni.

Rain's performance was not much better than Kary's as she managed to stuff all ten of her fake fingernails in with the pork on the fish, in a rather disgusting situation. Fortunately, she made up to the judges for it by showing off her midriff in her outfit.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/08/06]

Fiona Sit took part in filming for "Cadets on the Beat" in a cameo role and there have been rumours that when her mother went to visit her and slipped, thn only Fiona and the producer went to help her up, whilst co-stars Ron Ng and Sammul Chan just ignored her. Asked about the reports, Fiona found it rather amusing and said: "On that day, I had told my mum to sit down and not move, but as soon as she moved, she fell over and it was very funny. My mum is very cute and asked me what the press had photographed. She did not want to be seen in such a state! Haha!"

As for the suggestions that no-one helped Fiona's mum up, Fiona explained that only she was there that day. So is she not communicating with Ron and Sammul? Fiona denied this and said: "My parents have been to visit me quite often during the filming and they joined us to go for meals and we all get on well."

Fiona will soon be filming Derek Yee's production of "C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie" and asked whether she was worried about being compared to Anita Yuen, Fiona says that she is not worried. There will be many very touching scenes in the film and she often has to cry, but she is not concerned because this is an opportunity that she has waited a long time for.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 02/08/06]

In order to celebrate the forthcoming Beijing Olympics in 2008, TVB will be holding a special show on 8th August to mark the countdown of two years to go. A press conference was held yesterday to reveal the details of the event and was attended by Mr Timothy Fok, Eddie Ng, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, Shirley Yeung and last year's Miss Hong Kong winners including Tracy Ip.

Rumoured couple Don and Tracy became the focus of the event and the press were quick to invite them to pose together, which they did rather awkwardly. Don explained that he had just finished eating and so he was a little reserved. Asked about the reports that Don was very gallant and was there on hand to help Tracy when she called him, he said: "On that occasion, I wanted to take Tracy out for dinner to thank her for getting the crystals for me, but the press arrived, so I could only escort her to a taxi and call it off. I am yet to take her out again." Asked if Don would do a similar thing as his senior Nic Tse and make a pledge of his love, he said: "His situation is different, he has openly admitted it because there is something to admit. For us there is nothing for us to admit as we are not dating and are just friends." Tracy says that she is not embarrassed about posing with Don and they openly chatted together off the stage. Asked about the earlier 'nipple' incident at this year's Miss Hong Kong event, Tracy said: "I have not seen the reports, but I have advised them to be careful, especially on the night when they have to be well prepared. Forget about the past, but if it happened to me, then I would be unhappy."

Shirley will be hosting the special event, together with Vinci Wong and Anna Yau. Shirley says that she has not hosted anything for six months now, but she has plenty of information on the Olympics to read up on. Asked if she would be going to Beijing to do some interviews, she says: "It will be up to the company to arrange. I do like to travel and the Olympics only happens once every four years so it would be a great experience." Eddie's new song has been selected to be used with the promotional events for the Olympics and he has invited all of Hong Kong's stars to take part in the recording. Asked if he has called Nic to congratulate him, Eddie says: "Why should I call him, it's not needed because we will not talk about gossip." Eddie does hope that things will work out for Nic though.


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