Friday, August 11, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 12/08/06]

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant will be taking place this evening at the Hong Kong Coliseum, where the sixteen contestants will be battling it out for the top three positions, Miss Photogenic and Miss International Goodwill. The girls went through some rehearsals in their swimwear yesterday and hot favourites to win were named as 4 Joyce Wong, 5 Koni Lui, 8 Suki Chui, 13 Aimee Chan and 15 Janet Chow. 1 Amy Tsang and 14 Wendy Li were dubbed as 'black horses'.

Internet betting sites have revealed Suki as hot favourite with odds at just 2-1. Asked if she is confident, she smiles: "I am OK. (Your odds are good?) I have a lot of supporters. (Has your boyfriend placed a bet?) I don't want him to think of me as a product and he will not bet. Although my father likes to bet on the horses, my family will not put any money on me." Since the beginning of the competition, there has been a lot of news about Suki and she has been called 'Gossip Queen, but she does not feel that this will affect her score from the judges and she hopes that she will be able to to her best on the day. She adds: "I feel I have been quite lucky lately. (Because of the Feng Shui setting?) No, I have asked my friends and family and they say they have not placed any charms. I have not been to Sheung Wan either, but I am thankful to my well-wishers. (There are rumours that you took part in an executive dinner in exchange for the crown?) I swear that I have never done this and neither have any of the other contestants. There is no such thing and my boyfriend is very annoyed for me because he thinks his girlfriend is being framed."

Another favourite, Janet is fourth in the internet odds and she is very happy that there are people supporting her. As she and her boyfriend don't know how to place a bet, she will not be gambling. Talking of the rumours that she is living together with her boyfriend and making too much noise to disturb their neighbours at night and then being photographed kissing her boyfriend on the MTR, she says that he has not been upset by this, but she has been baffled by the anonymous letter sent to the papers. As her mother is afraid of further news hampering her chances, she has ordered Janet not to see him so much before the contest. Regarding the kiss, she explains that she had not seen her boyfriend for a month and as that day was their anniversary, so they could not hold back their feelings. The reports have not affected her though and she says that winning or losing doesn't matter because she just wants to do her best and prove to herself that she can do it.

Aimee was alleged to have had breast enlargement earlier, but she says she has not read the reports, so she has not been affected by this. Does she feel that this is negative press? She says that everyone has their own views and she thinks that appearance is short-lived and personality is more important. Does she accept cosmetic surgery? She says that she is comfortable with her appearance and she has not thought about winning, but she has the confidence to do even better and she says: "The most important thing is that I have learned something and I hope to give a good show."

Joyce did not seem nervous yesterday,but she was a little unhappy when she was photographed with the larger chested ladies. She explains: "I am not unhappy, just that my stomach does not feel too good. (Does your stomach hurt every month?) It is not that. (Has it affected your performance?) I believe that I will not feel the pain before the show because I will be so nervous. (Will you be consulting a doctor?) I will be fine after a rest." Koni has prepared herself mentally for the show and she believes that she will keep her usual level and she will sleep a little more and drink some more water and ginseng tea. As for being a hot favourite, she will see what happens and she feels that she is very balanced in all areas, so she has no pressure. Talking of her odds, she indicates that she does not believe in gambling.

The audience's vote currently stands with a top five consisting of 1 Amy Tsang, 5 Koni Lui, 8 Suki Chui, 13 Aimee Chan and 14 Wendy Lee. Despite the earlier rumours about his health, TVB boss Sir Run Run Shaw will be making his usual appearance at the show.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/08/06]

Myolie wu and Andy Hui were filming on Kowloon Peak yesterday for "Lush Fields Happy Times" in a romantic scene watching the sunset, but the weather was unusually bad there, with strong winds and mist, so the two were rather lost as to how to continue filming.

In response to recent magazine reports that Myolie had revealed herself whilst filming a swimming scene for the show, she denies this saying it could not have happened: "I admit revealing my bottom, but there was no way I would reveal anything in front becuase I had taken all the precautions and there were many reporters there on that day so there is no way that only one magazine would have taken those photos if it had happened." Myolie says that she has had a lot of media support since she began filming the show and recently, but there has been more and more negative press lately and she hopes that people will not hurt her too badly.

Despite the location for the shot being rather remote, some of Andy's fans still managed to find them and give him some Birthday Buns, because it is his birthday today. The fans had planned to spend the night with him to share his birthday, making Andy very touched. When he found out that the fans had been surrounded by some wild dogs, he immediately asked about their condition and then told them to go home early to avoid their family worrying about them. After the location shoot, Andy had to carry on filming, so he has no special celebrations planned: "I plan to be working until about 4am, when my manager and some colleagues will be visiting me, but I am worried I will not be a very good host." Asked if he ever came up to Kowloon Peak when he was dating, he smiled: "There are many people who will bring them up here for some 'guerilla warfare', but I have only taken girls to 'Hui Lau Shan' (Dessert Store) and never to 'Fei Ngo Shan' (Kowloon Peak)."

Asked what she had given Andy for his birthday, Myolie says: "I have tried and I wish I could give him something, but I have been working non-stop and not had the chance. If I can, I will sing him a birthday song."


[Ta Kung Pao 12/08/06]

Moses Chan was the guest at the opening of a Burger King branch at The Peak and gave a demonstration of a stack made from six burgers. However, when he was asked to pose with two blondes in mini-skirts, he suddenly turned rather timid and flushed.

Moses indicated that this event reminded him of when he was living in Australia, when he was studying and often eased his hunger by eating hamburgers. Asked if he was afraid of getting fat, he smiles: "I didn't care then when I was young, the most important thing was convenience and I once ate five double burgers in one sitting." Moses used to have a summer job in Australia, peeling potatoes at a fast food restaurant.

As for the suggestions that Myolie had revealed herself whilst filming for "Lush Fields Happy Times", Moses says: "Girls have to be more careful, especially in sensitive scenes like swimming scenes. Men don't need to worry as much. (Will you wear a swimsuit to shoot an ad for a slimming company?) In the past I could, but now I only have a one-pack and it is not possible. Let me get my eight pack back first, but I would like a slimming company to sponsor my keep fit routine.


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