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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/08/06]

Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma and Sammul Chan joined a group of 18 TVB artistes in Dongguan for a promotional event for the forthcoming series "Phoenix Quartet" in a 'grand opening' of the "Phoenix Hall" from the series. Afterwards, the cast tested their culinary skills, but when the ladies saw that they had to cook insects, they were screaming and making quite a scene.

In the cooking competition, the cast split into four groups and host Yuen Kit Yee first asked the artistes to put their hands into a sealed box to guess the ingredients. When Akina Hong took the lead to put her gloved hand into a box of maggots, she described them as 'soft' life Sammul. When it was revealed that Charmaine had to put her hand into a box of beetles, she guessed by the audience's reaction that this was not pleasant, so she asked her colleagues for help and she secured a towel to wrap around her glove and protect her arms. However, as soon as she touched the insect, she quickly retracted her hand, dropping the towel in the box. She screamed about how disgusting it was as she covered her mouth in terror. It was left to veteran actress Leung Shun Yin to pick up the beetle and complete the task, ending Charmaine's ordeal. As the other artistes became hysterical over their phobias, a rather amusing scene ensued.

When they finally got down to some cooking, Charmaine and Irene Wang wore oven gloves to cook to avoid being burned and Joe, Sammul and Ben Wong were the judges. However, they refused to try the food and in the end, Charmaine, Sherming Yiu and Akina had to force feed them. In the end, Charmaine won the competition with her "Melodious Harmony" dish.

Although she was happy about the win, when the press asked her to comment on the recent news about Gillian Chung being snapped by the paparazzi whilst getting changed, she said that these reports were a very bad influence on children and a terrible reflection on society, giving people the illusion that stalking people is legal. Asked if she has been more careful about this now,she says that sometimes it is beyond their control because no matter how careful you are, you cannot combat the current technology and the hidden cameras that are used. Each time she gets changed, she is very worried and can just be careful to keep herself as covered up as possible.

As a judge for the competition, Joe was asked about his reputation as "Fa Dan Killer" and he just laughed. Joe explained that the news about him linked with leading ladies is just promotion for the show and not reality. Joe reveals that he has been travelling in France and Spain. As there were no press there following him around, he was able to wear what he wanted without being snapped and he felt very free because he did not have to worry about the Hong Kong press.

When the hotel owner presented Charmaine and Joe with a set of phoenix statues, he said: "The male and female phoenix cannot be separated, so I hope that Joe and Charmaine will be together more." Charmaine quickly added: "This is in the series, we won't be apart on your TV screens." Charmaine will be singing the end theme song for the series and asked why she did not duet with Joe, she says that she has never heard him sing before. Joe says: "I am ok at singing. (Have you not been to karaoke with Charmaine?) I don't sing very much, I just go to drink!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/08/06]

Myolie Wu and Andy Hui have been busy filming for "Lush Fields Happy Times" and they arrived on time for final scene shot in a Tsimshatsui shoe shop. The scene tells of them going to buy a pair of high heeled shoes, but as Myolie's character Fat Tin could not get the shoe onto her feet, then Andy put them on for her and walked around to stretch them out before giving them back to Fat Tin to try. Asked if he has worn heels before, Andy laughed: "I am an expert! I have worn them before for work, but I don't look as good as Leslie Cheung did."

Andy has heard about Myolie losing her $5000 phone ealrier and he says that she has been very unhappy about this and suggested that everyone should chip in and buy her a new phone. After the show has finished filming, then Andy will be flying straight out to Japan to promote his music before recording the theme song to the show with Myolie.

With the filming finally over, Myolie and Andy both say that they will miss everyone, especially as this has been a particularly memorable time for Myolie who has put on so much weight. As for the loss of her phone, she has reported this to the police and they are investigating now. Asked if she was worried about her data being leaked, she forces a smile and says: "I can't do anything about that, I am preparing to be on the front pages soon."


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 25/08/06]

Anne Heung, Kenny Wong and Fiona Yuen took part in the graduation ceremony for the rehabilitation programme jointly held by the Correctional Services and the Hong Kong Stylist and Beauticians Association. After the ceremony, they met with students and shared their encouragement for them to fulfil their lives.

Anne says that ten of the students obtained hairstyling certificates and they are all very upbeat as they plan to continue their studies to learn beauty and manicure. During the discussions, they asked Anne what she is doing at the moment and she says that although she is resting at the moment, she plans to start filming for a New Year series in October. However, she is furthering her studies and she has started studying law at Hong Kong University and this will last three years. She says: "I feel that we should equip ourselves further if we have time. This is to fulfil my father's wish becuase he hopes that I will have a professional qualification. I may not become a lawyer though because I do love acting a lot."

As this is a part time course she is attending, this will not affect Anne's work. Asked if her fellow students were rather curious seeing her there, she smiles: "There are over 200 people in my class and although some people recognised me, they just ignored me. I remember on one occasion I was a little late for a class and on the following day I arrived very early to avoid people staring at me." Anne reveals that some friends have introduced her to barristers suggesting that she should find a mentor, but she laughs: "If they accept me, that would be good and even if they don't pay me, then I would be happy to work at their firm." This lawyer finally agreed to take Anne to gain experience in the courts.

Kenny has been to meet the students before and found that they are very happy and enthusiastic. He says: "In he past, I played a prisoner in a docu-drama, where we filmed in a prison and I found that they were all very sad, especially the people in solitary confinement who were very lonely with just a window and not even a toilet." He smiles that the Correctional Services had invited him to spend a night in a cell for experience, but they were just joking. Fiona indicated that the students were very happy when they saw her and she believes that this visit will not only encourage them to improve, but also help their confidence. Asked if she has shared any cooking skills with the students, she says this is no problem because they are all very orderly. She says she has been inspired by their stories: "You should not be afraid to face up to your past and I feel that everyone has their own history. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes, as long as you learn and change."


[The Sun 25/08/06]

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui appeared at the jewellery sponsor's prize giving ceremony yesterday, dressed elegantly, where they were presented with their prizes. Most winners will keep their crowns locked away in a safety deposit box intact, but Aimee says that she will take the largest diamond from her $1.6 million crown and have it mounted onto a pendant, so that she can have it near to her. Janet's dress was particularly sexy, but she strategically positioned her sash to keep herself covered.

Former Miss Hong Kong winner Pauline Yeung returned from America especially for this ceremony and will be returning soon. The other purpose for her journey was to make preparations for her mother's 60th birthday and she plans to give her mother a set of jewellery set with 60 diamonds, weighing a total of six carats.


[The Sun 25/08/06]

Bernice Liu has been filming an execution scene in her new series "Murder City Plot", where Sunny Chan plays the executioner and she had to kneel all day for the shoot, leaving her with bruises on her knees. In the 30 degree heat, Bernice had to wear her long costume and was so hot that she almost suffered from sunstroke. She smiled: "I had to cry all through this scene and it was very upsetting, so I managed to cry all day without using eyedrops."

When they shot close ups of Sunny bringing the sword down on her, Bernice was able to snatch some time to rest and she says: "After I had moved away, the blade flew off the handle and Sunny says that if I was there, I would have been injured, so I was very lucky and should go and buy a lottery ticket!".


[The Sun 25/08/06]

Ron Ng was filming in Yau Ma Tei for new series "Cadets on the Beat" in a rescue scene where he had to save a dog. The scene tells of how Ron is ordered to go and help rescue a dog for a child, but he slips and ends up landing in a pile of rubbish. As they needed to film from many different angles, Ron had to repeat the scene over ten times and this was very hard work for him.

Although it was hot and he was sweating a lot, Ron still did the climbing without a fear, but when it came to filming the falling scene, Ron stood to one side and photographed his body double carrying out the stunt for him. Asked why Ron had chickened out of the scene, he explained: "Usually these scenes will be shot by the stuntmen. If I did it, then they would not have a job. Even if I offered to do it, the director would not allow this. (They are looking after you?) They look out for everyone. I don't get enough sleep, so the company will not allow me to do these action shots because if I am injured then it will affect the whole team."


[The Sun 25/08/06]

Fat people find exercise hard work, but they have to do it and Myolie understands this as she has been filming for her new series "Lush Fields Happy Times". In a recent scene, her character is trying to get fit and has to do a very intense exercise regime that includes jogging and skipping in the park, but in the end, she faints from exhaustion. Originally the shoot was to take place at 9:30 am, but as Myolie had been filming until 7 am in the previous session, the director postponed this until 11 am to allow time for Myolie to do a 'quick recharge'. She says: "I had a couple of hours sleep earlier, but I am hanging on." She seemed to have enough energy, otherwise she may really have fainted.

It turns out that Myolie has filmed many exercising scenes, including boxing and running and asked if she was worried about losing weight causing continuation problems, she says: "No, I have to lose it anyway, so this is the right time to slim down."

For Kenneth Ma, who was skipping with her, he says that in real life he has been skipping with someone: "I often used to go skipping with my sister and althoughI felt that this was a woman's sport, I still did it because I spent all my time with my sister then and I even wanted to watch 'Heidi' with her."


[The Sun 25/08/06]

Selena Li and Kenny Wong have been signed up as spokespersons for a beauty centre and they shot a stills ad yesterday that featured Kenny putting make up on Selena. Although he is a man, he has had treatment for brow shaping and after winning many ladies' hearts with his six pack, he has a job where he can keep his shirt on. Kenny laughs: "I am good looking and I look even better if I have my brows shaped. They are very important to the look of your face."

Many years ago, Kenny had his fortune told through curiosity: "The teller told me that I would get good luck from having my eyebrows shaped. Many people have uneven or untidy brows, so if it can be fixed, then why not?" He believes that looks are just as important to men and he goes for facials too: "I have a sponsor so I will go once in a while."


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