Friday, August 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 19/08/06]

Kevin Cheng took part in a catwalk show for men's fashion line Ermenegildo Zegna yesterday, wearing a suit worth $50,000 and although this is the second time that he has appeared as a guest model, he was still rather nervous and seemed a little rushed when he showed off his clothes and making it difficult for the press to photograph him. He laughed: "I am in a hurry because I have to go back to TVB City to work."

Although it was Kevin's birthday on the 15th, he still had to work and magazine reports suggest that he was rather short-tempered whilst filming with Gigi Lai on that day and was ostracised by everyone. He responded to this with frustration as he said: "Of course not! I feel that the people who write these reports are very curious. I am not prejudiced against the paparazzi, but they were following me all night and I just smiled at them most of the time, but they chose to print the pictures of me not smiling, so I can't help that. A lot of things are unnecessary, but I will just reassure myself that I have done nothing wrong." As for suggestions that he does not talk to Gigi, he denies this, saying: "We do chat, but when we did, no-one was photographing us. (Do you feel you have a lot of negative press lately?) I think that artistes and the press are mutually antagonistic and even if artistes do everything right, there will still be negative press. Take Jacky Cheung being accused of assaulting a reporter for example, the most important thing is to have a clear conscience."

As for having to work on his birthday, Kevin still celebrated afterwards, when he went out for a meal. Asked what presents he received, he says that he has not opened many of his presents yet because he has to prepare for his concert in addition to his filming. Has he had any gifts from girls that he fancies? He thinks and then laughs: "No! I am looking for somebody. (Well are there a lot of girls who fancy you?) I think my fans fancy me, so there are a lot!"


[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/06]

Fiona Sit, Ada Choi and Michael Miu were guests on Lam Man Chung's psychology quiz show earlier and Fiona was subjected to some cheek from Man Chung, leaving her frustrated and embarrassed and needing Ada to help her out.

The situation was when the cast members were asked to have a group photograph taken and Fiona left make up to take a spot at the back, but she was a little late because she had to stop to take her outer top off for the photo. When Man Chung saw her, he did a semi-stand up joke to the audience saying: "These pop stars, always such a hassle and putting on a show, taking their clothes off." When Fiona heard this, she rushed quickly onto the stage and Ada moved aside to let her into the centre for the photograph, but Man Chung was back for more as he commented: "As soon as she gets onto the stage, she has to go to the centre!", leaving Fiona rather annoyed and immediately turned away from the camera. When Ada saw this, she immediately fought back for Fiona, saying: "I told her to stand there!", silencing Man Chung.

Asked about her recent news, Ada says that she has taken a rest to recouperate and she will soon be heading out to Canada for a show with Roger Kwok, Halina Tam and Fiona Yuen. Asked where she has been on vacation, she says: "Silver Strand Beach to barbecue and swim with my family. It has been over ten years since I went swimming on Hong Kong's beaches and I did not wear a bikini, my swimsuit was quite conservative. Some of the lifeguards and other swimmers recognised me and asked me for my autograph and photo, but I felt that my swimsuit looked terrible and I did not have any make up on, so I declined the request."

Michael indicated that he would let the girls win in the quiz, but when the reporters told him that he could win prize money if he won, then he immediately changed his tune: "I thought that there were only prizes. If there is money, then I will think about it! (You are a boss, still fighting against the girls?) Women always have more money than men!" Asked if his wife is good at looking after his finances, he says: "Pretty good!"


[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/06]

Shirley Yeung took part in an elderly education event yesterday and having grown up in a comfortable home, Shirley has been very good with her finances, so she shared some of her experiences with everyone. Shirley says that she has never really wasted money since she was young and she has always kept savings. Don't think that it is just housewives that haggle when they buy things, even as an artiste, Shirley will still haggle sometimes in order to save herself some money!

Shirley says that although she has been dating Gregory Lee for many years now, they have never had a joint account because they like to keep their finances independent. She only has a joint account with her mother so that she can make some stable investments. As her popularity and earning power are much greater than her boyfriend, there have always been rumours that he is living from her income, but she says with resignation that she does not earn that much and she has a lot of expense, such as looking after her dogs, paying for the car and the apartment and making donations to charity. She insists that her relationship with Gregory is one of love and not money, so in both communication and company, they are both very happy.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 19/08/06]

Designer label YSL held a fashion event earlier, attracting the attendance of many celebrities, including Melissa Ng, Bernice Liu, Fanny Sit, Vanessa Yeung, Brian Chow, Ana R and Amanda Strang. Bernice was dressed in a retro look dress and she explained that she has to go back to work on her series "Murder City Plot" after the event.

Bernice often likes to watch fashion shows and she admits to buying a lot of designer clothing since entering the industry. She says that she is not top to toe in designer gear, but sometimes she likes to mix and match with t-shirts and jeans. She will only dress up for big shows like the Anniversary. ASked if she has bought fakes before, she says she has never done this because she usually shops from the licenced stockists.

Melissa had been photographed being quite close to a male companion at a previous fashion party as they chatted to each other close to their ears, so when she saw the press, she laughed that she was 'out late on the town again'. As for the earlier reports, she says that she does not feel that she has to explain anything because everyone knows that these events are very noisy and you have to talk like that otherwise you cannot hear the other person.

She says that when the news broke, her friend's other half called her and said that they all just found it amusing. Will she avoid such close contact in the future? She says that this is basic social interation and she will not be avoiding it intentionally. Asked if she has explained this to her husband, she immediately reacted quite violently and said that she has no need to explain it to anyone and her husband has not asked her, but she has showed him the reports. Has her husband expressed any displeasure? Melissa says that if their relationship is affected by a few photographs, then there is nothing she can say. Despite clashing in her outfit with Vanessa, the two were not embarrassed at all and graciously posed for photographs together.


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