Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/08/06]

Andy Hui was filming the music video for his new song "Mr Pig" and the director had arranged for two homes to be built for him at TVB City. One was at the shelter outside the TVB canteen and as they were filming at dinnertime, many people gathered around to take a look at Andy's five star home.

Seeing the shelter being kitted out with furniture Andy laughs: "I feel it is really quite fresh and as the weather today is sunny, then I imagine myself to be in Phuket!" Andy laughs that if his home was so open, then he would invite the paparazzi in to take a look around. "I will also break out the wine and share a drink with them so when they are drunk, I will wipe all their photos!"

Sharon Chan will be the guest star in this music video and during the shoot there was an interesting incident. In one scene, Sharon had to lean on Andy's shoulder and even after the director had called 'Cut', she was still smiling sweetly. When the crew saw this, they immediately mocked her, laughing that Andy's shoulder must be 'good to lean on', leaving Sharon very embarrassed. Andy was also a little awkward as he tried to explain it for her, saying: "She just didn't hear the director call to cut, don't laugh at her!"

As it was Andy's birthday earlier, he said that although he had to work on his birthday, his friends got together and celebrated his Chinese birthday with him, so he was able to have some fun and temporarily forget about work for a while.


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