Saturday, August 26, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 27/08/06]

Joey Yung and Ron Ng were filming yesterday on the harbourside for "Cadets on the Beat" in a scene that tells of them chatting when someone falls into the water and Ron jumps in to rescue the person. However, in reality Ron did not dive in as a stunt double took his place. Afterwards Ron explained: "I do know how to swim, but because the scene required a direct dive into the sea, then I could not handle this, so we asked a lifeguard to help us out. (Have you ever wanted to be a lifeguard and watch the girls on the beach?) I have never thought about that, because the work is very boring and there is nothing to do in the winter. You can see more pretty girls working in showbiz."

In light of recent events surrounding Gillian Chung's incident being reported to the police in Hong Kong, Joey was asked whether she supports her decision. She says: "Of course! Definitely and seriously support her." As for the special debate show that TVB will be airing on Monday to support Gillian, Joey hopes to be present and that the crew will let her go. Otherwise she will be supporting Gillian in spirit.

As for the magazine going into second run, Joey says angrily: "It is so infuriating! They are so disgusting. They should be subjected to punishment by the law, a person was sent to prison earlier for taking photos up women's skirts and they were doing this for money, so that is inexcusable. This is not the first time that this magazine has done something like this and it is criminal, so it should not be let off. If someone sold these photos to the magazine, then the editor should be sent to prison. If they were taken by reporters, then they should be sent down as well. Closing them down will do nothing."


[Ta Kung Pao 27/08/06]

Bernice Liu and DJ Tommy took part in a 'Mix and Move' dancing and mixing competition as judges yesterday and Bernice joined five dancers in the opening hip hop dance. Although she did quite well, she says that she had not rehearsed with the others before the show, because she has been busy filming for TVB and she learned the routine by watching the moves on an MP4 player between takes. She laughs that she has been doing hip hop in ancient costume and it looks very strange.

Asked if her co-star and former dancer Michael Tse has been teaching her, she says that he has not. At the moment, she is busy with her new series and every time she goes out on location, she is sweating so much that she has to change her clothes more than once and because it is hard work, she has lost a lot of weight and this is worse than filming fighting scenes. Asked if she has a fan, towel and a cold drink handy, she says that her mother has made soup for her.

Talking of the recent Gillian Chung incident, for Bernice who hails from Miss Chinese International pageant, she says that when she is getting changed backstage, everyone will just be thinking about work and not have time to think about anything else. In order to prevent these things in the future, Bernice feels that the government needs to take action.


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