Thursday, August 17, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 18/08/06]

Yoyo Mung attended a promotional event for the skincare mask product that she is a spokesperson for, where she performed some magic as she changed from a blue dress into a white dress in the blink of an eye. In order to prepare for this, she took a special class in magic and she was very afraid of looking silly in front of everyone.

Yoyo says that Lai Lok Yi is also skilled in magic and she is looking to form a brother and sister act to perform at the TVB Anniversary. Yoyo was rumoured to have been dating Lok Yi before, was she attracted to him because of his magic tricks? She immediately smiled that they are not dating and the press will not get anything else from her.

Yoyo filmed an ad for her product earlier with a shoot that lasted two days, with the whole of the first day doing a facial mask. This is the first time that she has been a spokesperson for a skincare product and she says frankly that she has wanted to do this type of ad since she was young, because they make her look very beautiful. The words that she speaks in the ad all come from the bottom of her own heart and there was no script, so she feels it is very real. She smiles that this ad is not just about her appearance, but also about her speech and she is very happy about her fee.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/08/06]

Tavia Yeung has become spokesperson for the Be A Lady Beauty Centre for their breast enhancement and sculpture system and in order to prove the results of the product, she joined three models to have her bust measured to compare with the results in a hundred days time to prove that the product has worked.

Being measured in public, Tavia was not embarrassed as she measured up as a 31B and she smiled: "It's okay! There is nothing I cannot show. (What measurement would you like your bust to be?) I hope to be a 33C." Asked about her fee, she smiles that it is very good and this product needs to be worn for ten hours a day, but she has to film so is she worried that she will not have enough time to wear it? She says that she will make the most of the time that she has and she will also promote it to other friends who would like to enhance their breasts.

The organisers had arranged for the models to try the enhancement product and it looked quite large and bulky, but Tavia says that she has tried wearing it for five or six hours and she did not feel uncomfortable and she felt good because at least she does not have to take pills or have injuections and it will not reduce in time. Having previously said that she likes her flat chested figure, why is she now looking to enhance her breasts? She says frankly that when she was filming "Casino Crisis" people laughed that her pads were very fake and whenever she removed her pads, people would laugh at her and be surprised at her real figure. This hurt her, so she thought seriously about improving her figure.

She insists that she is not looking to go down the sexy route, but a beautiful shape will make her look even better in some outfits and the only problem she can envisage is that she will have to buy herself a new set of clothes. Asked if she will be wearing skimpy tops more, she smiled: "There are more to come, so wait and see. As long as it is not overly revealing, then I will not object to being sexy." She believes that enhancing her breasts will increase her confidence, but as for whether this will attract more admirers, she smiles: "I am not afraid, this can be a good thing because it proves that I have appeal and attractiveness."


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