Thursday, August 10, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 11/08/06]

Bowie Lam, Christine Ng, Wong He, Maggie Siu and Kenny Wong were among the cast members attending a promotional quad biking event for TVB's forthcoming series "CIB" that will begin airing on Monday. The stars split into teams to rase and although Bowie and Christine were triumphant on the day, producer Chik Kei Yi wanted everyone to be happy so the big prize was shared by them all.

Maggie seemed to have some difficulty when she was riding her bike and she admits that she had problems because she was afraid of making a little mistake and crashing. A friend of hers had been flung out in the past because they were driving too fast, but luckily they were fine. She has also sped in a car before because she was running late and she had penalty points on her licence, so now she would rather leave a little earlier than risk driving too fast, for the sake of safety. Asked if she has been lured into racing by anyone, she says that she was working in Jordan once and as the road was quite narrow, an angry lorry driver knocked into her. When it was suggested that she should get a boyfriend to stand up for her, she nods and smiles: "Yes, I will look for one."

When Christine arrived yesterday, it started to rain and when she was called by Bowie, she accidentally stepped into a muddy puddle. Afterwards, she laughed: "I saw he was wet as well... on his legs." Christine says that when she worked with producer Chik ten years ago, she was so nervous she could not go to the toilet until some colleagues gave her some bananas to help her. Bowie commented on the results of the HKCEE released on Wednesday and he was shocked by the pressure and anxiousness displayed by students and parents alike. Thinking back to when he had his results, no-one cried if they got bad results because in those days, the parents did not put as much pressure on them.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/08/06]

Claire Yiu's latest set of ads for her slimming company sponsors was released recently and she is very happy to be spokesperson for the company.

In order to maintain her perfect figure, then Claire has been dieting in addition to her weekly visits to the slimming centre. She showed off six or seven different images for this set of ads, trying on six or seven different bikinis to show off her great figure. The shoot took ten hours to complete and she laughs that she is quite resistant because she has become accustomed to it from filming series. During the shoot, her mother was on hand to keep an eye on things and the photographer invited her to join and have some mother and daughter shots too. Claire says she loves to eat, but thanks to the care she received from her mother, she is confident in her figure. She did not ask for a clear set either for the shoot as she laughs: "My figure is nothing I need to hide."


[Ta Kung Pao 11/08/06]

Linda Chung has signed a new contract worth a seven figure sum with a Japanese skincare company and in the latest set of ads, she has changed from the good girl image as she wears some sexy evening gowns, causing onlookers to comment: "Linda's hot!"

However, Linda's steamy shoot did not meet with a smooth ride and nearly didn't happen because her manager (her dad) wanted to keep Linda's pure and docile image and was afraid that the audience would not accept this new image. However, Linda's mother came to visit and seeing how good her daughter looked, she showed her support and her manager finally agreed after much persuasion.

Does Linda feel that the ad is too sexy? "I felt that the most important thing is that the results are beautiful and the image portrayed by this ad is very healthy, so I am pleased with this sponsor. Two weeks before this ad, I only ate fruit and vegetables, so my skin is more beautiful and my figure is fitter, so that I will look even better wearing these clothes."


[Ta Kung Pao 11/08/06]

Eason Chan was invited onto "Be My Guest" to be interviewed by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and although Stephen is well known for asking probing questions on his show, Eason has said openly that he may not answer all the questions, but he will ask Mr Chan who the 'Most Popular Singer' award will be going to this year.

With the Golden Bauhinia awards being held on Sunday, Eason was asked if he would be attending. He laughs: "From what I know, this will be aired on ATV and as I am a TVB singer, I will have to ask Mr Chan for permission first." Talking of Andy Lau's comments that Eason and Chapman To having plenty of opportunities to win an award this year, Eason says: "I am thankful to him and this is great encouragement, but it is down to the judges to choose. The characters in 'Crazy 'n the City' were from my childhood dreams, I have wanted to be a police officer since I was young."

Eason was also asked if he had been in contact with his friend Nic Tse, he says that they have both been busy lately, so they haven't met up for a while: "Nic is a rare friend and I often see him on television interviews. He has had a lot of news lately and his voice has been a lot more high pitched lately, so it is very funny." Eason himself has been busy recording his new album and he hopes to do a little better so he will be hiding away to rehearse.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/08/06]

Sammy Leung and Siu Yee were earlier suspended by CRHK and also stopped hosting their quiz show "15/16" because they were unable to renew their contract with TVB, but they have returned to TVB yesterday to begin filming again and they have received the support from their management company colleagues including Alex Fong, Justin Lo, Edmond Leung, Stephy Tang and Kary Ng. Other guests included Deep Ng, Vincy Chan, Krystal Tin and Joyce Koi. When Sammy was asked how he felt about being back to work, he smiled: "OK and happy! (Your colleagues have supported you?) Yes, they are the best friends." Siu Yee was a little nervous.

The show's producer Fok Chak Kee was asked whether the duo had signed a new contract and he indicated that they had a long contract with TVB, but because of the earlier guest host contracts, they were placed on hold for a while. Now that the guest contracts have elapsed, they are back and will be hosting over ten episodes. Despite Sammy and Siu Yee being criticised by her husband Chapman To as "Dumb and Perplexing", Krystal still showed her support for them. Asked if she had told her husband about appearing on their show, Krystal repled: "I told him yesterday, I think over the last two months, Sammy and Siu Yee have realised the bottom line for their work and I will give them a chance. (But Chapman criticised them?) Husband and wife don't have to share the same viewpoints. (You are not on common ground?) Not necessarily."

Edmond hopes that the incident will blow over and with Sammy and Siu Yee back to work, they will continue to entertain the viewers. Asked how he has been consoling Sammy, he laughs: "I don't need to. Two months passes quickly and I just need to show him some supportive actions." Asked if she was worried about being fooled by Sammy, Stephy says that as she is here to support him then he shouldn't do this. After losing the game previously, Alex is keen to win this time round, saying loudly that Sammy daren't betray him and he should win. Justin joins in to say that he has bribed Sammy and if they win, they will split the winnings. Deep is very happy that Sammy is back to work and hopes everyone will give them some space. Appearing on the show for the first time, Vincy is happy to be on the show and that Sammy and Siu Yee are back. She also says that despite complaining about her younger brother always playing games during his exams, he managed to achieve 6 A's and a B, so she will be taking him out to celebrate.


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